Chapter 867: Investigation Mission

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When looking at Cattleya, Klein had actually guessed what her request would be as he sighed and felt confident.

How did Mr. Fool know that I’ll be asking a question and not making a request… As expected of Mr. Fool… Cattleya thought before politely asking, “Honorable Mr. Fool, I would like to know the meaning of these two symbols.”

After receiving permission, she conjured the Chinese characters. They were “Gu” and “Xiang.”

As expected… Klein sighed silently.

“When combined together, they mean home, the homeland for one’s soul.”

When combined together… the homeland for one’s soul… Cattleya placed the emphasis on the second sentence because she knew very well where home was for Queen Mystic, nor did she believe that it was anything special.

Audrey, Alger, and the other Tarot Club members took the opportunity to learn the new Roselle text and tried hard to memorize the symbols and their combined meaning—except Derrick.

Klein didn’t speak further as he leaned back into his chair.

“You may begin.”

Alger immediately turned his head and looked at The World.

“Your mystical item is ready. I’ll give it to you this week.”

He was referring to the mystical item made from an Ocean Songster’s Beyonder characteristic.

The Artisan had first rushed to finish Miss Justice’s glove. As for The World’s request, it had been delayed until this week.

With Mr. Azik not replying yet, and with me unable to restore the seal on Creeping Hunger, this mystical item’s arrival is timely… Klein controlled The World and made him nod.

“That’s still an acceptable speed.”

An acceptable speed… If I had delayed it for another two to three weeks or even a year, would you be teleporting to me? Alger thought with a baffling sense of wariness.

As his original plan was to obtain the Cataclysmic Interrer potion from the Church, and with him just beginning to digest the Ocean Songster potion, he wasn’t looking to purchase any corresponding Beyonder ingredients. He fell silent again and began watching the other members begin their transactions.

To Alger, the most important thing now was to obtain one or two mystical items to match with Whip of Mind. After all, although mystical items were more about quality than quantity, with the need to avoid having the negative effects stacking with each other, to only have one mystical item for a Sequence 5 Beyonder was quite an embarrassment.

Under normal circumstances, Sequence 5 Beyonders would have two or three mystical items whose negative effects didn’t overlap, making them the best combination.

Of course, Alger had already reserved one. Once the Artisan finished The World’s item, it would be his six-winged gargoyle’s core crystal.

For that, he needed to pay 1,000 pounds. Together with the fee he needed to pay for The World, the little amount of money he had was reduced by 2,000 pounds, leaving him with 1,800 pounds. Out of that, 500 pounds was a commission he had earned from Miss Justice’s glove.

With no one speaking, Emlyn looked at The Sun and asked after some deliberation, “I need a Sequence 5’s artificial Vampire’s Beyonder characteristic. What do you wish to get in exchange?”

In recent times, he had learned that the Sanguine had the means to eliminate the mental corruption of a Beyonder characteristic, but he needed to make sufficient contributions to make an application.

Therefore, Emlyn wished to first obtain the main ingredient needed for advancement before considering the other problems.

Based on his observations, such a Sequence 5 artificial Vampire Beyonder characteristic roughly cost 8,000 pounds based on Mr. World’s pricing. As for himself, he only had 5,400 pounds and was still a little short.

Based on Emlyn’s original thoughts and habits, he needed to save up 8,000 pounds before requesting a trade with The Sun. He wasn’t a Sanguine who liked to buy things on credit, even for the newest and best doll. Nor could he thicken his skin to borrow from others. All he would do is be more frugal, work harder, and save up more. However, he quickly realized something. The Sun didn’t accept cash. To the residents of the City of Silver, Loen’s cash was no different from scrap paper.

Therefore, Emlyn believed that The Sun would make a request for an item, so it was better to learn of it to prepare it ahead of time.

Furthermore, The Sun doesn’t understand the market prices. Perhaps the thing he wants only costs 5,000 pounds… In the hopes of being pleasantly surprised, Emlyn lifted his chin slightly and looked at The Sun beside him.

Derrick thought seriously and said, “Uh… Sun pathway’s Sequence 5 potion formula.”

He originally wished to request him to repay his debt with Mr. World, but he realized that Mr. World hadn’t raised any requests at all. Hence, he didn’t find it appropriate to relegate it to someone else.

In addition, having participated in so many Tarot Gatherings, Derrick was no longer the newcomer who knew nothing. With the City of Silver having an exchange standard, he knew the difference between a Sequence 6 Notary potion formula and a Sequence 5 Beyonder characteristic very well. Using the former to cover the debt of the latter would be a terrible deal; therefore, he changed his request to the Sequence 5 potion formula.

Sequence 5 potion formula. That’s very difficult to purchase. It will cost between 4,500 to 7,000 pounds. It will mainly depend on how urgent both parties are. Also, there’s a cost to verifying its authenticity too… Emlyn was just about to answer when he heard Mr. World’s hoarse voice sound:

“I have it.”

Instantly, the palace that looked like a giant’s residence fell silent. All the Tarot Club members appeared a little wooden.

Is Sequence 5 that common?… Emlyn felt down when he realized that he still wasn’t at Sequence 5 yet. After calming down, he asked, “How much will it cost?”

Considering Emlyn White’s financial situation, Klein made The World chortle deeply.

“5,000 pounds. Priest of Light potion formula.”

5,000 pounds? Emlyn was first taken aback before he said without hesitation, “Deal!”

It was like he was facing a discount for a doll he had been longing for.

“Alright.” The World nodded as though it wasn’t a major transaction.

Then, he saw Miss Justice look around and hear her say, “I’d like to commission an investigation mission.”

Investigation mission… The Fool Klein’s heart skipped a beat as The World’s expression turned somewhat sluggish.

“What is it?” Fors asked proactively.

Her impression of Miss Justice’s commissions was that they were relatively simple while paying handsomely. She definitely needed to take it!

Audrey organized her words and said, “There have been two matters that happened in Backlund recently. One is Baron Syndras. He was suspected to have been framed. The other is Member of Parliament Macht being assaulted because of the environmental measures…”

Fors found Miss Justice’s description especially familiar because she had been present for the two matters. She had witnessed them and was involved in them!

She unknowingly straightened her back, waiting for Miss Justice to continue.

“And in these two matters, there is a tycoon named Dwayne Dantès involved. He came to Backlund two months ago, and he had donated more than ten thousand pounds of shares to the Church of Evernight in an attempt to establish a bursary foundation that targets the poor,” Audrey described using a tone as though she had never directly interacted with him and was simply suspecting something about him from the data and rumors she had received. “I wish to hire someone to investigate the actual situation with that gentleman.”

I know! I know! I know this too well! He’s rather rich and he looks pretty good. He handles matters with experience and in a mature manner. He’s someone with kidney or bladder problems… Fors nearly raised her hand to shout out her thoughts.

If Miss Justice wasn’t pleased with that, she had even more information, such as Dwayne Dantès was in a rather pitiful state. His butler studied black magic, his servant worshiped Death, and one of his neighbors was a Beyonder. There was a secret to his street and that he had donated the shares to extricate himself from trouble!

In short, he perfectly fits the image of a foreigner who is being bullied. I nearly recommended him a medicine that treats kidney and bladder problems. After all, Mr. Moon is skilled in such matters. I can still earn a commission through this… Yes, there’s no rush. Let’s hear what Miss Justice has to offer… Fors curbed her heart which was awash with excitement as she patiently looked at the girl beside her.

However, her body language and emotional upheavals had betrayed her in front of a Spectator. Audrey was rather surprised and puzzled by this. She never expected Fors to know Dwayne Dantès and seem to know quite a lot about him.

This made her have a new guess as to why Dwayne Dantès was shocked when he saw her. She suspected if Fors had once said or shown something to the man.

Meanwhile, Emlyn was a blank. He knew nothing about what Miss Justice had mentioned. All he could do was confirm that these happened in Backlund. As for The Fool Klein, who was leaning back in his chair, leisurely looking at the members, he nearly twitched the corners of his mouth.

Miss Justice’s commissioning of others to investigate Dwayne Dantès had exceeded his expectations. This was because they had only met once at the charity party. They didn’t seem to have any deeper interactions, so there was no need for any further investigations!

Could it be that I exposed something about myself that garnered Miss Justice’s interest? Or could it be that by donating 10,000 pounds, it shows how much importance Earl Hall places on this; hence, Miss Justice decided to secretly carry out investigations because she’s worried for her father? Klein’s mind raced as he hurriedly thought of a solution.

At this moment, Audrey deliberated for a moment and looked at Miss Magician and said, “An initial investigation for 500 pounds. If you encounter danger, causing the difficulty to rise, I’ll compensate you with more.”

No problem! Fors hurriedly organized her words inwardly.

Just as she was about to say something, she saw The World Gehrman Sparrow raise his hand.

He had raised his hand.