Chapter 868: Shared Identity

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Eh… Fors was taken aback, suspecting that she had seen wrong.

Following that, she couldn’t help but have thoughts surface in her mind.

Mr. World wishes to take this mission? That’s right. He’s in Backlund.

But this is an investigation, not a murder. Dwayne Dantès is already pitiful enough. Leave Dwayne alone!

Eliminating the investigation target implies completing the investigation? Because there will be no need to make another investigation…

What do I do? Do I still take the mission? It’s a full 500 pounds. I just need to recount what I previously discovered to receive 200 pounds, but the competitor is Mr. World… Perhaps we can cooperate and not compete?

Eh? Why would Mr. World be interested in this mission? His focus is actually on the framing of Baron Syndras or the assault on Member of Parliament Macht?

Fors finally grasped the problem at its core. As for Alger and Cattleya, they had already cast their gaze at The World. To them, be it the framing of Baron Syndras, the assault on Member of Parliament Macht, or Dwayne Dantès’s donation of more than ten thousand pounds, they weren’t something that needed special notice. However, to have Mr. Fool’s Blessed choose to accept the investigation mission meant that the problem was bound to be extremely complicated. It made them feel that there were important secrets underlying the matter.

Emlyn didn’t think too much about it, but he had also sensed that the seemingly ordinary investigation mission wasn’t that simple. His plans on earning some pocket money to make up for the 5,000 pounds that he had just lost were overturned as he suddenly didn’t want to say a word.

Dwayne Dantès is really something. There must be a big problem with him that makes Mr. World choose to investigate him? Or are those two cases more important and more critical than I imagined? Audrey’s mind stirred as she turned her eyes, and she used the advantage of her seating position to take in all the reactions of the Tarot Club members.

Among them, Derrick was the only exception.

To him, wasn’t it normal for the Tarot Club to help each other? If someone gave a mission and one was capable of completing it, wasn’t it normal to take it?

Audrey moved her gaze to The World and asked with hidden anticipation, “Mr. World, you wish to receive this mission?”

After returning to Backlund, she had gathered up the news at sea over the past few months, roughly confirming that Mr. World was the crazy adventurer, Gehrman Sparrow. While she was deeply impressed by this seemingly polite but dangerous gentleman who had accomplished many great deeds, she felt that her feelings to adventure out at sea had waned.

Klein had already thought of a response. He had controlled The World to lower his hand and wait for Miss Justice to ask. At this moment, he made Gehrman Sparrow’s expression turn solemn and reply with a deep voice, “Dwayne Dantès is an identity.”

After a period of brief but repeated considerations, Klein decided to expose some information. He made Dwayne Dantès be one of his public facades as a Blessed!

He believed if he chose to conceal the matter, there was a chance of being exposed in the future. This was because Dwayne Dantès was about to enter Backlund’s high society. He could find clues to the Great Smog of Backlund or other cases. This way, he might very well need Miss Justice to provide him with assistance. When that happens, the Spectator would probably sense something and discover that The World was previously hiding something and that Mr. Fool had never mentioned it.

This would lower her sense of belonging and make her even begin suspecting even more matters, causing her faith in The Fool to be borderline dangerous.

With two members not knowing each other, or knowing of the other’s existence, to tacitly work together to complete a specified mission together to accomplish a complete goal sounded perfect, but in reality, its success was very difficult. Even more so, there was no way he could fool her!

Therefore, most of the time, honesty was more effective and less worrisome than lying.

As for why he didn’t directly say that Dantès was Gehrman Sparrow, it was because Klein didn’t wish to leave the Tarot Club members the impression as to why it was the same person again. He didn’t want them to have the impression that he was the only Blessed of Mr. Fool that appeared.

Dwayne Dantès is only an identity? Audrey sharply read between the lines and had a theory.

Then, she heard The World simply say, “A common identity that me and my companions share.

“I will occasionally disguise myself as him.”

Upon saying that, he emotionlessly swept his gaze across The Magician.

A common identity… Occasionally disguise as him. That very pitiful Dwayne Dantès is Mr. World? That tycoon with kidney or bladder problems is Mr. Gehrman Sparrow? Fors felt as though she was struck by lightning as she froze up.

Her brain turned numb as she felt struck with fear, subconsciously feeling that Xio’s unintentional comment made a lot of sense.

When a butler, valet, neighbor, and surroundings had problems, the person that seemed ordinary definitely wouldn’t be ordinary!

No, it’s not the street where Dwayne Dantès stays at, or that he happened to hire a butler with a secret, it’s because of that secret that he was selected by Dwayne Dantès—selected by Gehrman Sparrow! The pitiful one isn’t Dwayne Dantès but the Beyonders and Beyonder items around him! I was wrong. I shouldn’t have gotten Xio to ask the Goddess to bless him. It’s more of a curse for Mr. World… Fors suddenly trembled, thankful that she hadn’t left a comment in her note that Dwayne Dantès should check on his kidneys or bladder.

Otherwise, she suspected that she wouldn’t be able to participate in the next Tarot Gathering. Or perhaps, she would appear in the form of a Beyonder characteristic, sold to the other members by The World.

Logically speaking, Mr. World shouldn’t know that I’m The Magician, but I was carrying Leymano’s Travels with me… He had used the spellbook before and had added demigod-level Beyonder powers to it! He had definitely observed me in secret, remembering my appearance and evaluating my value… The fear in Fors was surging like a tumultuous sea as her expression was filled with misery.

At this moment, she saw Mr. World sweep his cold glance at her, her feelings of regret instantly becoming that of extreme regret.

Thankfully, I didn’t rush to answer and mention my impression of Dwayne Dantès… When Fors gradually calmed down from her horror, she couldn’t help but think of another problem.

During the bodyguard mission, were we the ones protecting Dwayne Dantès, or was Dwayne Dantès protecting us… Should I refund Mr. Gehrman Sparrow his money?

This… At times, Dwayne Dantès is equivalent to Mr. World… Audrey was first stunned before finding all her questions answered.

Fors does know Dwayne Dantès, but she didn’t know that he’s Mr. World. It can be proven from her shocked reaction just now.

The reason that Dwayne Dantès was shocked when he saw me was because he recognized Lie. Although this mystical item has changed, it comes from a Beyonder characteristic that Mr. World provided. Perhaps this crazy adventurer can sense it somehow. After all, Gehrman Sparrow can transform into anyone with the powers of shapeshifting!

Although I only asked Mr. Hanged Man what will happen when an animal consumes a potion, the potion ingredients I gathered later were always in pairs. Mr. World might very well have guessed that I have a Spectator beside me based on that; hence, he became wary against Susie who was secretly observing everyone in the hall… Others might not doubt an animal, but Mr. World is experienced. He must’ve interacted with Beyonder creatures, so it’s very normal for him to be wary against such things.

Which is to say, Dwayne Dantès, no—Mr. World Gehrman Sparrow knew that I was Justice, but he didn’t choose to make contact or communicate with me. Hmm, there’s nothing wrong with his choice of actions. Under those circumstances, unless he directly says it, it will be difficult for me to guess or believe it. Furthermore, talking about the Tarot Club in Saint Samuel Cathedral is… is just too crazy!

After a brief moment of surprise, Audrey’s emotions calmed down, leaving her only with excitement.

Apart from The Magician Fors who she introduced, this was her first meeting with another member of the Tarot Club!

It feels like a historic moment! Yes, Mr. World as well as Mr. Fool’s other Blessed. Eh, they should also be considered The World. But why was the identity of Dwayne Dantès made? What are they up to?

The matter of Baron Syndras being framed, Member of Parliament Macht being assaulted, and their donation to establish a bursary foundation really are more complicated and important than I originally imagined… Why do I feel that the kingdom’s upper echelons are beginning to stir in a state of unrest? I had this feeling back when Prince Edessak died during the Great Smog of Backlund. Today, it’s even more intense…

Now that I know the identity of Dwayne Dantès, I might be able to participate and cooperate indirectly, reducing the risk my parents might suffer, reducing the risk of the innocent… Amidst her thoughts, Audrey quickly made up her mind. She would accept her father’s choice to join the Loen Charity Bursary Foundation, then she inwardly quipped, Wouldn’t it be very logical to have Justice from the Tarot Club join the charity foundation established by Mr. World from the Tarot Club?

Alger and Cattleya weren’t too surprised that Dwayne Dantès was The World, that he was the amalgamation of Mr. Fool’s Blessed. In their minds, another thought flashed through their minds: Something major is about to happen in Backlund!