Chapter 869: Report Him!Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Is something brewing in Backlund again? An extension of the Great Smog of Backlund? As Alger and Cattleya wondered about the framing of Baron Syndras and the assault on Member of Parliament Macht, they planned on using their own respective channels to obtain more detailed information to see if they could discover anything abnormal.

They weren’t in a rush. They had no intention to directly ask The World what his motives or exact plans were. They felt that he wouldn’t answer in detail. At best, he would just make a comment; therefore, they planned to gather more information first to do some preliminary investigations. They would then decide on their subsequent course of action depending on the exact situation.

At the same time, they suddenly realized that the public announcement of the identity of “Dwayne Dantès” seemed to be a boon for them. As long as they paid attention to news of the tycoon, they could roughly grasp the actions of Mr. Fool’s Blessed, and from there, they could provide tacit cooperation or help. And since this was just a fake identity, it could be disposed of the moment any problems were exposed.

Similarly, they could be a “witness” for this identity, making Dwayne Dantès appear more realistic. The simplest example was that if this tycoon had a background at sea, Cattleya could provide her crew, friends, and partners the relevant information, making them believe that such a man existed. By the time the official organizations attempted to investigate Dwayne Dantès’s origins, they would discover that he did exist and that those matters did happen!

After a brief silence, Audrey was just about to answer Mr. World’s question when she saw Mr. Moon sit up straight and look to the end of the long bronze table, taking the initiative to ask:

“What is this public identity used for?

“Are there deeper problems present in the cases mentioned by Miss Justice?”

As a citizen of Backlund, Emlyn was quite concerned about his living environment.

Why don’t you investigate all these questions yourself? To not be swept into the vortex, I have already exposed myself… Klein lampooned Emlyn and made The World give a deep chuckle.

“Of course.

“It’s awaiting further investigation.”

His succinct answer could be translated in detail to: the two cases definitely have deeper problems, but that’s a secret. I don’t plan on telling you. Likewise, don’t ask about the purpose of the identity of “Dwayne Dantès”!

Although Emlyn was quite bad at reading people, he could still understand what The World was getting at. He chuckled dryly and leaned back, pretending as though he was very pleased with the answer.

When Audrey saw this, she used a second to stop the corners of her mouth from curling up. Then, she said to The World, “Alright, I understand. Thank you for the information.”

At this moment, she was further convinced that joining the Loen Charity Bursary Foundation was a good thing for her. In the future, if she were to face any danger or had any matters she couldn’t handle herself, she could inform Mr. World ahead of time. Then, she could head to the foundation as per normal, busying herself in the office adjacent to Dwayne Dantès’s.

Hmm, if the Psychology Alchemists have their suspicions about me, or if they use a mission to test me, I’ll get them to meet me at the foundation… Dwayne Dantès’s image is completely different from the way he acts as The World above the gray fog. Yes, Mr. World is an experienced actor… Also, Dwayne Dantès is a public identity. He won’t always be synonymous to Gehrman Sparrow. It’s no wonder there are rumors of him liking a wide range of women… A crazy murderer and adventurer like Gehrman Sparrow definitely is a good match with a pure and innocent girl… As a Spectator, Audrey couldn’t help but imagine that.

As for Klein, he couldn’t help but lampoon when he heard her reply.

What do you mean “Thank you for the information?”

Shouldn’t you be paying 500 pounds in investigation fees?

Are you treating it as something shared among members?

He made The World nod without further mentioning the matter of Dwayne Dantès. He then turned to look at Little Sun.

“Do you have Bizarro Banes over there?”

The World paused and added, “Perhaps you use a different name to refer to it. In short, it’s good at disguising itself, and it has bizarre powers. It’s nearly at the demigod level and has a main eye gathered from its characteristic…”

He deliberately mentioned that it was nearly at the demigod level, not to flaunt the fact to him, but to warn Little Sun that this was a very dangerous monster.

However, Alger and Cattleya didn’t pay attention to this point. As a representative of Mr. Fool’s Blessed, it was very understandable for The World to purchase demigod-level materials on behalf of his peers. Besides, even if he was preparing it for himself, it wasn’t anything astonishing. Gehrman Sparrow was already a Sequence 5. It was very common for one to gather the ingredients ahead of time.

Without realizing it, they felt that Mr. World’s advancement from Sequence 5 was seemingly a good thing.

Derrick thought and said, “It’s not among the commonly seen monsters, but perhaps someone might’ve encountered it before. I will search through the books or help you ask.”

The World tersely answered and fell silent.

After Fors made her request, to buy an ancient wraith’s cursed artifact and remnant spirituality, to no avail, the transactions came to an end.

Before Mr. Hanged Man could ask The Sun, Fors stole a glance at The World and said, “I recently had a strange dream. In it was an almost genuine treasure trove, including…”

She described, in detail, the scene she had seen, and towards the end, she said, “That is the complicated symbol formed from ‘fate’ and ‘concealment’…”

Fors was just about to look towards Mr. Fool to request permission to conjure it when she heard The World say, “Are you talking about this symbol?”

The World first made a request before conjuring the symbol.

The badge was only the size of an eyeball. On the surface, there were symbols that symbolized “fate” and “concealment.”

It came from Lanevus, and it was the proof of admission to the Hermits of Fate’s gathering. However, Klein had never made any attempts to participate in it before.

“Ah?” Fors glanced at it and stammered a reply. “Yes, yes, that’s it.”

After she answered it, she realized that Mr. World hadn’t only produced the symbol, but he had also produced an item!

Suddenly, she came to a realization.

Dwayne Dantès had chosen Böklund Street for a reason!

Just as she had the thought, she saw The World say with a hoarse voice, “That treasure is a trap.”

He does know… Thankfully, I was wise to seek the advice of the experienced… Fors heaved a sigh of relief as she smiled.

“Thank you for your reminder.”

Audrey asked out of curiosity, “Mr. World, what does that symbol represent? Why do you call it a trap?”

Klein controlled The World and answered simply, “It represents a bunch of thieves that called themselves ‘Hermits of Fate.’”

Hermits of Fate… Thieves… Alger and Cattleya thought as they memorized the two names. Based on their own knowledge, they had a certain guess.

The former suspected that it was an organization established by a bunch of Marauders. The latter believed that an ancient family from the Fourth Epoch was involved. After some careful recalling, Emlyn White confirmed that he had never heard of such an organization, and he planned on learning more from the upper echelons of the Sanguine.

As for Klein, he thought of another problem.

That demigod from the Marauder pathway who was sealed deep in the sewers hasn’t left Böklund Street as expected. He might be hiding at Hazel’s place. Furthermore, this demigod isn’t staying put. He actually tried to influence Miss Magician via a dream!

This won’t do. I can’t give him free reign to do as he wishes…

I have to eliminate this latent risk as soon as possible!

Hmm… I’ll find my dear poet later and warn him. The grandpa inside his body wouldn’t be uninterested in a demigod of the same pathway…

With this in mind, Mr. Fool, who was leisurely looking at the members, curled his mouth into a smile.

Audrey vaguely sensed the emotional changes of Mr. Fool as she mumbled inwardly.

That bunch of thieves who call themselves Hermits of Fate are friends related to Mr. Fool?

The talk about the treasure in the dream quickly came to an end. Cattleya thought of something and said to The World, “I’ll give you the intelligence you want this week.”

At this moment, she was a little curious as to why he needed information on West Balam. However, she wasn’t The Sun or The Moon who would ask the moment they didn’t know something. She was more accustomed to do a search for clues first.

“Alright.” The World nodded. Klein sighed inwardly. With this secret organization, many things were indeed much simpler.

Seeing that he had nothing else to say, Alger turned to look at The Sun.

“Have you figured out the matter regarding your former Chief’s mausoleum?”

Derrick said, somewhat ashamed, “I just made two friends.”

As a Beyonder from the Sun pathway, he won less than one in ten matches when in combat at the training field. After suffering plenty of beatings, he finally established a relationship with his former acquaintances. However, the ones he could call friends only numbered two.

Without waiting for The Hanged Man to answer him, he hurriedly added, “However, I heard that the six-member council wishes to open the mausoleum. Regardless, they wish to retrieve the characteristic at the very least.”

In the City of Silver, no one felt that such an operation was problematic. To them, being wasteful was a sin.

Alger nodded gently as he changed his admonishing words he was about to say.

“Not bad.

“They don’t necessarily have to be friends in order to provide you with help. When you establish a bigger network, you will naturally obtain more intel.”