Chapter 872: Results of Mediumship

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Watching Miss Messenger leave, Klein glanced at the letter in his hand and considered the problem of West Balam again.

He believed that he needed to make preparations in case that Mr. Azik wouldn’t reply to him in the next month. That also meant that when July came, he might very well have to head to West Balam with a few military personnel, without the Death Consul’s protection. If that happened, the shadow of the Rose School of Thought would ultimately hang over him.

Two choices. If I confirm that it’s extremely dangerous, I’ll directly abandon my identity as Dwayne Dantès. On the contrary, I should seriously consider a “customer list.” I will not have myself involved in any faction that’s suspected to have ties with the Rose School of Thought… Hmm, I might as well set a target first to make any unexpected developments be controllable… The information provided by Danitz likely comes from Vice Admiral Iceberg. The two native generals mentioned seem rather special… The other factions, regardless of the reason, will have a note of their ties with Loen, Intis, Feysac, and Feynapotter, or the various inclinations of internal factions that form a counterbalance. Only, for them, there is no mention of foreign countries other than the point about receiving support from the Numinous Episcopate… Klein read the content from beginning to end as he vaguely figured something out.

He had his initial suspicions that the two native generals were related to the Church of the God of Knowledge and Wisdom. The reason why Edwina didn’t make any note was to deliberately point out their uniqueness, telling Gehrman Sparrow that they were targets to cooperate with.

This way, she didn’t need to worry that there would be a leak from Danitz, as there was no information to leak other than a hint.

Maysanchez, Katamia… The former receives the support from the royal faction of the Numinous Episcopate. The latter secretly claims to be a descendant of Death… Heh, even if it’s real, who knows how many generations separated he is. If he were to meet Mr. Azik, how should he refer to him? Klein chuckled and shook his wrist, burning up the letter.

Following that, he began enjoying an exquisite afternoon tea in the half-opened room with the balcony until Walter entered and whispered, “Sir, the police are here again. It’s regarding Cuarón’s suicide.”

The matter’s clues superficially pointed to Dwayne Dantès, so even though Baron Syndras had handled the matters, the police would visit him from time to time. Otherwise, the reporters would claim that it was a dereliction of duty by the police.

As for the assault on Member of Parliament Macht, as Dwayne Dantès was only a relatively important eyewitness, they didn’t disturb him further after taking his statement.

“Invite them to the activity room on the second floor with the garden.” Klein placed the butter sponge cake he had taken a few bites from onto the plate and drank a mouthful of tea.

As the master, he didn’t need to worry that his food would go to waste. This was because the leftovers would be given to the servants. If he were to eat them clean all the time, or request them to prepare the perfect proportions, then his reputation as a stingy master would spread across the servants on the street before reaching the ears of the ladies and gentlemen.

Walter replied with an unperturbed expression, “They wish for you to head to the police station. Today is the day the Cuarón family will be identifying the suspect in a police lineup.

“They say that they are very sorry, but this is a necessary process that cannot be skipped.”

Klein slowly got up as he said, “Understandable. Richardson, get me my coat, hat, and cane.”

Since he was already no longer involved in the matter, he was rather willing to figure out what Cuarón and his family had encountered from a bystander’s perspective, and also how the matter had been directed towards Baron Syndras.

Inside a spacious room in the police station at North Borough.

Klein stood behind a glass wall and saw Cuarón’s family. It was an elderly man and woman, a woman in her late thirties, a teenager who was around the age of fifteen, and a girl who wasn’t older than ten.

Their gaze swept the suspects behind the glass wall before landing on Dwayne Dantès at the same moment.

“It’s him! It’s him!” the teenager yelled as his eyes turned red. He clenched his hands into a fist in an attempt to rush towards the glass wall.

“It’s him, Officer. It’s him.” The lady in her late thirties suddenly wept as she looked at Dwayne Dantès with eyes filled with hatred and animosity.

The little girl who was holding her hand wailed.

“Daddy! Return daddy to me!”

The two elders were wiping their tears. One of them was trying hard to keep calm, while the other was nearly fainting from her sobbing. The sorrowful mood instantly spread out.

However, Klein had never even met them before today.

Implanted memories? He frowned slightly. As he sighed, he began wondering what the Cuarón family had encountered.

Meanwhile, in the mortuary beneath the station.

Daly Simone held a pencil and began sketching as her body shook slightly.

As she was here to help at the police station, with the possibility of her encountering reporters when entering or exiting, she didn’t wear her usual Spirit Medium robes. She changed into a female black-and-white police uniform set. She had a blouse and skirt on with matching leather boots.

At this moment, her palm was moving uncontrollably, and soon, there was a desk, oriel window, ink bottle, revolver, and other items appearing on the piece of paper.

On the oriel window, there was a figure reflected there.

This figure’s hair was neatly combed back, a mix of silver and raven-black. The wrinkled figure had a broad forehead and high cheekbones. He was none other than Baron Syndras!

Pa! The pencil in Daly’s hand dropped onto the piece of paper.

She then looked up and said to Leonard, who offered to help, and the two police inspectors who were in charge of the liaison, “In the second that Cuarón committed suicide, he struggled deeply in his heart. That is to say that his suicide is a result of Cuing and Guidance. This isn’t a simple psychological problem. It must’ve involved Beyonder powers at a rather high level.

“And this contradictory struggle resulted in his emotions breaking down, suffering an explosion from his spirituality. Before his death, he would restore the truth to a certain degree. This is the scene that’s fixed in his eyes.

The high-ranking inspector beside her furrowed his brows.

“Ma’am Simone, are you implying that the last person Cuarón saw is the real murderer? Baron Syndras is actually the real murderer?”

Leonard Mitchell immediately scoffed.

“What you see might not be equivalent to the truth.

“You might not understand it if I call it an illusion, but if I’m a murderer, I can find a person that looks like Baron Syndras so as to make him appear inside the room before Cuarón committed suicide.”

The two inspectors were very pleased with the explanation as they heaved a sigh of relief.

“We’ve already arranged for Cuarón’s family to pay a visit. I’ll have to trouble the two of you to obtain more clues that point towards the truth with non-intrusive means.”

“Alright.” Daly rubbed the corner of her eyes. “I’ll use the washroom first.”

She hadn’t put on her strange eyeshadow or blush. Apart from her skin appearing rather pale, she didn’t have that uncanny look to her. Furthermore, she seemed younger, looking more like a woman in her twenties than thirties. Her eyes were bright, and she had beautiful facial features.

Believing that they were in for plenty of work, Leonard Mitchell also left the mortuary and walked towards the washroom above them.

Just as they finished climbing the staircase and turned a bend, they suddenly saw a gentleman with white sideburns appear on the other end of the corridor. He was walking out of the police station with his valet.

This gentleman was mature and elegant, with eyes that were like a lake under the moon. He was none other than Dwayne Dantès.

Daly Simone’s mind went adrift for a moment as she turned her head in thought. She looked at Leonard Mitchell and discovered this black-haired, green-eyed poet was looking at Dwayne Dantès.

“Why did you suddenly file for permission to help me? That member of the Numinous Episcopate will soon be found. You have no lack of tasks to do…” Daly didn’t give Leonard a chance to find an excuse. After pausing for a second, she directly asked, “You believe that gentleman from before is problematic?”

Leonard retracted his gaze and fell silent for two seconds.

“Dwayne Dantès has met His Grace before.”

He deliberately didn’t provide any sort of confirmation or denial, as though the question she had should be posed to Saint Anthony.

In between the lines, he was saying that His Grace didn’t mention if there was any problem with Dwayne Dantès. Whether it was a lack of any detection or simply because he didn’t say, that was up in the air.

Daly nodded gently as she turned her gaze towards the washroom.

On Wednesday morning, Audrey Hall, who had received an invitation, rode on a carriage to arrive at the Saint Samuel Cathedral on Phelps Street.

The Loen Charity Bursary Foundation which was about to be established was situated on 22 Phelps Street. The building belonged to the Church of Evernight, so there was no need to pay any rent.

Before getting off the carriage, Audrey held the invitation and looked out at the scenery. She was filled with anticipation for the future.

She was to become a director and would work on raising funds and with external liaisons.