“Ding! Master of Untold Daos System is installing…”

“Progress… 10%.”


“100%, installation complete! Welcome to the Master of Untold Daos System. Remember to leave a positive review!”

Chen Ming listened with stupefaction at the gentle voice of a young lady echoing inside his head.

What the hell happened? Did I crossed over?

Chen Ming felt lost. He was an orphan—an average Joe—who started work after graduating and enjoyed reading parody novels. He was just enjoying one such novel when—out of carelessness—spilled water on a power outlet. That shocked him into hearing the system lady’s voice.

Then the memories began coming in waves, flooding his mind. Chen Ming was twenty-three years old and a cultivator in the second realm. He was one of the four Grand Elders in the Endless Swords Sect, the highest status below that of the Sect Leader. He had healthy parents, while his grandfather was the Regent. He was filthy rich and even had his grandfather’s affection to boot! He was a carefree and distinguished young man who—at the tender age of twenty-three—entered the 2nd stage of Dao Initiation realm; not to mention being an elder in the Endless Swords Sect. That wasn’t the end though. He had the Ancient Desolate Sword Body, formed the Benevolent Sword Heart, and attained perfection in wielding the Lustrous King Sword Art.

Cultivation had four realms: the Dao Sense realm, the Dao Initiation realm, the Dao Comprehending realm and the Transcending realm.

Why did he have to cross over in such a powerful body? F*ck you! Crossing over should come with a cheat. Having this moron’s useless knowledge is asking for death! Are you just a stepping stone for the furious Main Character coming for revenge, to smack your face in and take your treasures? And the Main Character will have the second-highest cultivation, right? There aren’t even manuals for the highest stage yet! The Main Character will also cultivate an outrageous cultivation method, right? Mine is too plain!

No wonder you’re not the Main Character! Your parents are way too healthy and you haven’t suffered enough.

The script was wrong from the start!

If his grandfather passed, or he turned into the next Sect Leader or a Lord, he might get rid of the emperor and seize the throne. The ministers would not object. Hell, they might even shed tears.

If he didn’t have enough strength, the Main Character would simply pull him—as cannon fodder—in a scripted world-shaking battle for revenge. If he was strong, then a single spit from him on his flying sword would conveniently kill the Main Character’s parents. The outcome: death by Main Character, according to script!

Should he kill the Main Character at his weakest? No no no, were you jesting? Haven’t you heard of the Main Character’s Aura? Chen Ming might have had the Ancient Desolate Sword Body, the Benevolent Sword Heart, the Lustrous King Sword—cool stuff though—but up against the Main Character? Only death awaits! Could their powers even compare? And if the Main Character didn’t win, he would use a god knew what freaky art to escape right before his eyes.

Based on many years of reading novels, he knew that danger lurked everywhere. His worry was that—at any moment—the Main Character would destroy the world, and him along with it. No, the only chance of survival was to firmly—and unwaveringly—latch on to Main Character’s leg.

But the next moment found him depressed, assuming he would be the Main Character’s little brother. What if he was gay? With his dashing looks, wouldn’t it be the same as throwing himself in Main Character’s arms?

“Ding! System started. Given the host’s current status, you have a disciple position open. First mission: Accept a disciple! Reward: 10 merits.”

“What are they used for?” questioned Chen Ming.

“Merits help the host comprehend cultivation methods. As host is bound to the Master of Untold Daos System, host’s constitution became the Limitless Dao Body. It allows host to learn every cultivation method in the world. Furthermore. a lottery ticket will be awarded when a disciple breaks through into a new realm!”

Chen Ming mulled it over, aware of the word ‘comprehend’. With enough merits, he would gain instant enlightenment of any cultivation method or magical art!

It sounded as if he could have Main Characters as disciples. I have such a wonderful mind!

And who could have a loftier status than a Main Character’s Master? Hmm?

In the mountain range’s depths, on a mist-covered mountain, laid a ten-thousand-foot a stone square stage.

Thousands of youngsters were on the stage, looking at the dozen immortal masters standing on a tall terrace. These immortal masters were all cultivators, each of them in search of a disciple to teach them the Great Dao.

The youngsters were exited to know they could become an immortal master’s disciple. They would then shed their mortal coil and become cultivators!

This was the Endless Swords Sect, and Chen Ming was one of these immortal masters.

His mind made up, Chen Ming began taking an interest in these children. Next to him, Li Changgeng noticed Chen Ming’s behavior, and intrigued him, “Elder Chen, you will also accept a disciple?”

The previous Chen Ming never took a disciple. His focus was cultivation and accepting a disciple would shorten his training. It was no wonder it surprised Li Changgeng to find Chen Ming taking an interest in these children.

Chen Ming laughed, embarrassed. “This old man is getting on in years and time has come for me to accept a disciple. It will embarrass me greatly if no one came to pay my last rites at this old man’s passing. It would be nice to find an unpolished gem to pass on my legacy.”

The gray-haired Li Changgeng looked at the charming, lively, handsome and bright Chen Ming. His hair was smooth and black—jade-like—and his skin flawless. A Dao Initiation realm cultivator could live up to three hundred years. You just stepped in this realm at twenty-three; you’re still a child. If you call yourself an old man, then what am I? An old fart with a foot in his grave?

Li Changgeng laughed out of embarrassment, “True. Elder Chen, you honor Endless Swords Sect with your position, despite having no disciples. This won’t do, please look and see if there’s any child connected to you by fate.”

The elder presiding over the stage heard what Chen Ming said and empowered his shout with his cultivation, “You’re fortunate, children. The Endless Swords Sect’s youngest Grand Elder and the Yan Kingdom Regent’s grandson, Grand Elder Chen, will accept a disciple!”

All the youngsters were excited at this. They grew up hearing Chen Ming’s legend. If they could pay respect to Chen Ming, they would surely soar above the clouds!

Chen Ming watched the children with indifference. In less than a day, they gathered the details regarding their history and talent into a ledger.

Li Changgeng took the ledger and handed it over to Chen Ming, “The youngsters qualified to enter the Endless Swords Sect are in here. Elder Chen, you have never accepted a disciple, so please go first.”

Chen Ming received the ledger and saw that the first ten had great talents, despite the lack of notable backgrounds. The first youngster even had the Destiny Sword Body.

Li Changgeng thought Chen Ming would choose these children. But who could have imagined that he flipped to the last page instead and checked the least qualified youngsters! His words were: How could the Main Character take first place? He can’t get bullied in the sect if he’s the first! The way he saw it, this youth with the Destiny Sword Body would be the first mini-boss the Main Character would trample. Forget it, let’s skip the first ten. The last ten are more fit to be the Main Character, anyway!

Chen Ming looked at the last child. Zhuo Qingyao was thirteen years old and at the 1st stage of Dao Sense realm. She had a trashy talent, was poor, lost her parents, and crossed the Myriad Mountains for an apprenticeship. Her Dao Heart was strong and after going through such an arduous journey, she still only qualified among the last.

Chen Ming brightened at this. She was a freak!

There were countless beasts and monsters in Myriad Mountains. Only a cheat could get a 1st stage of Dao Sense realm child alive out of there!

What? You thought she only had incredible luck? Even if she did, would she still be the Main Character based on heaven-defying luck alone when she survived through thousands of monsters?

Zhuo Qingyao stood behind many youths, watching Chen Ming opening the ledger. The first ten youths stepped forward, letting him inspect them. They even put their cultivation on display, to draw Chen Ming’s interest.

Zhuo Qingyao never hoped to be chosen, not when she had such a low talent. She had—for far longer than the rest—absorbed spiritual energy, but very little went into tempering her meridians. With her younger brother a slave to the city lord’s residence, she came here to become an immortal and save him.

She knew that no one would pick her, but she still hoped to train in a proper cultivation method.

On the terrace, the lofty and elegant Chen Ming watched the youths. His unfeeling eyes sweeping the crowd, “Who is Zhuo Qingyao?”

The youngsters looked around everywhere for the lucky Zhuo Qingyao. She gazed at the charming, lively, handsome and bright Chen Ming, Is the living legend looking for me?

Chen Ming smiled gently, exuding a noble character, “Who is Zhuo Qingyao?”

Zhuo Qingyao’s heart held some hope as she shyly stepped forward. She faced Chen Ming and cupped her hands, “My humble name is Zhuo Qingyao.”

Chen Ming descended the terrace and walked before Zhuo Qingyao. He smiled at her and spoke in an undeniable voice, “From this moment on, you will be my first disciple.”