With night’s descent, the full moon hovered in the sky. In the Cyclamen Tavern, more than ten generals met and awaited Chen Ming’s orders.

Chen Ming finished supper and cleaned his mouth, then went downstairs.

He sat at the main seat, and when he was about to speak, Wang Meng stood up, “Prince, Regent has sent an order. With these many enemies and fighting in such an unfavorable position, it exceeds what Prince can handle. Please retreat and follow the Regent and Commander’s decision.”

Wang Meng then passed him the letter.

You want me to leave on the eve of battle when all preparations are made? If I pull out now, then I would waste this rare opportunity to change my cannon fodder status! No wonder it’s a storyline challenging mission. If all went smoothly, how could he change his fate of a cannon fodder?

Chen Ming took the letter and held it over a candle. The letter’s ashes scattered around as Chen Ming looked coldly at the men, “With the general away, the lord’s order is delayed!”

Chen Ming smiled, “I won’t hide it from you. The Murdering Temple has a hundred thousand soldiers and terrain advantage while we have thirty thousand. If there is anyone who doesn’t wish to accept my orders, he may leave.”

The generals looked at each other in dismay. A moment afterward, a man in white finally stood up and cupped his hands, “With the odds stacked against us, only death awaits. This humble general asks forgiveness for not standing beside you!”

The white-clothed general stood up and walked away.

When he was at the door, Chen Ming formed a hand gesture and the Lustrous King Sword on his back fell in his hand. It then streaked across the room—shining brightly—and pierced the general’s body.

This shocked the other and sent shivers down their spine. He was indeed the Regent’s grandson, having the same ruthless determination.

Chen Ming walked at the door, lifted the bloody sword, and wiped it on the clothes of the dead general. He then put on a harmless smile, “Anyone else? Say it now, to not waste time cleaning my sword twice. The Flying Tiger Army doesn’t lack generals, even if all of you die it will continue working. Maybe the attack on the Murdering Temple is certain death, but if you want to run before the battle, then I will give you an early death.”

The threat on their life couldn’t be clearer, and it didn’t take long before one caved, “I will fulfill Prince’s orders with my life!”

Chen Ming’s meaning was crystal clear. They could either die here or fight tomorrow for a chance at life. The thought of killing Chen Ming never crossed their minds, as they would be dead before they could even get up. Not to mention he also had the Relentless Tiger Guards. And even if they could escape, the Regent and Commander would just dismiss it. How could they punish Chen Ming, their dear son and grandson?

One general showed his loyalty, and the others followed his example, “I will fulfill Prince’s orders with my life!”

“Excellent.” nodded Chen Ming.

Chen Ming returned to his seat, “Wang Meng leaked information and will receive thirty cane strikes.”

Wang Meng knew Chen Ming had complete control, and cupped his hands in helplessness, “Subordinate will follow!”

Then he left to receive his punishment.

Chen Ming continued explaining the plan, “Three days later, I want you to put twenty thousand soldiers at the corridor’s entrance. The other ten thousand will bring flammable oil and scatter it around Jing Wang Tomb. Then wait for my signal. Once the arrangements are done, tell the spy to collapse the tunnel, Then send a fire signal and break out through the corridor.”

When he saw no reaction, he demanded, “Understood?”

All generals stood up and bowed, “Yes, Sir!”

Despite receiving Chen Ming’s punishment, he still sent a letter to Chen Yuhu and the Regent. Chen Ming knew but didn’t care. He already had control, and by the time they got wind of things the battle was already underway.

Three days later, at night.

The Regent’s estate.

The Regent entered the Grand hall and threw his black shroud on the floor, “What is it now? This is the second time, the second time! You got some explaining to do, Chen Yuhu!”

Chen Yuhu felt helpless. This bastard wasn’t obedient and his old man took it out on him, “Lord father, Ming’er burned our letter in front of the generals. Even said ‘with the general away, the lord’s order is delayed’!”

The Regent smiled while stroking his beard, “This kid is just like me when I was his age. He is our blood, after all. Wait, you said he is violating our order?”

Chen Yuhu nodded.

The Regent was fuming mad, “This bloody bastard dares to defy us! Sent the men to bring this little bastard back, now!”

“I already sent the rest of the Relentless Tiger Guards and ordered the Flying Tiger Army near Jing Wang Tomb to the rescue. I’m afraid that it won’t arrive on time. No matter how is Ming’er’s battle going, I ask lord father to go to him. This is what I wanted to say.”

The Regent clenched his hands, “Will my line truly end? That bastard!”

Outside Jing Wang Tomb, Chen Ming stood on top of a fierce tiger. He saw a shadow coming out of the forest and knelt before him, “Sir Ye Ying began collapsing the tunnel!”

Chen Ming nodded. He took out the map and pointed, “Make haste and cut the trees to connect these lines!”

None of them knew Chen Ming’s plan, but the arrow has already left the bow, “Understood!”