Before the army set off, Chen Ming called upon his four legacy disciples. His gaze first landed on Zhuo Qingyao, “As your Master goes to war, all of its matters fall on your shoulders. If any of you need something, you will first talk to head senior sister. Understood? ”

They nodded together, “Yes, Master!”

Chen Ming added, “If anything goes wrong, you are to run away without delay. As for the direction, you just need to follow Ling Xian.”

Ling Xian: …

Chen Ming continued, “But in case of extreme danger, then follow Zhuo Qingyao.”

Even if they were to participate in a battle, they would have little effect over its course. He would give them the chance to fight only when they were King ranks.

With Yan Mountain’s affairs in order, Chen Ming stepped in front of the army and listened to Black Tiger’s report, “Mountain Lord, the eight thousand Regalia Legion troops have assembled!”

“Good. All troops, march!”

With Chen Ming taking the lead, they went straight for Black Tiger Mountain.

At Black Tiger Mountain, the four Divine Palace Archfiends finally came up with a suitable plan, drawing straws. They would then take turns in attacking each day according to the order resulted from the draw. The one who won the war was the one who destroyed Yan Mountain.

Outside Black Tiger Mountain, many Great Fiends were sent to scout the surroundings. A war of this scale hasn’t occurred over the past dozens of years, they had to show caution.

A Great Fiend gazed in the direction of Yan Mountain, stupefied, “I’m not seeing things, am I? Yan Mountain is indeed attacking.”

Another scout said, “Can’t be, did your eyes fail you?”

“How come Yan Mountain has so many troops? It’s just like a Grand Archfiend. He has that many?”

“This explains why the four Divine Palace Archfiends banded together. From this alone, Yan Mountain is close to having a Grand Archfiend’s power. It’s only missing a King Corps.”

“The gap in power between the two armies is narrow!”

“What’s the use of having a matching army? A Grand Archfiend’s power is not so easily achieved. Over the whole Myriad Mountains, a Grand Archfiend only appears after dozens of years!”

In the sky above, a red cloud covered the heavens, showering the ground bellow in its crimson light!

The four Divine Palace Archfiends’ camp easily spotted Yan Mountain’s army, but they never imagined Yan Mountain would take the initiative to attack!

Chaos swept the entire camp, “Yan Mountain’s attacking, quickly assemble!”

The four left their tent with Silver Wing being the first to speak, when they noticed the incoming cloud, “How is this possible!? Just when did Yan Mountain get to have such a large fiend army? Have we come to attack a Grand Archfiend?”

Mountain Grizzly ruthlessly said, “So what if they have a large army, we are four Divine Palace Archfiends. Since they saw to attack first, they must have a death wish! ”

Chen Ming swept his eyes over the enemy camp and waved, “Kill, wipe them all out!”

Akin to a crimson rain, the Great Fiends fell from the red cloud, forming battalions of three hundred soldiers, killing all that stood!

From Chen Ming’s angle, it looked more like a crimson river descended upon the encampment.

The Regalia Legion charged straight through any incoming attack, bouncing harmlessly in contact with the crimson mist. This bolstered their morale, as a battalion instantly fell upon the enemy!

The areas that met with the legion were soon covered in blood.

Chen Ming found this almost entirely one-sided. The Regalia Legion went like a hot knife through butter, killing the opposition until they were broken.

It was worthy of being called a war formation. The army became a single body!

From his understanding, Blood Regalia and Warding Sword Art was a type of array, one that had this kind of an impressive result when everyone was united.

The legion was like a wolf among sheep, relentless and killing all in its path. It was like chopping vegetables, to be honest, reaping lives with each ‘chop’.

When it came to the fiend armies, the opposition couldn’t even hold a candle, turning it into a one-sided battle. Or more aptly called, a one-sided slaughter. The only ones who could settle this huge difference were the four Divine Palace Archfiends!

Chen Ming said, “Black Tiger, Fire Swallow, Black Python, each of you take a thousand troops and kill three Divine Palace Archfiends!

Black Tiger was thrilled, “Mountain Lord, leave it to me!”

They went in the middle of the war zone, swiftly assembled their regiment of one thousand soldiers then charged at their respective targets.

Chen Ming wasn’t one to sit still. The weakest of the four was Madam Spider, danger value 590. Lower than his, and when he added King Slayer Aura in the mix, she was beneath him in power.

He moved across the battlefield, charging straight at Madam Spider, who commanded her troops, while he launched his Eight Extremes Array. Usual Great Fiends were unable to resist Chen Ming’s array as he passed by, killing the wounded and injuring the able.

Madam Spider was quite aware Chen Ming’s aim was her, “Humph, why should I fear you when we’re both at the Divine Palace stage!”

She waved the bone fan, sending a poisonous wind straight at Chen Ming. When it collided with the Eight Extremes Array, it only shook it slightly.

Madam Spider laughed softly, and licked her lips, “Since the poisonous wind doesn’t work, have a taste of my little darlings!”

Madam Spider opened the bag at her waist, letting golden wasps fly out and about Chen Ming!

The wasps passed through the array, alarming Chen Ming, “These wasps are formidable, she must have refined them into her treasures!”

Chen Ming bellowed, “Firestorm, burn them to cinders!”

The firestorm gathered and assumed the shape of a dragon, then engulfed the wasps within. But the wasps only flashed golden, isolating them from the flames, and continued towards Chen Ming. A golden wasp pricked his neck and injected its poison. Even with his Nine Nines Mysteries Art at the 36th stage, the poison spread throughout his body, numbing it.

Then another wasp came at him!

Madam Spider laughed lightly, “Little darling, you won’t be able to move. Let this lady spoil you rotten!”

Madam Spider flew inside the array while defending against its flame and lightning with a layer of spiritual power. An exquisite green dagger appeared in her hand, then let her tongue ran across its blade, covering it in poison.

Chen Ming forced a shake of his head, returning some of his wits along with it. His opponent was a poison expert!

Right! Don’t I cultivate Illustrious Casket? He moved Illustrious Casket’s spiritual power around, and when it met the poison, it swallowed it.

This was indeed an immortal ranked cultivation method, and a healing one to boot.

If Chen Ming already removed the poison, he didn’t show it, waiting patiently for Madam Spider.

Madam Spider smiled, taking leisured steps with her long white legs, arriving in ten feet from Chen Ming. She then walked towards him, all the while twisting her waist slightly, “Oh, what a dashing young man. Why mind yourself with pointless things life fighting, when we can dual cultivate together?”