Madam Spider’s dainty white hand gently caressed Chen Ming’s cheek, “Cutie, what’s wrong, can’t move? You poor poor thing!”

A spiritual sword flashed in Chen Ming’s right hand and ran it through Madam Spider’s belly. He didn’t believe this to end it, so he swiftly pulled it out. When it came to the usual scenes in novels, Chen Ming made sure to thoroughly deviate from them.

His hand moved fast, plunging the spiritual sword again and again in her belly. In as little as three breaths Chen Ming went through the motions thirteen times.

After turning into a leaky bag, Madam Spider collapsed. He gazed down as she spat mouth after mouth of blood, “What power, speed, taunt or temptation?”

You’re dreaming if you think you can outclass me, Immortal Master Chen!

Madam Spider extended a shaky finger at him, “You’re… so… ruthless!”

Chen Ming blinked, “Still alive?”

Chen Ming hoped in the black cloud above, then brought the Eight Extremes Annihilation Sword down on Madam Spider!

Thunder and flames flashed, turning Madam Spider to dust with a single slash!

“Ding! You killed Madam Spider. Reward: 3,000 spiritual knowledge, 200 fame. You earned a lottery ticket, with the result being the Poisonous Wasps Pouch.”

“Ding! You killed Madam Spider, the realm advancement mission’s completion rate rose by 1. Progress: 12/300.”

“Ding! You killed Madam Spider, survive or perish mission’s completion rate increased by 10%.”

Chen Ming picked up the Poisonous Wasps Pouch, but since he had no use for it, he tucked it in his storage ring.

Chen Ming abstained from searching the corpse. Wasn’t it novel nonsense conveniently finding thousands of spirit stones on a body? She didn’t even have a storage ring, would she go in battle with a ten-foot-tall spirit stones filled bag on her back?

As an Archfiend, one would stash their treasure in their lair. Who in their right mind would fight with a ten-foot-long bag on them? Were they afraid that since a Main Character would spend his treasures like no tomorrow, when he killed them, they couldn’t give him enough?

Weird logic.

A killer doesn’t carry wealth with them, or it would just provoke the others into action. When it came to getting rich quick, of course, they’d end up confiscated!

As with the saying, when confiscating, be thorough!

Chen Ming eyed the other three Divine Palace Archfiends on the battlefield, as they changed into moving spirit stones stashes in his eyes!

Silver Wing complained to no end. This fiend army was too bizarre. When he attacked, that crimson fog warded his blows, and then the fiends followed with aiming hundreds of flying swords at him. This wasn’t enough to hurt him, but it took its toll on his spiritual power. It was a nightmare. If things didn’t change, then he would soon run out of spiritual power.

And to add insult to injury, their Great Fiends were powerless in facing this five thousand fiend army.

Silver Wing’s eyes swept the battlefield, seeing the relentless Regalia Legion shouting despite being in a war zone, “Brothers, don’t let these contributions run away, kill them all! ”

“This contribution came to me. Isn’t he afraid of making the wrong choice? ”

“There are more than a dozen contributions here, charge!”

“First come first served. It belongs to who got it first!”

“What, you arrived first? Bullshit! Face this grandaddy’s blade and let’s see if you’re still first!”

What a marvelous fiend army Yan Mountain has. They went and considered their own soldiers’ contributions, to the point of almost clashing with each other over them.

Could this even be called war?

Mountain Grizzly felt the view swirl in his eyes, as he looked upon their side suffering setback after setback, with Yan Mountain’s fiend army pursuing their own every which way.

And the regiment in front of him kept forcing him into retreat. Was the entire fiend army this fierce?

Chen Ming’s eyes locked on Forest Ogre. This old geezer had a danger value of 780, a true Divine Palace monster. He didn’t care about others running away, but he had to force Forest Ogre into leaving his corpse behind.

The Great Fiend scouts were dumbstruck, This wasn’t what they planned, weren’t they about to besiege Yan Mountain? Why do I feel like Yan Mountain is the one besieging the four Divine Palace Archfiends?

“This situation is absurd. Four Divine Palace together are unable to beat Yan Mountain? ”

“Even if Moon King Hall fought against them instead, it wouldn’t have the same result as Yan Mountain, despite having the same amount of troops as them!”

“Yan Mountain current display is no less than that of a Grand Archfiend!”

“After this battle, Yan Mountain’s fame will spread across the whole Myriad Mountains!”

“It’s quite likely it has the same might as Moon King Hall. But if the hall were to clash with them, they might win. but with tremendous losses!”

After having dealt with Madam Spider, Chen Ming found how the opposition only had twenty-three Archfiends. First, he’d deal with them, then slowly work his way towards the three Divine Palace!

Chen Ming operated his array, then jumped behind an Archfiend straining to withstand the Regalia Legion, beheading him with a flick of his sword.

Chen Ming strolled through the war zone reaping Archfiends as he passed. Like a grim reaper, each Archfiend that met him, soon found themselves laying dead on the ground.

Only after his 13th kill did the others noticed the dread that was Yan Mountain. They held no hope for this battle, fleeing each whichever.

Chen Ming waved, “Besides the regiments fighting with the three Divine Palaces, the others are to form a company of one hundred and chase all of them down! Leave none alive!”

The Regalia Legion was quick to respond, forming companies led by Fiend Generals, going in pursuit of the deserters.

Chen Ming’s eyes drifted on Forest Ogre. This old geezer had to die!

Grasping at his broadsword, Chen Ming lunged at him. Forest Ogre noticed Chen Ming’s quick approach, fully aware of his critical situation. The regalia regiment was pain enough already, so how could he stand the added pressure from Chen Ming?

Forest Ogre spat out skeleton after skeleton, letting out hundreds to clash with the regalia regiment.

Forest Ogre jumped on his cloud and was about to bold. But Chen Ming wasn’t one to let that happen, surrounding him in the Eight Extremes Array. Forest Ogre then kicked from his cloud at a corner of the array and slipped through the cracks. Chen Ming’s heart shook, This geezer still had this much fight left in him?

But didn’t delay and chased after him, covering Forest Ogre again in the array. Only to have him punch through it yet again.

One ran while the other smashed. The regalia regiment couldn’t match Forest Ogre speed, but that didn’t apply for Chen Ming. Since Forest Ogre couldn’t unleash his full speed, it gave Chen Ming the chance to catch up!