The senile Forest Ogre watched how once again Chen Ming chased him, but he didn’t flee this time. He was stuck in the middle of the Regalia Legion, barring all directions.

Countless soldiers sent their flying swords at him. He caught glimpses through the storm, inferno, and thunders of a black-robed figure lurking around his surroundings; sometimes behind him or sometimes outside the starlight.

Chen Ming dragged the huge broadsword, creeping within the array, laying in wait for the moment when Forest Ogre showed an opening. Then kill him!

Forest Ogre waved his hands and dozens of branches flew from within, growing and surrounding him, while the incoming swords chipped splinters from them.

A splinter drifted before his eyes then the black-robed Chen Ming fell on him from the side, the broadsword swiping his chest and leaving a large gash behind.

Forest Ogre roared, “Ah! You’re dead!”

The vines in Forest Ogre’s hand flew at Chen Ming, hoping to trap him.

With his sneak attack successful, Chen Ming hid among the array, as the inferno further cut off Forest Ogre’s line of sight.

Forest Ogre’s fury grew, snarling louder, then a hundred zhang tall tree sprouted inside the array. The two thickest branches became his arms, moving to attack as his legs trampled the ground. He wanted to break the array!

Chen Ming noticed this and directed the eight swords in front of him. He used his entire spiritual power, all to resist Forest Ogre barrage, “Kill him!”

The Regalia Legion didn’t miss this chance, and brandished all kinds of spiritual weapons at Forest Ogre, sending splinters in the surroundings with each passing. Twenty breaths later, Forest Ogre toppled, still sporting hundreds of weapons all over his body.

At this time, Black Tiger and Fire Swallow brought their regiment over and said to Chen Ming, “Mountain Lord, Silver Wing and Mountain Grizzly are too fast. We can’t give chase! ”

Chen Ming nodded, “I know. Each of you is to take two regiments and seize Madam Spider and Forest Ogre’s lairs. I will attack Silver Wing and Mountain Grizzly with the rest!”

For the sake of the mission, Chen Ming took four regiments and regrouped with Black Python before going to Silver Wing’s lair, “The heavily wounded will return to Yan Mountain, while the light wounded will take recovery pills and follow after me!”

A soldier laughed, “Mountain Lord, the fight was too quick, and we had no chance to take any recovery pills!”

“Mountain Lord, my stomach aches, can I have one?”

Chen Ming also found it funny, but he now had a new understanding of the power the Regalia Legion held. They might have the might to clash with a Divine Palace but not the means to keep them.

Chen Ming’s eyes darted to their spiritual weapons. It seems he needed to refine them into Archfiend killing weapons, for the entire Regalia Legion to use.

The thing about armors, it could only cover one man. Standard equipment consisted of arming a soldier completely, enough to scare anyone!

With the four regiments in tow and after rushing these seven days, he arrived at Silver Wing’s lair. It was the Solitary Peak, tall and imposing. After this toiling march, the army felt exhausted, with not much spiritual power to spare. This journey was a big problem and seemed that he would need to assign them mounts in the future. If not, then they would have no spiritual power left to fight.

Chen Ming glanced at the Solitary Peak and waved his hand, “Vanguard, surround them. Rearguard, recover your spiritual power!”

Chen Ming hopped on his cloud and saw movements over the mountain. The enraged Silver Wing stood on its peak, glaring at him, “Chen Ming, do you have to fight me until the last man?”

Chen Ming laughed, Did you show any leniency when you assaulted Yan Mountain? “Eh? How did you know?”

Silver Wing has never encountered a more blunt person than Chen Ming. Others would justify themselves at this point, while Chen Ming simply replied with ‘How did you know?’.

Can’t you tell? I’ve surrounded you already!

Silver Wing had no words to refute, I want to run. But then I’ll be living the rest of my life in exile. What place could allow this kind to live comfortably? But if I don’t flee, then this is where I’ll meet my end. Offending Moon King Hall meat he won’t have any place to turn to. Yan Mountain has shown no fear of Moon King Hall and, offending it would result in even fewer people who could offer him asylum in Myriad Mountains.

Depending on others? As if! He would get killed instead then sent to Yan Mountain as a gift!

Going to Moon King Hall, then having them send help in killing Chen Ming was easier said than done.

If I could kill Chen Ming, why the hell would I be asking for your help?

Silver Wing’s face burned bright red, but Yan Mountain’s army was at his doorstep, so he said glumly, “There are no grievances between us. It’s all because of Moon King Hall’s temptation. I admit defeat!”

Chen Ming smiled, “Even conceding, the army won’t stop!”

“Then what do you want exactly? If you block all the exits, I will fight you to the last breath.”

Chen Ming laughed, “Many of your men have died at my hands. I’m a man who likes to pull up weeds at the root. I apologize, but there’s nothing to discuss.”

Silver Wing showed a trace of joy, “These people have nothing to do with me. They’re just my subordinates, and if they die, they die. I only seized this Solitary Peak for myself!”

Chen Ming let out a sound of amazement, You’re that twisted?

So his subordinates weren’t something he raised. Silver Wing killed the old Divine Palace and took his place. But he wasn’t half bad. At least his flying art stirred Chen Ming’s interest.

Chen Ming set aside a moment to ponder, then, “Come with me to kill Mountain Grizzly, and I’ll believe you!”

Silver Wing was overjoyed; he had a way out. He only needed to help kill Mountain Grizzly, and they didn’t have any deep ties anyway.

“Alright, just say the word and I’ll start!”

After a day, Chen Ming’s subordinate, Silver Wing, recovered his spiritual power. He gathered the leftover Great Fiends, eight hundred in number, then set out for Mountain Grizzly’s lands together with Chen Ming.

In the sky, Chen Ming watched Silver Wing, “Your flying art is very interesting.”

Silver Wing was glum. This was the reason he could go rampant in his territory since no one could catch up to him. Silver Wing’s sleeve shifted then handed over a book to Chen Ming. He accepted it, and new it for was it was, the Drifting Feather Art, an escaping art. It would condense a pair of wings from his spiritual power, greatly increasing his speed.

Chen Ming spoke within, “Comprehend Drifting Feather Art.”

“Ding! Three thousand merits required, continue?”


His income of merits was high, his three thousand disciples made sure of that. He amassed two thousand in just seven days!

Silver Wing pointed out, “There’s no harm in reading it since only winged fiends can train it.”

Then Silver Wing watched how a pair of black wings unfolded from his back. Chen Ming flew around in circles, quick as lightning, at a much faster speed than when traveling by cloud. To the point that not even a Grand Archfiend could catch him.

Chen Ming dropped beside Silver Wing, “En, not bad at all!”