Silver Wing looked in a daze as Chen Ming withdrew his wings, What monster is he? He took one look at it and he trained it to completion, while I had to toil with it for thirty years!

Was this the comprehension of a Divine Palace?

The fear in Silver Wing’s heart grew, squashing any remnant of betrayal he had left. I outran him before, but that’s impossible now.

With the passing of three days, the army reached Mountain Grizzly’s cave. He had no thought of using Silver Wing’s army to attack since he used them to carry his Regalia Legion on their clouds. His troops were filled with spiritual power, ready for killing!

Silver Wing kept to himself as he stormed into the cave, killing all of its guards, then searched for Mountain Grizzly.

The Regalia Legion also entered, charging straight through anything.

But in the next moment, the peak above the cave crumbled, showing Silver Wing in hot pursuit of Mountain Grizzly.

Killing Mountain Grizzly amounted to measly three thousand spiritual knowledge, but even a bug had meat. Wings unfolded behind Chen Ming, then set up the Eight Extremes Array with the swords revolving around him. He pulled the Eight Extremes Annihilation Sword and attacked Mountain Grizzly!

The explosive blow from the broadsword left him dizzy, and open for Silver Wing’s attack. His claw flashed silver, launching five attacks, each leaving five gashes on Mountain Grizzly’s chest.

He was never a match for either of them and now that they worked together, he was worse for wear.

Mountain Grizzly raged, “Silver Wing, I didn’t think a sissy like you would defect!”

Silver Wing gave a shout of his own, “What defecting, I’m just turning over a new leaf. I’ve reached enlightenment and chose righteousness!”

Chen Ming: Little brother Silver Wing has an elevated awareness!

The two fell on Mountain Grizzly, bashing and kicking. For fear of disappointing Chen Ming, Silver Wing’s attacks were all aimed to kill, earning an angry roar from Mountain Grizzly each time.

Chen Ming took paid close attention to the fight, and when Mountain Grizzly was bone dry of spiritual power, he just ran his sword through his heart, collecting those spiritual knowledge points.

As for the rest of the battle, Chen Ming was only interested in Mountain Grizzly’s two Archfiend, ignoring the others. After a swift harvest of the two, bringing him one step closer to finishing the mission, he didn’t intervene any longer.

Looking over the battlefield, he found the most zealous person there to be Silver Wing. Who knew that the most loyal to Yan Mountain would end up being him? And yet he only recently joined them.

After following Yan Mountain in dealing with Mountain Grizzly, Silver Wing felt a difference. The killing was so carefree. Regalia Legion dominated the battlefield leaving him to do what he wished, to kill with abandon. It was a brilliant move to join the undefeated. Only after entering Yan Mountain, did he found a battle could be so relaxing. When I fought Yan Mountain before, it wasn’t that I was incompetent, but that the opposition was too strong!

Chen Ming ignored Silver Wing, and his excitement, he clapped his hands and returned home.

The war lasted one short month. The three lairs he occupied had wealth far above that from a freshly promoted Divine Palace like Azure Lion. They all contributed to his treasury with no less than five million spirit stones, each.

This was how you pillaged!

If the threat of the fiend’s Sovereign didn’t loom over his head, Chen Ming would have directed his forces in dealing with some other unappealing people.

As for dispensing with Moon King Hall, he didn’t have enough for a win. The other had King Corps after all. That was a team of forty Archfiends, a symbol of a Grand Archfiend. The so-called Grand Archfiends were all persons with King Corps at their disposal.

He reckoned the Moon King Hall wouldn’t come knocking either, or he’ll incur heavy losses.

This war was an eye-opener for other surrounding powers, of the might Yan Mountain possessed. Just how was he a Divine Palace? He was just a Grand Archfiend disguised as one. He might be a tad below a Grand Archfiend in power, but it wasn’t something these little old Divine Palaces like them could provoke.

Yan Mountain wasn’t far from being Moon King Hall equal.

“We must avoid provoking Yan Mountain!”

“No one is allowed to incite Yan Mountain!”

“When you meet one of their people, turn around and walk away!”

Moon King Hall.

Moon Fiend was becoming impatient. With the passing of this war, he knew Yan Mountain was a force to be reckoned with. But if he were to attack, then all he amassed the past hundred years would be squandered. How could he assault the Sovereign rank then?

But if he didn’t attack, then how could this sleeping dragon within his borders let others feel at peace? If he waited until it became a Grand Archfiend power, what then?

Moon Fiend cast his eyes on Archfiend Stag, who was rather calm, with no change in demeanor. Great Venerable is great indeed. He doesn’t even flinch with Mt. Tai collapsing towards him!

“Great Venerable, from your understanding, what is the best way to handle Yan Mountain?”

Archfiend Stag stroked his goatee, smiling, “These events are all within my grasp. Just think, Lord, if we attacked Yan Mountain without knowing their power, how many would you have sent?”

“At best, it would be two Divine Palaces and five thousand troops.”

Archfiend Stag laughed, “Exactly. If this were to happen, then you wouldn’t get to see them return. We would lose power while Yan Mountain bolstered theirs. This would result in us standing on equal ground. But now we have an absolute and unshakable position!”

Moon Fiend now saw the way things really were, “So everything was in your grasp, Great Venerable. Then what is our next course of action?”

“Humph, for one to become a Grand Archfiend, one needed to have land that sustained him. We just need to limit their expansion and seal their escape routes, since Yan Mountain doesn’t have any means of producing spirit stones. How will he able to supply a Grand Archfiend’s army then? As long as we seal off Yan Mountain, they will have no income. In less than three years, it will fall. We won’t even need to draw blood, and the pesky Yan Mountain problem will be solved! ”

Moon Fiend was overjoyed, “Great Venerable, an excellent plan! With Great Venerable strategy bringing peace to my land, this King can rest easy!”

Moon Fiend ordered, “If there’s any change in Yan Mountain, notify me immediately!”