Chapter 104: The Chopsticks Were Too Fragile

Chen Ming didn’t turn the mission in, as it was 30% away from a perfect score. The problem laid with Silver Wing. He didn’t have a post and the system still treated him as the enemy.

Of all Yan Mountain’s forces, he was the only one who could handle Silver Wing. He would worry if he sent him to roam alone.

He will stay on Yan Mountain for now. And I just came up with a great title, Mountain Guarding Diety!

Chen Ming’s face twitched, finding Silver Wing chugging a pill bottle in the Alchemy House, “You, a Divine Palace Archfiend, are actually eating Dao Sense realm disciples’ pills. Have you no shame?”

Silver Wing emptied another bottle, his mouth letting out crunchy sounds, “I didn’t know there’s a tangerine-flavor! Sigh, wait. Does our Yan Mountain have a dining hall? You don’t expect me to die of starvation, do you?”

You guzzling bottle after bottle is to stave off hunger? Don’t you know a Qi Pill keeps you full for three days?

Chen Ming pulled Silver Wing, “As a Divine Palace Archfiend, you should get your act together. Follow me, we have important matters to discuss. ”

Chen Ming dragged Silver Wing by the ear and out of the Alchemy House. When a group of disciples heard the two powerhouses talk, they refrained from commenting. They ran to a secluded area where they could comment freely.

“Archfiend Silver Wing’s pill capacity isn’t average!”

“It looked like Master is stronger than Archfiend Silver Wing. His pill capacity must also be higher. ”

“But we’ve never seen Master eat pills!”

The group started shuffling through their memories, yet no scene regarding Master eating pills came to mind. They went and asked Ling Xian. He told them that Chen Lingyu was in charge of Master, little carp and little sunflower’s meals. They all ate simple meals.

Master is living such a simple life. “We, disciples, eat pills after pills thanks to Master living a life of poverty!”

“What an honor, to have such a Master!”

“I’ve decided, that from now on I will only eat half a bottle. For Master!”

Chen Ming asked Silver Wing, “What do you think of Yan Mountain?”

In a moment of carelessness, Silver Wing revealed the pill bottles in his sleeve, then tuck them back, “Great, I find Yan Mountain amazing. There’s no better place in this world besides Yan Mountain!”

Chen Ming smiled, “Since you believe it so, then you will need a position here. As I see it, from your majestic and imposing appearance, it perfectly matches Yan Mountain’s style. And so, I have forged a silver armor especially for you. From now on, you will stand on the terrace at the foot of Yan Mountain, showing its glory!”

Silver Wing touched his face, “Mountain Lord, you know me so well!”

When he arrived before that silvery and flashy armor, Silver Wing couldn’t contain his joy as he put it on. Chen Ming said, “Of course, if you are tho reveal Yan Mountain’s glory, then you must also have to act accordingly in case of trouble. If someone is coming for a challenge, you need to teach them a lesson. If the disciples encounter difficulties, you need to solve them. Also, if some come to visit my disciples, then you must report back to me.”

Now Silver Wing knew where the problem laid. Standing at the foot of Yan Mountain, dealing with inconveniences, why did it sound like a guardian deity?

But then shook his head, That’s not right, how can a guardian deity have such a dashing armor?

After bestowing Silver Wing’s armor, and imposing a limit on his pill intake, Chen Ming went to hold a lecture for his disciples.

He heard of Moon King Hall plan, of cutting off Yan Mountain’s expansion, to block them from invading other Archfiends’ domains. He didn’t care. Yan Mountain’s true wealth came from pills. Just how many could he raise with those small fields?

At this time, Chen Ming eyed his mission, finding it at 93%. It had to be because some fled from such a large battle. He didn’t wait to reach perfection, “Turn in!”

“Ding! Survive or perish mission evaluation: 93%. Rating: excellent. Reward: 74,400 spiritual knowledge, 2,790 fame, and a spiritual gold mine.”

Spiritual gold mine?

More stuff! The time for refining equipment was soon approaching. Yan Mountain’s fiend army had spiritual weapons assigned in chaos and didn’t have any restrictions regarding reaching Archfiend rank. He had to think of a way to solve this.

Leaving his current matter aside, Chen Ming went to Yan Mountain’s external palace, to participate in the victory feast.

Hearing this, Silver Wing also wanted to join. Chen Ming said, “Weren’t you on the losing side? You also want to join the feast?”

Silver Wing smiled, “It was all a misunderstanding. I have now turned over a new leaf! ”

Together with Silver Wing, and taking his legacy disciples along, they strode along the way, in the eyes of other Archfiend. With the speed of those two, in two hours they arrived at the feast held on Black Tiger Mountain. When Chen Ming entered, the feast became livelier, “Mountain Lord is here!”

“It’s all thanks to Mountain Lord that we get to have such a resounding victory. Not even Moon King Hall will dare to treat us lightly!”

“Everyone in Myriad Mountains will hear of Yan Mountain!”

All Archfiends were present, yet didn’t find it unusual for Silver Wing to participate. They knew of him joining them a long time ago and even became united over the course of last month. When meeting with the five Archfiends, Silver Wing didn’t have the arrogance of a Divine Palace. They even called themselves brothers on every occasion.

The four legacy disciples sat at the table with the other Archfiends’ youngsters. They soon started competing in pill capacity. Alcohol capacity was a thing of the past now.

At the table, Ling Xian with Li Suyi, Chen Lingyu and Zhuo Qingyao stood separate from the rest. Chen Lingyu found it all a novelty and tried out one of the fruits. It was a fruit specific Prodigious Fruit Mountain, White Jade Lotus. The petals refreshed the mind and sweetened the mouth.

Many of youths looked at Zhuo Qingyao with apprehension. After all, she was like an imposing tree. Head senior sister’s legend spread across all Yan Mountain. But after a while they didn’t mind this that much, finding head senior sister even more aloof then what they assumed.

Zhuo Qingyao was eavesdropping on Chen Ming’s table. She heard White Fox speak, “Mountain Lord, you are still single. I will be the matchmaker and solve this matter of great importance.”

Black Tiger laughed, “Nothing short of a Sovereign, will match Mountain Lord’s image!”

Black Python’s had many sources, “I heard that the fiends’ Sovereign’s daughter is at the tender age of eighteen, of outstanding beauty. She has many suitors vying for her hand. I find her a perfect match for Mountain Lord!”

Chen Lingyu heard a sudden crack, then looked to the source to see a pair of broken chopsticks in Zhuo Qingyao’s hand, as pieces fell on the floor.

“Head senior sister, what is it?”

Zhuo Qingyao shook her head, “It’s nothing, these chopsticks were too fragile.”

Chen Lingyu eyed the broken chopsticks, Are silver chopsticks that fragile?