After examining the bamboo, Chen Ming knew the reason behind this special trait. It absorbed ten thousand swords’ sword energy. And despite being refined differently all the swords had the same purpose.

Chen Ming wasn’t of the idea of only turn it into his treasure. He wanted to turn it into a living treasure, a heavenly treasure, one tailored to him, one that was rarest of the rare.

While preserving its ability to grow ever stronger!

If he used fire, then it would die, along with its best trait. What Chen Ming wanted was to turn this bamboo into a divine weapon with its own awareness, a growth type divine weapon.

Reading many equipment refining scriptures, he had yet to find the one who could handle living materials. They were all methods that worked with dead objects.

This live refining method was most likely something only an ancient immortal sect would have. But if he just went to Astral Immortal Sect and said he wanted one, they wouldn’t kill him. But he would end up divulging this secret to them.

Then what should I do?

Chen Ming learned from Xing Ming that Jade Void Temple was once an immortal sect. It even created an immortal. But after the coming of Ghost Immortal, they swiftly declined.

I’ll just give a try searching in Jade Void Temple. And since I’m there might as well hand over this month’s pills to Xing Ming.

With the Drifting Feather Art, Chen Ming’s speed multiplied and in just a day he was at the sect. The Sect Leader noticed his coming and went to greet him. Chen Ming smiled, “I heard that you gave rise to an immortal a thousand years ago. Why have you fallen to such a state?”

The Sect Leader sighed, “I’m not very clear on this matter. What I know is that after Founder became immortal, he found something of great importance and used all of our resources. This resulted in our decline you see today. And we have yet to hear from our Founder ever since.”

They didn’t know anything about the clash with Ghost Immortal. What happened to the Immortal Pill Cauldron was tragic. He just became an immortal and he had to resist the much powerful Ghost Immortal. If he didn’t have some understanding of this world, he wouldn’t have been successful in sealing Ghost Immortal, who had a clear advantage over him.

Chen Ming asked, “Have your Founder left anything behind?”

“He did actually, but there hasn’t been one to make heads or tails of those scriptures!”

“Could you let me take a look?”

He didn’t mind it. Many previous Sect Leaders had the intention of comprehending them, but they all failed, unable to get any use from them.

Taking Chen Ming to a rotting attic, the Sect Leader indicated, “This is the residence of our Founder in those years. From time to time, we come to see the scriptures. But they are all decayed, with words fading away.”

Chen Ming was hit by a rotten smell as he entered. It already passed a thousand years, yet it was in this condition. It must have been hard to preserve it.

Chen Ming lifted a book, flipped it, Eh? Are these characters? Aren’t they just scribbles?

This illegible writing had reached a heaven-defying state!

No wonder no one comprehended it. They can’t even read it!

He reckoned Immortal Pill Cauldron wanted to pass on these precious scriptures; only to die out because of his sloppy writing.

Chen Ming wasn’t one to care since he had the system to evaluate it anyway, “Comprehend this scripture.”

“Ding! Comprehending the pill recipe Flawless Jade Pill requires eighteen thousand merits.”

That’s an immortal’s legacy alright, taking even eighteen thousand merits to learn!

But this wasn’t what he wanted. This was just a pill recipe.

Chen Ming took another scripture, “Comprehend this one.”

“Ding! Comprehending Nature Immortal Cauldron requires a million merits.”

Eh!? This cultivation method wants a million merits? This was an immortal ranked cultivation method, many times more profound than Illustrious Casket, something that Chen Ming had only enough to comprehend the first stage.

He didn’t take it with him. Not comprehending an illegible thing, then taking it with him proved no point since no one could read it. Yet the system still recognized it.

After a search through the scriptures, he picked another book, “Comprehend this scripture.”

“Ding! Comprehending Basics of Immortal Tools Refining requires ten thousand merits.”

I finally found what I need, but isn’t the price too high? He asked inwardly, “How many stages does it have?”

“Ding! After scanning, it can be divided into three stages.”

“How many merits for the first one?”

“Ding! The first stage requires five thousand, allowing the refinement of prototype immortal equipment.”

Even an immortal equipment prototype is good! With his income of then thousand a month, he would just be patient for half a month.

Chen Ming looked at the Sect Leader, “Give me all of these faded scriptures.”

The Sect Leader didn’t refute. He gave them many times but never were they understood, “Alright, I will prepare them. But let me warn you, you cannot train them on a whim.”

Chen Ming was puzzled, “Eh, why is that?”

“Many who could recognize Founder’s writing trained in secret then went crazy and exploded.”

Chen Ming’s face went black, No wonder Jade Void Temple decayed to this state. “Be at ease, I will only take them. They are things left by an immortal after all.”

Chen Ming asked impatiently when he saw Sect Leader’s hesitation, “What now? If there’s something you want to say, just say it.”

“That’s what they all said, before suffering from deviation and blew up.”

Chen Ming: …

Chen Ming could imagine those collectors‘ experience. They got their hands on an immortal’s legacy, then carefully investigated Immortal Pill Cauldron’s life. And on a certain night, with a starry sky, they laughed, “I know the secret of this scriptures!” Then they followed the pill recipe and began cultivating with the resulted pill. Then deviation came, of course, and exploded. That was how those scientists passed away.

He went and met with Xing Ming, giving him this month’s pills, two hundred thousand, neither more nor less.

The pills eaten by Yan Mountain’s fiend army were refined by disciples for that occasion, not affecting Yan Mountain’s schedule. So he could deliver the entire amount without a problem.

Xing Ming smiled dejectedly, “You are a great fortune upon us in this time of need. Without a supply of pills, the war would fall into a desperate state, So I once again request your sect’s help! ”

Chen Ming nodded, “Don’t worry, half a year later, we will make a million pills!”