Back at Yan Mountain, Chen Ming resumed his affairs. He went to hold a lecture to the many fresh disciples.

He now understood a thing or two about the Eight Extremes’ Grand Daos. Not as a whole but walking along each path, he at least formed their Dao Seed. As for the Heaven, Earth, time and space Daos, he didn’t have any cultivation method appropriate for the disciples having these attributes. Even if he scoured the land, he didn’t believe he would find any of the four cultivation methods.

For this lecture, Chen Ming wouldn’t hold a too deep explanation, just enough to struck something inside these Dao Sense realm disciples’ hearts.

At the foot of Yan Mountain, in the Bluestone Plaza, three thousand and six hundred praying mats were neatly arranged. Before the break of dawn, even before Silver Wing woke up, disciples arrived in a steady stream at the plaza. First come first served, of course, taking the front row seats. The closer they got to Chen Ming, the better.

The ones in the back held some dissatisfaction, but with Chen Ming on the verge of showing up, none of them were foolish enough to start anything.

With the brightening of the sky, Silver Wing climbed out of his bed, donned his flashy silver armor, then went to his post, his eyes still hazy from sleep. Looking over, he saw the praying mats in the plaza before him filled with disciples.

Eh? Mountain Lord is holding a lecture?

Truth be told, his heart moved, feeling some admiration. If it were him giving a lecture, he would also feel some pressure for having so many disciples wait on him!

Just this view was enough to move him!

With the shifting of the sun, Chen Ming put the smiley mask on and made his entrance in the plaza, with Chen Lingyu keeping him company. The was a nine-steps stage in the plaza. Chen Ming sweeps his eyes, and smiled, “Everyone came very early. Very good.”

The disciples rose one after the other and bent their waists, “Greetings Master, good morning Master!”

Chen Ming climbed the stars, sat on his prayer mat and began his lecture, “Of the Dao beneath the Heaven, men sense it, they then tread it, and then comprehend it. Comprehending the Dao will carry you above the mortal world, and when you transcend, you will become Immortal…”

“The Dao Sense realm is the first step in coming in contact with the Dao. But only touch it, and not tread it, because none of you are yet qualified for even touching it…”

“To get in touch with the Dao, first you must endure the Grand Dao with your body. Here is what it means to cultivate. The myriad creatures of this world are like the sea, and your body is the boat, with the soul as the oar. You are to cross the sea while competing against thousands of other boats. As you sail, each step will unravel the heaven and earth…”

“But before that, Dao Sense realm has ten meridians, thus then stages. Opening meridians expands one’s vitality. This energy surrounds the body, and the stronger it becomes, the stronger your body…”

Chen Ming spoke with confidence, revealing his understandings of Dao Sense realm to these disciples that barely touched the Dao. Silver Wing was entranced by his words the moment he began. Dao Sense realm is actually so important, holding so many secrets!

When it came to understanding Dao Sense realm who could outclass Chen Ming? He went through Dao Sense realm ten times, while still having Nine Nines Mysteries Art at the peak of this realm, the cultivation of it Dao Sense realm reaching the 36th stage. Who could be more clear of what Dao Sense realm entailed?

No one, not one person could compare his understanding of Dao Sense realm with that of Chen Ming’s.

This lecture let these disciples have a more in-depth understanding of this realm. The analogies helped them perceive many of this realm’s misteries. I didn’t know this lecture about cultivation will be this insightful.

Zhang Ming suddenly got up and faced his disciples, “Seniors, juniors, I’ll step out.”

The disciples around him didn’t understand, “Zhang Ming, you don’t want to listen to Master’s lecture? ”

“We need to grasp this rare opportunity!”

“Listen to Master’s knowledge, hear how profound the Grand Dao is. How can what we did before be called cultivation?”

“Zhang Ming, you’re at the peak of Dao Sense realm. You cannot miss this once in a lifetime chance.”

Zhang Ming shook his head, smiling, “Everyone, I’ll be walking ahead. I want to break through to Dao Initiation realm. From Master’s teachings, I can now surmise what I need to do to advance.”

Zhang Ming left them with his words, then sat on the last praying mat in the plaza and shut his eyes.

Chen Ming saw this, stopped speaking and focused on Zhang Ming. This was the first disciples to advance to Dao Initiation realm!

Meanwhile, Silver Wing shifted his chair right below the stage. Chen Ming was puzzled, “What are you so excited about?”

“I want to cultivate the Dao Sense realm anew, based on your words. I didn’t want to hear it at first, but the more I listened the more it felt like I’ve done wrong. And when I tried to ignore your lecture, my ears itched.”

Chen Ming was stunned, “Everyone has a praying mat. If you stand so high, you block the other disciples’ view. Sit at the back.”

Silver Wing felt ashamed for losing the fight with these little fellows and moved his chair not far from Zhang Ming.

Chen Ming eyed Zhang Ming and Silver Wing, No way, I didn’t invite an actor! Why is he a perfect match for my act?

Nearly two hours later, Zhang Ming’s eyes flashed open as spiritual power rushed outward. He was in the Dao Initiation realm.

Chen Ming’s gaze went from him to the rest of his disciples. Since he was one of his three thousand and six hundred disciples, he naturally knew his name, “Zhang Ming, wait for a bit. After Master finishes lecturing the other Dao Sense realm disciples, I will explain to you how to cultivate in the Dao Initiation realm.”

Zhang Ming was overjoyed. Doesn’t that mean I am the first to have the same treatment as a legacy disciple?

And so, Zhang Ming took a Qi Pill and waited for Chen Ming to finish his lecture on Dao Sense realm.

They all witnessed Zhang Ming’s advancement and heard Silver Wing’s words. This expert was at the Divine Palace stage, yet still held Master’s lecture in such high regard. Even his eyes became starry as he gazed upon Chen Ming. They listened to his lecture, afraid they might miss a word. When hungry, they took a Qi Pill, when thirsty they asked for a senior sister of the Flowing Peak to create water.

Chen Ming finished the sermon for the Dao Sense realm disciples and, after they left, he continued with teaching three people. Two disciples stood behind Zhang Ming, having also broken through.

Since they were only three, Chen Ming knew of their cultivation method and began explaining how to form a Dao Seed. The Dao Initiation realm cultivators cultivated to form the Dao Seed. Once formed, then they could begin comprehending the Dao.

With just three, Chen Ming needed only half a day to finish explaining, while questioning them the other half. And only when he was clear they understood, did he call it a day.