As he wrapped things up, Silver Wing came before him in a very devoted manner, taking a deep bow, “Are you still accepting disciples, Mountain Lord?”

Chen Ming was under the impression Silver Wing had a cousin he wanted to take him in. Silver Wing was the second strongest on Yan Mountain. It wasn’t much trouble for opening the back door for him. It made no difference if he had one too many or one too few, “Why? You have someone who wants to pay respects to me?”

“Not someone, me!”

Chen Ming’s face went black, “Stop joking.”

You damn Divine Palace. What are you playing at taking me as Master?

Silver Wing’s eyes were full of devotion, “No, Mountain Lord, I am serious. Listening to Mountain Lord’s lecture on the Dao, woke me up into realizing how shallow my cultivation is. With my decision to turn over a new leaf, I want to walk the path of cultivation in earnest!”

Chen Ming’s face showed his conflict, then his eyes shined like never before, “You aren’t planning of getting in then have unlimited access to pills like the other disciples, are you?”

Silver Wing gave a strained laugh, “Uh, um, that is only a tiny part of the reason…”

Chen Ming waved his hand, “Get lost, now!”

Half a month flashed by, and this day marked a year and a half since Chen Ming came into this world. From a Prince of an unknown empire, he was now standing shoulder to shoulder with the other Grand Archfiends. Recalling the past year gets me worked up!

This half of the month, because of his lecture, his merits swelled by six thousand points. He comprehended the fist stage of Basics of Immortal Tools Refining and came to know how hard it was to refine immortal equipment. All immortal tools were living, all having awareness. They were just like Demonic Blood Saber, capable of choosing their masters. If he didn’t have King Slayer Aura, forcing Demonic Blood Saber into obedience, he would suffer its backlash, and lose in the fight with Mo Tian.

That blue bamboo he just saw was an immortal material for refining immortal tools.

And the first step was to connect with it.

Through the seal carved in his fresh blood, he would make the bamboo aware of him, aware of his train of thoughts.

Through the blood, the immortal material would, on his end, become aware of the information regarding him. It would connect to his meridians and gather the information from his blood, to decide whether or not he’d become its master.

Of course, there is no need to panic even if it doesn’t ‘t recognized me. I can just drive it up the wall!

Regarding the binding method of the Elemental Cauldron, Immortal Pill Cauldron grated on its nerves for three hundred years before he got its approval.

Chen Ming reckoned that he wouldn’t be needing such a long time. He made a great match with blue bamboo. Fitting for the saying a match made in heaven! The ideal couple, like coal and fire, a bamboo after his own heart!

Chen Ming left for the spiritual gold mine, back to the blue bamboo. He cut his wrist and gathered the blood in a bowl. With his hand as the brush, Chen Ming began drawing the seal. After drawing for three whole days, his bowl was empty. If Nine Nines Mysteries Art wasn’t at the 36th stage, strengthening his vitality, then Chen Ming would have been sucked dry like a mummy by now.

With the last brush, Chen Ming stared at the blue bamboo. Black Tiger was waiting alongside him, witnessing everything.

The blue bamboo showed a reaction, shivering slightly. Its roots stretched, covering the ancient sword entirely. Two hours later, it finished wrapping around the sword completely, then it extended its roots in the vicinity. It struck deep into the spiritual gold and started absorbing its essence!

Black Tiger felt how the area darkened. He lifted his head and looked to see how in ten li radius, thick and black clouds gathered, with thunder flickering within. He was shocked, “That’s Heavenly Tribulation!”

Chen Ming recalled a note from the Basics of Immortal Tools Refining. When the prototype was formed, it would invoke the Heavenly Tribulation!

It’s truly done!

It seemed that this blue bamboo was also clear that he was its perfect owner. His fated owner!

Where, in the whole wide world, would it find another person like him, who had untold types of spiritual power?

No one else out there, only him!

Black Tiger has also heard of this. Only equipment with their own awareness, would invite Heavenly Tribulation after a complete refining!

Speaking of quality, the was no need to mention from the refining point of view, because this treasure, was a natural occurring treasure grown in the scope of heaven and earth. They had their own awareness!

This equipment, or more like magic treasure, had the power to startle even the world’s most powerful beings!

As a day came to an end, Chen Ming still waited anxiously. The black clouds above ever thicker. He never expected to encounter a Heavenly Tribulation, and such a weird one too.

“Ding! You triggered the storyline mission: Happy to See You!. Phoenix’s Tear sensed your kindness and thirst to join you in battle. Please assist it in overcoming the Heavenly Tribulation. Reward: prototype immortal tool.”

Chen Ming would help even without the mission. This was his very first weapon, perhaps even a magic treasure.

The blue bamboo focused together the essence and energy it absorbed from the spiritual gold and ancient sword. It made the ancient sword to contract, then disappear withing the blue bamboo, as it blended together with the spiritual gold essence. Chen Ming could no longer see the sword, only a four-foot-wide ball wrapped around the spiritual gold’s essence. As the essence became absorbed, it revealed a blue horsetail whisk. From the moment he laid eyes on it, Chen Ming became entranced.

It is a part of me, linked to my meridians!

Up in the sky, a bucket-thick bolt of lightning descended straight for the horsetail whisk. Chen Ming shouted, “No!”

Chen Ming leaped in front of the horsetail whisk, and with a mere outstretch of the hand, it flew in his palm. The handle was a two-foot-long blue bamboo, thick as a thumb and with nine bamboo joints. Its whiskers were made of fine bamboo leaves linked together, even finer than a strand of hair.

A horsetail whisk was actually its final form! Horsetail whisk was the most famous magic weapon of Daoism. This was something most wandering Daoists would carry with them. They could lack anything, but horsetail whisk was an indispensable item. It fit Chen Ming’s Dao Heart to perfection. With but a thought from him, the horsetail whisk would sweep across, his body becoming a Bodhi Tree, and his heart a door to enlightenment. With a swish from this horsetail whisk, he would sweep away at the world of mortals and its depravity!

With the horsetail whisk in hand, he would sweep the entire world, grasping at all its changes, and returning them to their origin!

Chen Ming’s cultivation swayed towards Daoism. His hardship cultivation, no matter how deep, would never be able to match his spiritual power. And this horsetail whisk was a Daoist’s magic weapon!

Chen Ming felt how the three thousand whiskers were one for each Dao. Thus, three thousand whiskers were three thousand Grand Daos. And each fine bamboo leaf was a flying sword!

Chen Ming ran his hand gently over the horsetail whisk, smiling, “What a good treasure!”