The bucket-thick lightning grew ever closer, while Chen Ming looked with radiant eyes at the black cloud above, “Let’s see if this Heavenly Tribulation amounts to anything!”

Chen Ming waved the horsetail whisk, releasing a blue wind. This sweep simply scattered it into lightning spiritual energy!

Returned to origin!

Lightning came from the gathering of lightning spiritual energy, yet a move from the horsetail whisk shattered it to its original form.

Chen Ming laughed in excitement, “Good treasure, good treasure!”

Then laughed at the sky, “The mortal world and its depravity can’t hold me, untold Daos can’t hold me, and you, Heavenly Dao, can?”

Black Tiger’s heart grew anxious, Mountain Lord, are you going to attack the black cloud, the one releasing the Heavenly Tribulation? This will draw out its wrath! “Mountain Lord, you can’t. You’ll anger the Heavens!”

“Ha-ha-ha-ha, untold Daos can’t hold me down, so how could Heavenly Dao? See how a brush of the horsetail whisk wipes away this Heavenly Tribulation!”

Chen Ming flew above, swinging the horsetail whisk, “All Heaven’s untold Daos will return to their origin. Show me what made you!”

A blue wind blew, scattering the black cloud above. The tribulation cloud dissipated that easily, revealing the sun once again. It was as if the Heavenly Tribulation wasn’t there to begin with!

Chen Ming was wild with joy, This horsetail whisk is worthy of being a Daoist’s magic weapon. He ran his hand along it, petting it. Chen Ming’s heart burst with happiness, laughing out loud, “You represent untold Daos, yet can brush them all aside. I will call you, Dao Empyrean Bamboo!”

Black Tiger was rooted in place, This horsetail whisk is too tyrannical. It can brush away even the Heavenly Tribulation!

There were always sayings that the Heavenly Tribulation struck cultivators dead or hacked magic treasures to pieces, but this was a first to see an overbearing magic treasure brushing the Heavenly Tribulation away!

This was a weapon that restrained the Heavenly Dao!

Yet the Heavenly Dao couldn’t shake this magic weapon at all! This horsetail whisk, was, in and of itself, a magical art.

This was even touching the boundaries of the Origin Grand Dao!

This treasure brought sock to even Black Tiger.

What Chen Ming didn’t know was that the Astral Immortal Sect was thrown in chaos. The five elders gazed upon the Astral Immortal Disk, shocked painted on their faces. Elder Jian Wangge began, “Elder of Astral Immortal Sect, what just happened? Why have you called us on such short notice?”

Elder Xue Shan said, “I wouldn’t have drawn your ire if it wasn’t of importance. The war is in a dreadful state, and any mistake will affect the entire land!”

The Elder of Astral Immortal Sect sucked a breath in, then revealed the Astral Immortal Disk in his hand, “The Astral Immortal Disk was refined from a small part of the origin of this world. It encompassed all of its changes, including major events. Now, look at the Divine Weapons Board.”

The four elders didn’t see any change at first but then noticed how there was an extra entry at the bottom.

Dao Empyrean Bamboo: a weapon restraining the Heavenly Dao.

It wasn’t of importance that the last name changed, but its description was. For them, who were the closest to becoming immortals, they knew of its true meaning. The other divine weapon lacked such a description. This restraining of the Heavenly Dao revealed that this was a magic weapon refined in accordance with the Grand Dao.

Moreover, the Divine Weapons Board ranking didn’t change, it grew. This confirmed that it was an immortal tool or at least a prototype.

Immortal tools were something only an immortal could posses. Did that mean that this world gave birth to another immortal after a pause of a thousand years?

Elder Xue Shan said, “Are you saying that this world can still create an immortal?”

The Elder of the Astral Immortal Sect shook his head, “A thousand yeas ago, to prevent Ghost Immortal’s descent on this land, Immortal Pill Cauldron united us five ancient immortal sects and closed off the path to immortality. This world is unable to bring another immortal into being!”

Elder Jian Wangge chuckled, “Immortal. We are the closest to becoming one, yet who can say we will grasp it! It’s not so easy becoming an immortal. The way I see it, there’s just one more person approaching immortality like us, out there.”

Elder Tie Yi said, “Correct, immortality is an impossibility for now. We all know the entire land is in a perilous state. Before we can grasp the certainty of becoming immortal, the immortal path won’t reopen. Only, an expert approaching immortality might have appeared, but he is not among our ancient immortal sects. I wonder if he’s a friend or foe.”

The Elder of the Astral Immortal Sect gave his analysis, “A weapon that restrains the Heavenly Dao. You should all know the meaning of these words. Among divine weapons, the ones with this innate inscription, are the strongest among immortal tools. Yet this Dao Empyrean Bamboo is actually the last on the board. This most like means that it’s not a true immortal tool. It only climbed on the Divine Weapons Board because of this inscription, a weapon restraining the Heavenly Dao.”

Elder Xue Shan said, “The situation is critical, but we are yet to find out if this expert is either good or bad.”

Demonic sect’s Blood Sea.

A man with seven long sabers on his back scooped up blood from the sea then pour it over his long saber, then started sharpening it.

He was the Head Sect Leader of the demonic sect. Each of the seven sabers on his back had its own story to tell.

The demonic sect wasn’t at all like its immortal counterpart, divided into many. The demonic sect was the demonic sect, unique in the world. No matter who one was, if he was a demonic cultivator, then he belonged to the demonic sect.

Just that it was divided into Head Sect Leader, Second Sect Leader, Third Sect Leader, and so on.

Behind him stood a person, neither man nor ghost, yet ghostly energy surrounded him, and Bones opened his mouth, “The Heaven changed, I need you.”

Wu Jiang turned his head and asked, “Is it about that previous deal, Shi Jiuquan?”

Bones gave a burst of creepy laughter, as if it was made by bone scraping on bone, “Yes, you help me eradicate the immortal sects, turning this land into my Immortal Domain, then I will open the path to immortality. But I won’t touch any living creature in your Demonic Domain.”

Wu Jiang chuckled, “You are dead, I don’t trust a dead man’s words.”

Bones ignored him, and smiled, “Did you know? No one in this world is qualified to know my name, except you. I don’t care if you shout it out, because you have the right to. You might not believe me, but you must believe yourself. You, Wu Jiang, demonic sect’s Head Sect Leader, are the strongest beneath the heavens. No one else is. Wouldn’t you be an immortal right now, if it weren’t for the ancient immortal sects shutting the path to immortality? Deal no deal, you still need to overthrow the immortal sect’s rule. This is the only way to open the door to immortality, to try your chance at becoming immortal!”

Wu Jiang paused, then smiled, “Truth be told, no one is as moved as me, but fighting the entire world, does pick my interest.”

Bones continues, “Then tell me of your choice!”

Wu Jiang sheathed his saber, “I’ll get what I want, and you’ll get what you want. That’s how it’ll be.”