Outside Jing Wang Tomb’s tunnel.

Close to the stone tunnel, footsteps echoed as a group of assassins approached the area, having a white cloth tied to their hands. The torches on the walls shine their tranquil faces as the leader of the tunnel guards smiled at them, “So its Hall Master Ye Ying. Did the Temple Lord asked you to inspect the tunnel?”

Ye Ying had a lanky figure with no remarkable features. But the Murdering Temple men knew that he was a Dao Initiation realm cultivator, who fought alongside the temple lord for ten years. Today, Ye Ying wasn’t in the mood to talk, as he tied a strip of white cloth to his hand. The guard knew something was wrong, but it was too late. Ye Ying already drew his long saber and ordered, “Kill them all!”

He was tasked with calling the guard to temple lord for important matters, and Ye Ying knew exactly why: to gather their forces and charge towards the capital. This also gave him the opportunity to finish his assignment with ease.

One swing of his cold blade cut a guard in half, then moved on to the next one, as blood dripped from his saber. He practiced an uncanny saber art, rousing fear in the hearts of Dao Initiation realm cultivators alike. Killing this group of Dao Sense realm cultivators was the same as a tiger charging at a pack of wolves.

Ye Ying slashed again, and another body as slip apart, then shouted behind him, “Finish this quickly, or we won’t have the chance to leave!”

The hundred-odd men charged at the fifty guards with their long sabers, generating constant clashing sounds.

With Ye Ying here, the guards were powerless to resist, and in less than fifteen minutes, blood covered the ground.

The tunnel was wide and had wooden supports to allow speedy evacuation. Ye Ying waved his hand, “Smash the supports.”

His men were all elites and only needed one strike to cut the wooden pillars.

His men retreated, after smashing the supports over a hundred zhang distance. Ye Ying saw cracks spreading above him and immediately followed after them!

With the pillars removed, the already shaky tunnel collapsed.

Ye Ying nodded with satisfaction and said, “Let’s go, we’re leaving!”

One of his men asked, “Sir Ye Ying, will we win this battle? With the escape route destroyed they will be forced to fight with Prince, who only has thirty thousand soldiers.”

Ye Ying shouted at him, “We are soldiers. And as soldiers, we only need to follow orders. As for winning or losing, it is not something we should consider. Let’s go!”

Murdering Temple’s mausoleum.

The temple lord sat in the main seat, gazing at the hall masters, “Are all hall masters present?”

“Only Ye Ying is missing.” responded the guard near him.

“I can no longer wait for him. Tell him later.”

The temple lord rose from his seat and smiled, “I know that all of you are curious about my identity and today, I will show you who I am!”

He reached for his mask and removed it. It shocked the hall masters to find that their lord was the crown prince!

The temple lord smiled, “Yes, I am the Yan Empire’s Crown Prince. The Regent rebelled by disregarding the Emperor’s order, showing no respect for authority. He is the greatest traitor this Empire has ever seen and now he reaps what he has sowed. His son is the same, rebelling against his own father. Now that the Regent and the Commander have heavy casualties, we will use this chance to bring peace to the Empire!”

The hall masters have always thought they could never come into the light for their entire lives. But they now had the chance to wash the slate clean, with their loyalties now belonging to the crown prince!

When the chaos ended, the imperial family would regain its power, and they would become court officials! From rats to officials, the difference was incomparable!

No one hesitated to kneel, “We will devote ourselves to Your Majesty to bring order to the land and usher the imperial family in a new era!”

The temple lord nodded happily, ‘I have waited ten years for this day’, “Ha-ha-ha, good, a toast!”

While toasting, a guard rushed inside, “Hall Master Ye Ying and his men collapsed the tunnel!”

The temple lord was enraged, flinging his cup on the ground, “You dare defy me, Ye Ying. Men, go capture him!”

Just as they left, a scout entered, “The Regen’s Prince has brought a thirty thousand men army at the entrance of the corridor!”

The temple lord chuckled, “Chen Ming is quite bold. Are you sure they only have thirty thousand?”

“The other Flying Tiger Armies show no movement, but even if they do, they still need three to five days to arrive.”

The lord laughed, “Who needs the tunnel? Does he think I only have thirty thousand men? No, I have a hundred thousand soldiers and in an advantageous position. This Chen Ming is impatient to die. Assemble the army and capture him. Whoever brings me Chen Ming, dead or alive, will receive the title of Lord!”

“Since he wants death, then let’s give him death!”

The hall masters’ eyes reddened when they heard of title bestowal. In their minds, there was no Chen Ming, only the title!

“We, no, us humble generals will go capture Chen Ming at once!”

Chen Ming was riding his tiger, having no care. Then, a fire signal came from Jing Wang Tomb and Wang Meng said, “Prince, Ye Ying completed his mission, but the enemy found us.”

Chen Ming waved his hand, “It doesn’t matter. Right, were the lines connected?”

“Yes. Please leave quickly Your Majesty, as this place is too dangerous and without a garrison, we won’t be able to keep you safe!”

Chen Ming smiled pleased, “Who said anything about defending? We will be attacking.”