Wielding the Dao Empyrean Bamboo, Chen Ming eyed his danger value, finding it swept by a hurricane, It jumped by 200 to its final value of 840!

It wasn’t enough to reach the Grand Archfiend rank, which was likely above one thousand.

He didn’t experience such growth even when he held the Demonic Blood Saber. But Dao Empyrean Bamboo went and rose his danger value by 200. He was at his strongest with a weapon that matched him the most.

Only his attire left to be desired. I need to get my hands on a Daoist robe or I’ll be taken as a eunuch…

The hair also needs to be tied with a Dao pin, and not left hanging loose like this.

In any case, I need to get started on making myself a full-body magic treasure.

Since he could refine immortal tools, then spiritual weapons would be easy as pie. He returned to Yan Mountain and found Azure Lion’s pelt in its storehouse. He was going to turn this pelt into an azure Daoist robe. He released a flame and began refining the pelt. He turned all the steel-like hairs into droplets, overflowing the material with color. Chen Ming then trimmed the pelt into its final appearance, an azure Daoist robe.

Who said a tool refining master couldn’t be his own tailor?

Did you ever think it was that easy to make spiritual weapons?

Stop joking, wasn’t this just nonsense?

If refining equipment was that easy, then anyone could do it. Not all refining was as easy as it was for the Dao Empyrean Bamboo. It was a prototype immortal equipment after all.

With the azure Daoist robe before him, Chen Ming began painting inscriptions on it. What inscriptions would be best?

This azure Daoist robe came from refining Azure Lion’s pelt, capable of withstanding seven inscriptions. These inscriptions were many and very diverse. Like the common Sharpness inscription for spiritual weapons, granting a keener edge. Normal spiritual weapons needed to be strengthened, or they would easily break, so many Toughness inscriptions were painted on them.

As for a spiritual armor like a Daoist robe, it didn’t need something like Sharpness. Do you expect me to use this Daoist robe to chop someone’s neck? Hold on, that doesn’t sound so bad. No one will ever imagine my Daoist robe can chop people!

But if it comes to that, I’ll have to get naked. That won’t be an enjoyable view. Let’s forget it.

After wracking his brains for a while, Chen Ming made the firm decision of painting seven Mountain inscriptions. This would give it enough toughness, highly unlikely to be destroyed, and could even defend him against penetrating damage. Chen Ming wasn’t that afraid of propagating effects, he had Nine Nines Mysteries Art at the 36th stage after all.

The Mountain inscription, once activated with spiritual power, was effective in blocking attacks as if there was an earthen wall hidden within the Daoist robe.

He smoothly painted the seven inscriptions, and when he tried putting it on, he was stunned to discover he couldn’t. The Mountain inscriptions made it so stiff it was hard to even wear it. No wonder armor had a higher defense than normal clothing.

My thinking was wrong it seems. After careful thought, I should also paint seven Grace inscriptions.

Using softness to conquer strength. With the Grace inscriptions, when he’d get attacked, it would soften the blow and protect his body. With this thought, Chen Ming recalled the Eluding Pearl, a water type treasure. It would be much better to use it on his Daoist robe.

No sooner said than done. Chen Ming grabbed the Eluding Pearl, ground it to powder, refined it into the Daoist robe, and painted the seven Grace inscriptions. When half a day went by, Chen Ming finished the job and tried it on. Light as a feather, the pure azure Daoist robe changed his previous devilish charming image into one filled with sageness and refinement.

Ah, but this hairdo won’t do.

Time to go to Zhuo Qingyao. Girls are experts on hairdos. As for why he didn’t go looking for Chen Lingyu? For this matter, he would, of course, find the most experienced person.

If he went to Chen Lingyu, then in less then three days all Yan Mountain would know he did not know how to comb his hair. He guaranteed it. Zhuo Qingyao wasn’t the like, as she didn’t hang out with other disciples too often.

Head senior sister was as dignified as a mountain.

Uh, icy mountain.

At Zhuo Qingyao’s Sword Mountain, he entered her courtyard as if he was his own. And since there was no one about, he straightforwardly pushed the door open. Zhuo Qingyao was flustered seeing Chen Ming barging into her place, quickly hiding a cloth beneath a blanket.

Hm? What is this lass hiding?

Chen Ming scanned it. Three-foot-long, with a strip of cloth tied to it. Just what is it? “Qingyao, what are you hiding?”

Zhuo Qingyao’s face flushed a bit, “N-nothing.”

Chen Ming smiled, “Let your Master see it. What are you trying to hind?”

Zhuo Qingyao took three distracted breaths, “Master, is it alright to burst into a lady’s chambers like that?”

Chen Ming threw back, “Cut the nonsense girl, what lady?”

Zhuo Qingyao pushed out her chest. The her of fourteen years was starting to develop. Her small chest beginning to make itself noticed.

Chen Ming suddenly realized that she was a lady. Not seeing her for more than a year, she blossomed from a little girl into a young woman. Her chest began pushing outward, her small derriere perking up. He shouldn’t just waltz in next time around.

Chen Ming said, “Well, uh, help Master comb his hair.”

Zhuo Qingyao looked at Chen Ming’s azure Daoist robe, his hands crossed, holding a horsetail whisk in one hand, and more or less figured Chen Ming’s intention.

Zhuo Qingyao let him sit before her dressing table, and in no time at all, he became all prim and proper, all the while being obedient as a lamb. After all, this was a lady’s innate skill at work.

Looking at his reflexion, he saw himself with a white jade crown on his head, dressed in an azure Daoist robe. It could be said he had the demeanor of a sage, rather immortal like.

After Zhuo Qingyao pointed out how to do it, Chen Ming left.

Zhuo Qingyao quickly returned to her chamber, to that piece of cloth. She unfolded it, revealing a bamboo sword with a touch of dried blood on it. Zhuo Qingyao looked around the room, then came to the decision to stash it under the bed, “En, this way, Master shouldn’t find it.”

Back at Yan Mountain, Chen Ming started writing The Eight Tool Refining Steps And Comprehensive Inscriptions, and The Essence of Tool Refining. According to his thinking, of the Yan Mountain’s three thousand and six hundred disciples, three thousand refined pills. Pills were consumables and were in high demand. The rest of the disciples were refining tools. Once the refining was done, one only needed to recover their energy, so it didn’t need that many disciples on this task.

The hard part about tool refining was grasping inscriptions. There were many and diverse inscriptions, hard to understand them all, not to mention each taking a lot of time. And so, Chen Ming came to the answer of giving one inscription per disciple, and the last disciple tasked with linking them.

As for refining them, he’d split the process. Each disciple would have a step assigned to him. Even an idiot could learn it!

He got to writing, and after several days of rectifying it, half a month later, Chen Ming finished composing the two books. He then passed them over those disciples with attributes that didn’t adhere to the norm.