In a short while, these disciples should learn inscriptions, by reading and re-reading the two books. Getting them to refine tools at this point was out of the question. The minimum requirement for tool refining was higher than that of pill refining. They would need to be at Dao Initiation realm before they could even try.

After studying the fighting style of the Regalia Legion in detail, he came up with a solution. And Archfiend would shrug off flying swords with ease, but if those specific flying swords had a chain attached then it wouldn’t be the same. They might even bound an Archfiend!

After continuous research for half a month, Chen Ming developed the most cost-effective and the highest quality-price ratio sword chain spiritual weapon.

This new standard of the spiritual sword also earned a name from Chen Ming: King Binding Sword!

As for spiritual armor, he had no problems with it. In a mere three day period, Chen Ming developed it, but with slight changes.

Passing down the two new refining methods, Chen Ming let the disciples divide their workload. Each went to practice drawing inscriptions, while also getting familiar with the steps for tool refining.

He just needed to wait for them to advance to Dao Initiation realm then sit back and watch how spiritual weapons rolled in.

On this day, Black Python also came to look for him, “Reporting to Mountain Lord. There are many unusual activities in the center of Myriad Mountains. The Fiend Sovereign sends his armies more and more often. The Grand Archfiends in the surroundings sensed this and also began mobilizing. With these activities, many other Grand Archfiends are also on high alert and started to move their armies more frequently. It’s as if a major event happened.”

Chen Ming became alert, What’s going on? Has Fiend Sovereign already begun to act?

Does this mean Shi Jiuquan sent the order for all-out war?

To put it another way, was Fiend Sovereign planning to unify the whole Myriad Mountains, in preparation for the great war?

The current state of Myriad Mountains wasn’t something the Fiend Sovereign could solve easily. There were four Grand Archfiends. And a Grand Archfiend was just a step away from becoming a Fiend Sovereign, with a high chance of becoming one too. Who would want to miss this chance? Only a Sovereign’s word had power, a word that could rouse the whole land.

All Grand Archfiend had proper respect for a Sovereign, but if he wanted to order them, then that was utter nonsense.

Myriad Mountains, as of now, was shaken by treacherous waves.

With the reappropriation of the three Divine Palaces’ wealth, the number of spirit stones on hand were enough to allow squandering. Chen Ming ordered, “Prepare Black Tiger Mountain, expand the army to a hundred thousand!”

Black Python felt shocked at Chen Ming’s resolution, “Mountain Lord, you want to begin gathering a hundred thousand soldiers now? Isn’t it too soon?”

Chen Ming shook his head, “It won’t be long before the entire Myriad Mountains will shift for the worse. If Yan Mountain lacks power then it won’t stand for long in these lands.”

“But for us to gather a hundred thousand, the pace will be much slower than the last time. We cannot let the others notice, and we also have Moon King Hall sealing us off. While we have already exhausted all the manpower Yan Mountain’s lands had.”

Chen Ming frowned. He first felt that Moon King Hall’s decision to seal them had no effect. He never foresaw this aspect of the issue, that the seal would also prevent Yan Mountain from expanding its army.

Chen Ming asked, “What are Moon King Hall’s latest movements?”

“He is preparing to go hold a Meeting of Kings in the neutral area, the Jade Pond. Moon King Hall invites all Archfiend withing his borders. Not only Divine Palaces but all the other Archfiends too. But there has been no invitation sent for Yan Mountain.”

Chen Ming laughed it off, “We are like fire and water, Moon King Hall and us. Why would he invite Yan Mountain? Since he wants to hold a meeting, then I’ll pay it a visit and liven things up. A power of equal standing with Moon King Hall, and in its borders, isn’t one to miss such occasion.”

Black Python wondered, “Do you want to assemble the Regalia Legion?”

“No need. I don’t want to have a complete falling out with Moon King Hall. This will end in catastrophic losses for Yan Mountain. No, this time, I’ll go alone?”

Black Python bowed, “Mountain Lord, the danger is too great. It would be better if you’d at least take three thousand for your safety!”

Chen Ming declined again, “If I bring them, they won’t be returning. We would lose three thousand troops for nothing!”

Black Python advised, “But Moon Fiend is a Grand Archfiend, fierce as a tiger. Mountain Lord, if you go alone, the consequence might be fatal!”

Chen Ming waved his hand, the one holding the horsetail whisk, and smiled, “It is still impossible for me to kill Moon Fiend. But I can still trade a couple of blows with him.”

Black Python was amazed, Does this mean Chen Ming’s strength advanced again? His eyes shined with reverence, as he slowly raised his head to gaze upon Chen Ming’s figure, “Mountain Lord, have you become a Grand Archfiend?”

Chen Ming smiled, “Not yet, but soon.”

It could be said that this shocked Black Python to the core. Chen Ming’s rise in power equaled soaring. But when his thought rested on the Bones of the Taotie, he only found it normal.

Chen Ming proceeded, “Get yourselves ready, I will reveal to you the Bones of the Taotie upon my return. If we end up fighting with Moon King Hall, we shouldn’t just waste the lives of those Great Fiends and Archfiends.”

Black Python could foresee how far would Yan Mountain’s power soar after they changed to the Bones of the Taotie. But what scared him the most was that when giving them the Bones of the Taotie, Chen Ming would have altered it and end up having absolute control. Has Mountain Lord reached such a miraculous and unfathomable hight?

After getting his hand on the time and location, five days later found Chen Ming looking for Silver Wing. Chen Ming was the largest power, second to Moon King Hall, within its borders. As a lord of a mountain, this kind of saying, when spoken to himself, would still feel like an afront to his dignity. So he wanted to take Silver Wing, this ignoble fool, bridging the gap!

“Ah, Silver Wing! Have you been feeling bored lately in Yan Mountain?”

Silver Wing disapproved, “Nope, I find it all very a novelty!”

Yep, he’s plain enough, with only a hint of the elegance of this Immortal Master!

Chen Ming continued, “I wanted to bring you to a really fun place.”

Silver Wing’s eyes leaped in joy, “Where?”

“Moon King Hall is holding a meeting. I was going to let you get more experience. After you wandered around Yan Mountain for a while, I now think you are good enough to take you out in the world. You are sorely lacking compared to others.”

Silver Wing was sincere, “Mountain Lord, what you said makes sense, but I fell like I’ll be going to my funeral.”

“Then how about this. Since you won’t listen to Mountain Lord’s order, I’ll stop giving you pills. It shouldn’t be a problem, right?”

Silver Wing’s face now changed into one of a martyr, one who would give his life for the righteous cause, “Mountain Lord, I will follow you come hell or high water!”

Just now I find out this plain thing is addicted to pills. If I’d known this earlier, I wouldn’t have wasted so much time!

Silver Wing smeared on a flattering smile, “Ha-ha-ha, right! Mountain Lord, that is, when we return, can you give me just a bit more of those foul-smelling but delicious tasting pills? ”

Chen Ming’s face darkened, I have a bad feeling about this. He perked his nose and sniffed twice. The air seems to hold a faint tofu smell…