Chen Ming and Silver Wing set off three days later. With Master gone, many pill refining disciples arrived outside Chen Lingyu’s alchemy house, “Fourth senior sister, um, that pill that stinks but tastes amazing, can you let us take a peek at its recipe?”

A brand new world opened to Chen Lingyu who tasted that stinky pill, and soon things went beyond her control. As she refined on the sly, one moment of carelessness was enough for other disciples to know. A disciple said, “Never would I have thought, the pure and innocent fourth senior sister eats mysterious reeking black pills in secret.”

Unable to bear the disciples’ cruel comments, Chen Lingyu handed over some of these reeking pills. They though the stench was unbearable at first, but then one braved to try it. At that moment, the gates were opened for him, and things started spiraling out of control.

How many could Chen Lingyu refine? One pill was not nearly enough for each person. They began to have thoughts of refining it themselves.

Chen Lingyu banged the door opened, “Master doesn’t like to refine that pill.”

A disciple said, “Master and God Silver Wing left, he isn’t here now!”

“Fourth senior sister, we won’t leave until you give us the pill recipe!”

“Fourth senior sister, we want to use Master’s journey to our advantage, to give it a try at refining it.”

In the end, Chen Lingyu caved under the disciples’ pestering and gave them the pill recipe. Holding it like a delicate treasure, they became an unstoppable force of refining.

Jade Pond.

Moon Fiend sat high on his throne, his eyes encompassing the diverse Archfiends below. They were at least a hundred. He raised his glass of wine, “Today we hold the Meeting of Kings, but it is also a Meeting of Heroes. On such a rare occasion, I, Moon Fiend, offer a toast to everyone!”

Moon Fiend stood up and the other Archfiends followed, none dared to disrespect, and lifted their glasses. Yet one Archfiend disagreed, slouching on a table, with wine leaking from his mouth. He was drunk alright.

Moon Fiend roamed his eyes, Good, very good. They are all standing. I, Moon Fiend, still have to stand as tall as a mountain!

Eh? Back up, what is the intention of this Archfiend Pegasus?

You mean to say that I proposed a toast and he sits and drinks? Is he looking down on me? He held his glass while descending the stairs, walking in front of Archfiend Pegasus, “Archfiend Pegasus, do you despise me, Moon Fiend?”

Archfiend Pegasus was sozzled. He opened his smiling mouth and hiccupped.

Moon Fiend heard comments buzzing around him, “Do you see? Moon Fiend has great power but isn’t Yan Mountain’s match. Archfiend Pegasus has only contempt for him.”

“Ah, Archfiend Pegasus has no respect for Moon Fiend!”

“For Archfiend Pegasus, Moon Fiend’s respect is worth nothing!”

If I don’t take care of this Pegasus, my standing and dignity will hit rock bottom. But I need to do it with caution, or it will look like I can’t tolerate anyone. “Archfiend Pegasus, what is the meaning of this?”

Pegasus was hammered, blurting in a daze, “Who’s the bastard calling me? Don’t disturb this King’s sleep! Ptooey!”

Moon Fiend scrunched up his brows in furry and slapped the table, rousing the drunk Pegasus. He got a shock when he found Moon Fiend standing there, Crap, what did I just say?

I seem to apparently, most likely, and quite possibly cursed Moon Fiend for being a bastard…

Moon Fiend grabbed Pegasus’ chest, lifted him, and snarled, “Archfiend Pegasus, are you displeased with me, Moon Fiend?”

All eyes were now on Archfiend Pegasus, “He is in for it now!”

“Disrespecting Moon Fiend like that is like a death sentence!”

“I wonder how Archfiend Pegasus will die.”

“I reckon we will shortly get to know for ourselves if horse meat is good or not.”

At that moment, ridicule left itself be heard, “Hey hey hey, Moon Fiend is a mighty powerful fellow!”

Moon Fiend looked in that direction and found Chen Ming, with Silver Wing trailing behind him.

Not many knew Chen Ming before Yan Mountain’s battle. But they recognized him now, they would be fools not to, “What’s going on? Why is Yan Mountain’s Lord here?”

“This is bad, this time’s meeting will be overturned!”

“Is this the lord of Yan Mountain? He looks as attractive and charming as a playboy!”

“He went and said Lord Moon Fiend’s name directly.”

“Archfiend Pegasus has to be Yan Mountain’s man. No wonder he had no respect for Lord Moon Fiend!”

“The situation is devolving. I won’t get to finish my roasted pig like this…”

Chen Ming eyed the Pegasus in Moon Fiend’s hand, Eh? Since when did Yan Mountain had one such daft?

Silver Wing is enough of a fool as it is, I don’t need a second one!

Finding the Pegasus in his hand is one of Yan Mountain’s men, Moon Fiend faced Chen Ming, “What’s that? Am I supposed to inform Yan Mountain each time I kill an Archfiend?”

Silver Wing laughed, also coming to know Pegasus was one of them. Mountain Lord and Moon King Hall are hostile, why should we let Moon Fiend enjoy his evening? “You’re so brazen, Moon Fiend, killing an Archfiend on a whim. From what you said, it seems that the others sitting around us should be more careful. Who is to say that the next one won’t be them?”

Pegasus was rooted to his spot, I’m not, I never was! I’ve never been acquainted with Chen Ming in my life. I know nothing of Yan Mountain. He wanted to explain, but just then, a dizzy spell set it and puked. Food scraps along with wine plastered Moon Fiend’s face.

Moon Fiend stood in a daze. Then he snapped. He was about to slap the life out of Pegasus!

Not only you insult me, Moon Fiend, you even spat in my face! That’s unacceptable!

Chen Ming grasped the situation from the gossip of other Archfiends. They went and lumped Pegasus together with Yan Mountain. Exposed, and on the basis that he was respectful to him but not to Moon Fiend, Chen Ming moved. In the next instant, he was before Moon Fiend, grabbing his descending hand.

Moon Fiend glowered at him, “Yan Mountain, you want us to have a falling-out?”

Chen Ming laughed, “Are you saying that Moon King Hall didn’t already target Yan Mountain? You sent the kill order first, and now you also want to be the first to act? You won’t get the chance this time!”

Moon Fiend roared in laughter, “A waste like you can’t compare to me, Moon Fiend. It’s like a small bead wanting to have the same shine like the moon!”

Chen Ming tightened his grip, “Since you want to fight, then how about we play around for a couple of rounds?”