Chen Ming’s main reason for coming was to undo Moon King Hall’s seal on Yan Mountain. If it were only this faction sealing him, then he would still have a chance, but then the other Archfiends joined too, leaving him no room.

They still saw Yan Mountain as being weaker than Moon King Hall.

To them, Chen Ming has yet to become a Grand Archfiend.

Chen Ming came to let them know that Moon King Hall wasn’t to be offended, but that Yan Mountain was also not to be taken lightly.

He wanted to clearly show his standing, that Yan Mountain and Moon King Hall were on equal footing, evenly matched. Other small fries should get out of the way. It’s not his fault if they get crushed in between.

Moon Fiend looked around, to see that Chen Ming only brought Silver Wing. He came with just two people, “Ha-ha-ha, Chen Ming, since you came to die, then let me help you send you on your way!”

Moon Fiend threw Pegasus, then slapped Chen Ming!

He had a deep worry in his heart. He wasn’t one to let such a perfect chance of killing Chen Ming pass him by.

Chen Ming found Moon Fiend’s danger value at 1080, extreme danger. It was far higher than his, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t fight. So when the slap came, he staggered back ten steps before regaining his footing, “He’s a Grand Archfiend after all. He does have some skill!”

Moon Fiend stood in a daze. Chen Ming only retreated ten paces, uninjured!

The audience made room in an instant, Why did they start without any notice? And Moon Fiend went on the attack himself!

They saw how Chen Ming only retreated, Does this mean the Lord of Yan Mountain has the power of a Grand Archfiend? A new Grand Archfiend appeared already?

Moon Fiend’s casual manner changed, This Lord of Yan Mountain has some skill. “Humph, showing off. Today, I will show you the power of a Grand Archfiend. Heavenly Moon Disk!”

Moon Fiend extended his hands in front. A full moon then appeared in between, as it blackened the sky, with only the silvery moonlight remaining!

Moon Fiend spread his hand and the Heavenly Moon Disk flew at his target. Chen Ming eyed it, This is a magical art. He enabled the King Slayer Aura and stirred his horsetail whisk, “Return to origin, scatter!”

The blue wind left from the horsetail whisk and touched upon the Heavenly Moon Disk. Moments later, the moon dissipated into the moonlight.

The audience was struck dumb. This wasn’t as casual as the previous exchange. This was a full-blown fight. Moon Fiend launched a magical art yet it didn’t affect Chen Ming at all!

Moon Fiend’s eyes shined ever brighter, gazing the horsetail whisk, This horsetail whisk is strange! But Moon Fiend had to admit that Chen Ming held the power to contest against a Grand Archfiend. Moreover, Chen Ming’s action was so light, that it was obvious he didn’t use everything he had.

Moon Fiend said, “You’re already a Grand Archfiend?”

Chen Ming gave a nod and a smile, “Didn’t you just test me?”

Moon Fiend strained his senses, to detect Chen Ming’s cultivation, Eh? Dao Initiation realm…

He is most definitely hiding his cultivation, but how much exactly? He didn’t believe for a second Chen Ming was a Grand Archfiend. A Grand Archfiend represented one who could form an Aspect. And since Chen Ming didn’t give any signs he did, Moon Fiend didn’t believe him!

Moon Fiend smiled, “You’re seeking your own death if you think you can fool me!”

Chen Ming shouted, “Moon Fiend, Myriad Mountains is swept by dangerous currents. Even a Grand Archfiend is in danger like everyone else. Do we need to fight to the bitter end?”

Moon Fiend refuted, “Compared to Fiend Sovereign’s threat, I am more interested in killing you first!”

From Moon Fiend’s words, Chen Ming knew he was aware of Fiend Sovereign’s movements, but it didn’t curb his desire to kill him.

Chen Ming was under the impression that if he showed his power, it would convince Moon Fiend that a war between them would end up with both of them loose, that it would only work to help Fiend Sovereign. Yet Moon Fiend didn’t care at all!

Moon Fiend was determined to kill him!

“Ding! You triggered a storyline mission. Moon King Hall isn’t pleased with Yan Mountain’s achievements. To destroy Yan Mountain he needs to kill you. Please escape with your life. Objective: survive for ten days. Reward: 20,000 spiritual knowledge, 5,000 fame.”

It won’t be easy. Chen Ming shouted, “Silver Wing, return to Yan Mountain at once!”

Silver Wing knew the situation was dire. Moon Fiend was clearly intent on using this chance to end Chen Ming. Silver Wing unfurled his wings then took to the skies. With his speed, the Divine Palaces present here would have no way of catching him.

Since Silver Wing fled, Chen Ming held a thread of hope, “Moon Fiend, don’t you care about the consequences? If we fight bitterly, it will only benefit Fiend Sovereign!”

Moon Fiend laughed hard, “You are still clueless of what it means to be a Grand Archfiend. In Myriad Mountains, such a person has tens of thousand under him. A Grand Archfiend’s rage can lay death to millions! Talking again and again about the Fiend Sovereign, yet even when his order comes I don’t need to listen. So why should I listen to you prattle?”

A moon flew from Moon Fiend’s back, his Aspect, connecting him with his cultivation of the Grand Dao with the Moon, “The Dao that I cultivate is the common Moon. Everything in my borders, even your puny Yan Mountain, amount to nothing!”

“As for cultivation, mine is deeper than anyone else’s. You waltzing in hear shows you have accepted your death!”

The silver moonlight spilled out, each ray forming a sharp moon blade. The three thousand moon blades converged as Moon Fiend pointed, “I’ll just let you taste death from my Moon Blade!”

Thousands of Moon Blades swept towards Chen Ming, who swept his horsetail whisk in response. The blue wind flew out but it only took out two thousand of them. The rest of the blades drew ever nearer since he lacked in cultivation when compared to Moon Fiend. He once again waved the horsetail whisk and eight spiritual swords broke free from it, setting up the Eight Extremes Array with him at its center.

Blade after blade struck the array, exploding on contact, and bending it left then right!

Some of the Moon Blades landed on the floor, leaving deep scars. Just where could the Archfiends find a safe place from danger? They all took flight. A Grand Archfiend was just like an overlord in Myriad Mountains. They rarely acted but when they did, just like now with Moon Fiend, the Archfiends wouldn’t dare to stand close.

“Lord Moon Fiend is furious. Yet the lord of Yan Mountain can hold his own, facing him by himself!”

“Didn’t he came to die?”

Chen Ming didn’t foresee Moon Fiend would go as far and forgo all consequences. But at the same time, he also took a Grand Archfiend’s determination lightly. Of course he was strong, he became a Grand Archfiend after all.

And only a Grand Archfiend would have the privilege of holding his own in the Myriad Mountains!

Moon Fiend laughed, “You were impatient to die so you came here. This is all on you!”