Yan Mountain and Moon King Hall have shed all pretenses. They were in contradiction at first, but now Moon Fiend wanted to kill the lord of Yan Mountain, Chen Ming.

Moon Fiend flew high, as the silver moonlight spread around, launching thousands of Moon Blades. Chen Ming countered with his Dao Empyrean Bamboo, scattering the blades in the blue wind.

With a jump, Moon Fiend charged right into the array, and felt its pressure, “Eh? This array of yours is quite good, Chen Ming. I’ll give you a chance, kneel before me, kowtow three times, call me grandpa three times, and I’ll leave you with a complete corpse!”

Chen Ming laughed, “This conceding has no point. I have no interest to have an intact corpse. If you want to attack, then come and try!”

As he waved the Dao Empyrean Bamboo, it drew upon the array’s black clouds, “Eight Extremes Annihilation Sword!”

Dao Empyrean Bamboo was connected to untold Daos, posing no problem in forming the array’s broadsword. the huge blade descended over Moon Fiend, yet expressed no fear as the silver moon behind him rose in the sky. It was as if it was holding the world. He formed two full moons in his palms and faced the broadsword head-on.

The broadsword recoiled back from the clash farther and farther, shocking Chen Ming to no end.

Moon Fiend curled his lips into a curious smile, “Chen Ming, to tell you the truth, I’m starting to admire your talent. I’ve changed my conditions, if you’re willing to be my dog, I’ll let you keep your life!”

Chen Ming shook his head, with a fierce and ruthless face, “Just listening to you and I know it’s bad. Cut the bullshit, you’re just a smear of blood. Even an immortal, if he’s a smear of blood, see how I kill him!”

Moon Fiend had a moment of confusion, but laughed in the end, “What smear of blood? It seems you’re losing touch with reality. I might as well kill you now and end your suffering!”

Chen Ming felt more and more pressure. Fleeing to Yan Mountain meant calamity would fall on it. Moon Fiend’s subordinates were the King Corps. That was something Yan Mountain had no way of defending against!

Even his strongest move, the Eight Extremes Array couldn’t cope with Moon Fiend. Was there any other way?

Chen Ming charged towards Moon Fiend and brandished the horsetail whisk, erupting into ten thousand sword energy waves. Under the pressure of this attack, Moon Fiend frowned, “You still have an attack like this!?”

Endless moonlight rose, shielding Moon Fiend from the swords. He waved and a silver moon halberd appeared in his hand, “Do you know how much Archfiend blood this silver moon halberd tasted? I will tell you, eighty-two!”

He brandished the halberd, feeling as if he had the power to collapse the heavens. Chen Ming defended with a wave of his Dao Empyrean Bamboo, and despite suffering no damage, he retreated dozens of steps, feeling a numbness spreading to his fingers.

It’s not easy to face one that broke the thousand points mark!

As one overcame this mark, a fundamental change occurred. No wonder a Grand Archfiend was also known as a ruler of Myriad Mountains!

“The Lord of Yan Mountain can’t help but despise a Grand Archfiend!”

“One should know that each Grand Archfiend came out of a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood!”

“Where a Grand Archfiend passes, the people kneel!”

“Moon Fiend is a ruler of Myriad Mountains, a Grand Archfiend for three hundred years!”

Moon Fiend charged like a beast, powerful as a dragon, with the moonlight lighting the sky. He swished the silver moon halberd and let loose a torrent of moonlight, bearing down like mountains!

Chen Ming used all his power to support the array, condensing the broadsword once again and flew at Moon Fiend. He had no qualm as he clashed against the broadsword with his large halberd. Endless moonlight poured, smacking the blade away!

“Lord of Yan Mountain, it’s not nearly enough to fight as Divine Palace against a Grand Archfiend!”

“Chen Ming might not be Moon Fiend’s match, but it can be said he is unequal under the Grand Archfiend rank!”

“What use does that have? He still can’t win against one!”

Chen Ming’s though, Damn it! It’s definitely not like in the novels. Don’t they send some small fries in the books first? This is more like meeting a big boss directly!

Moon Fiend moved between lightning as if he was taking a stroll. These flames, starlight, and lightning were useless against him. This showcased what kind of power a Grand Archfiend had!

The silver moon halberd swished, while Chen Ming dodged to the side. Where it landed, a mountain crumbled. This was a Grand Archfiend. A simple move and a mountain got crushed!

Moon Fiend wasn’t one to let Chen Ming off that easily. With killing intent focused, he would only be able to undo the knot in his hear when he cut down Chen Ming!

The silver moon halberd moved, again and again, spilling moonlight on all sides, bearing down its might on Chen Ming.

Chen Ming swished his Dao Empyrean Bamboo, flickering countless sword energy waves, facing the incoming halberd head on!

Moon Fiend eyed the Dao Empyrean Bamboo, “Are you worthy to have such a great treasure? Once I kill you, it will fall on to me. I’ll make sure to reveal its true potential!”

Lightning flashed, thunder boomed, starlight shined, firestorm swept, as thousands of moonlight came pouring down. The battlefield was thrown in chaos, as if the end was nigh, wanting to rip apart the heaven and earth!

The silver moon halberd created dozens of images as it danced towards Chen Ming. As the Dao Empyrean Bamboo fluttered in his hand, Chen Ming had to work hard to resist it, but it still shook his inner organs, spatting mouth after mouth of blood!

Chen Ming didn’t have the luxury to care, as he spent spiritual knowledge like crazy, upgrading Illustrious Casket to the peak of Dao Initiation realm. Then he started using the new cultivation to recover from his wounds.

Chen Ming was more than aware, What’s the use of me, an array master, clashing directly with him?

Chen Ming waved the horsetail whisk, and the black cloud above descended, covering Moon Fiend’s vision. Moon Fiend could sense Chen Ming in the darkness, but unable to distinguish him, “Humph, a full moon hangs above, dispelling the darkness all around us!”

The silver moon from his back flew high, its light penetrating the black cloud, disintegrating a part of it each time. Moon Fiend came out of from moonlight and regarded Chen Ming, “Parlor tricks. You think such a tactic works on me? Ha-ha-ha, my power greatly outstrips the power of the array. How will this array help you against me?”

Moon Fiend stepped on the moonlight, showing the image of a moon ruler descending upon the world, as endless rays of moonlight flew from his body to attack. Chen Ming flicked the horsetail whisk, meeting it with his own endless wave of ancient swords, rushing at Moon Fiend like a flood of steel.

Moon Fiend opened his two arms and the halberd spun forming a full moon and hacked at the ancient swords. But these swords seem to be boundless, even falling they still flew towards their target. Moon Fiend raged, “Now even this rusted metal dares to look fierce before me, Moon Fiend?”

Over him, the moonlight roamed as he grasped the halberd and charged into the sword rain. Metal on metal could be heard as the ancient swords struck his body. They were unable to punch through the moonlight protecting him!

Chen Ming found Moon Fiend to be tyrannical and knew he couldn’t compare, Sigh, what the fist can’t settle, only the mind can!

(1) A term from games. It means he is fated to be killed. He is saying that he is insignificant, like a common mob.