To tell the truth, using his head held no interest to Chen Ming, Ah, why think when you can resolve an issue with fists? Fight a battle of wits with air?

By now, Chen Ming used most of his moves, but he still fell short of being Moon Fiend’s match. He could only use his head now.

It’s just lying, my, Immortal Master Chen, specialty!

Guess I can only use that to send off Moon Fiend. Since I’ll deceive one, I might as well go big and deceive a crowd.

Moon Fiend saw how Chen Ming took step by step in retreat, oblivious to the fact that Chen Ming would now resort to deception.

Chen Ming looked down to see the Archfiends attending the meeting, Might as well deal with them all at the same time.

Chen Ming flew to one and a move from the array put an end to that Archfiend. He regarded the surrounding Archfiends, charging like a wolf among sheep.

The audience of Archfiends were struck dumb, “Lord of Yan Mountain has gone insane…”

“He is no match to Lord Moon Fiend and now he offends the other Archfiends from Moon King Hall!”

“I reckon he is aware he can’t escape and wants to drag as many as he can with him. ”

After Chen Ming’s provoking actions, Moon Fiend appeared before him, ready to kill, “You dare, Chen Ming, to kill my men right in front of me? Today you will find your end!”

A pair of black wings unfolded behind Chen Ming, using the Drifting Feather Art to flee, but not at top speed though. Or else Moon Fiend wouldn’t chase. He whipped back his head and laughed at him, “Moon Fiend, I wonder if you heard of the saying, forced into a corner!”

With victory within reach, how could Moon Fiend not pursue? With Chen Ming’s head in his sights, how could he let him go?

I, Moon Fiend, will definitely have his head!

Moon Fiend roared, “You’re dead! You think I’ll let you return to Yan Mountain, to let a tiger return to his den? Ha-ha-ha, no way. Today, I will take your head, showing all the other Archfiends what it means to defy!”

Chen Ming fled on, with Moon Fiend on his tail, “All of you, chase!”

Chen Ming slowed on purpose, letting Moon Fiend catch quickly. Now and then he overtook him, then launched an explosive strike, causing Chen Ming to spit blood.

The more hurt he saw Chen Ming was, the eager he became, feeling Chen Ming’s head drawing ever nearer. With Chen Ming out of the picture, Yan Mountain held couldn’t hold a candle. He wouldn’t even waste a soldier, and this large headache would vanish!

On this fleeting journey, Chen Ming sprinkled his blood among the heavens. He was in front, with Moon Fiend and the rest at the back, traveling ten thousand li, while also taking three days and three nights. Moon Fiend eyed the bloody Chen Ming, “How can he still run, he spat two vats already? Is he an array master or a hardship cultivator?”

He cultivated the Nine Nines Mysteries Art and Illustrious Casket. The first toughened and the second healed. Chen Ming wasn’t one to say he was as strong as a horse, but he could handle a beating.

Moon Fiend raged, “He must be nearing his end. Continue the chase, don’t let him escape!”

With a bloody head just a stone throw away, Moon Fiend could no longer keep calm. It has already been three days, but he didn’t care if it went for a day or two longer!

After another day of playing cat and mouse, Chen Ming’s ten-so Dao Palaces were nearly depleted of spiritual power.

But it was also then when he saw a line of sand in the distance. He was finally here.

This was the Archfiend graveyard!

Chen Ming went headlong into the desert, when an Archfiend next to Moon Fiend said, “Lord, that’s the Yellow Sea!”

Moon Fiend cooled down at that, but he saw clearly how Chen Ming didn’t fly, and entered the Yellow Sea on foot, “Look, Chen Ming can no longer fly. As long as we don’t venture too far into the Yellow Sea, we’ll be alright!”

The group continued their chase, then the sand bulged in one place and Chen Ming burst out. He set the Eight Extremes Array with a flick of the horsetail whisk then in a swift move used the Eight Extremes Annihilation Sword to cut short the last Archfiend’s life.

Moon Fiend whipped his head back, just in time to see Chen Ming smile, “Since you’ll all die, there’s no need to mind it too much. Moon Fiend, do you know what the Archfiend I just killed said to me?”

Moon Fiend felt puzzled, “What did he say?”

Chen Ming laughed darkly, “He said you have a great wife!”

Moon Fiend blew a gasket, “Chen Ming, you’re dead! After him!”

The black wings behind Chen Ming flashed, fleeing as he turned his head, “Oh, right. He said that all your wives are great!”

Cursing? Oh no no no, this wasn’t cursing, this was tactics, tactics!

Moon Fiend spew obscenities as he chased, “You’re very good, all of your wives are good!”

Chen Ming laughed, “He-he-he, sorry, I ain’t got a wife.”

Moon Fiend’s face burned, anger choking his heart, “Chen Ming, even if you run to the ends of the earth, I’ll still kill you!”

With the obscenities done, Chen Ming went underground the Yellow Sea. Moon Fiend went after as if pricked, following the direction of his traces.

The two parties chased through the Yellow Sea, and when an Archfiend wanted to speak, Chen Ming suddenly returned to kill him in a moment of carelessness. He sent ten thousand swords crushing him to death, “En, this guy just said your daughter was also great!”

Moon Fiend’s face was sometimes blue, sometimes red, “Enough, I decided. When I get my hands on you, I will show you what it means to beg for death! I hear you have two girls as disciples, your two disciples are really great!”

Moon Fiend went hysterical from rage, like a berserk demon. Since when could a majestic Grand Archfiend tolerate such insults?

After chasing for another six hours in the Yellow Sea, Chen Ming burst out and took to the skies, with Moon Fiend hot on his tail. But when the later got here, he knew something was amiss. The sky was covered in sand, endless and thick. Even what he saw was only sand, Crap! While underground he had no way of knowing what happened above. They were completely inside the Yellow Sea.

This was known as the Archfiend graveyard, the forbidden area of Myriad Mountains!

Even an Archfiend, once he lost his bearings here, had no chance!

And across from him, Chen Ming flapped his black wings, entering the sandstorm, and leaving no trace to follow.

Was a storm that could kill an Archfiend normal? The fierce wind came in waves, swaying him each way. Here, one couldn’t even distinguish up and down! Moon Fiend was unable to find out if he was standing or if he was flipped!