Chen Ming popped his head out of the sand but saw no shadow of Moon Fiend. Even if he spread his awareness, it still couldn’t make it through the storm, vanishing in a blink.

Chen Ming eyed the area, I already told you, forced into a corner. I didn’t lie, you just didn’t believe it.

He already tried his luck flying through here once, but the sky seemed endless. He couldn’t even make sense of up and down. So he controlled himself to not strain too far from the surface.

If he had a Wind Pearl or an array that could dissipate the storm then, with Yan Mountain here, he wouldn’t care even if the skies outside the Yellow Sea fell. The Myriad Mountains could fight all they wanted. As long as Shi Jiuquan didn’t come, then everything else wasn’t Yan Mountain’s problem.

It was possible, but Chen Ming has yet to find a way to make it happen.

Taking out the West magnetic needle from his storage ring, Chen Ming picked his direction and the next day found him outside the dessert. He looked back to see how the sandstorm formed a new world on its own, Let’s leave Moon Fiend to have some fun in there.

Chen Ming had to make a speedy return to Yan Mountain. With him back and Moon Fiend gone, it was enough. History had always been written by survivors. Wasn’t it all up to him, how Moon Fiend died?

Not only Moon King Hall’s surroundings, even the entire Myriad Mountains, all would spread Chen Ming’s story of killing Moon Fiend, “Have you heard? A Grand Archfiend was killed. They say some Lord of Yan Mountain killed him.”

“Yan Mountain, where is that?”

“I didn’t hear it!”

“The rumor says that Yan Mountain wanted to be equal to Moon King Hall in status. The exalted Lord Moon Fiend shot the proposal on the spot!”

“This Lord thing of Yan Mountain is just a newly risen clown. He even dared to challenge a Grand Archfiend!”

Within Moon King Hall, Divine Palace stage and Dao Seed stage Archfiends regarded Yan Mountain with great importance. Although Chen Ming was beneath Lord Moon Fiend, he rose to power swiftly. He was said to not have taken even a year, and now he could hold his own against Moon King Hall. Yan Mountain was more than surely a gem.

“Yan Mountain can be said to be a natural formed place between heaven and earth. Only this place, that grasped the essence of the sun and moon, could give birth to someone like Chen Ming!”

“Exactly, Moon King Hall will attack Yan Mountain withing the next days. We need to set out soon, to get our own share!”

“Yan Mountain is a King rising land!”

Around Yan Mountain, the finest noise could trigger chaos, as many Archfiends gathered, wanting their own share of the pie.

Inside, Silver Wing waited a few days, then also sensed the changes beyond Yan Mountain’s borders. He could no longer wait, the danger was too great!

Silver Wing found the four legacy disciples standing on the stage, with the three thousand and six hundred disciples gathered, “Yan Mountain has become a dangerous place. We cannot stay here.”

These disciples were unaware of what’s happening, and even the legacy disciples weren’t to clear on the matters. Silver Wing explained, “A few days ago, Grand Archfiend Moon Fiend, from Moon King Hall, gathered all its Archfiends to discuss a way to deal with Yan Mountain. Your Master wasn’t one to let that happen and ventured alone, for your safety. He wanted to put a stop to their attack on Yan Mountain. Yet Moon Fiend didn’t know reason and wanted to kill your Master. I’m afraid that your Master’s grave should have two-inch grass covering it by now.”

Zhuo Qingyao’s eyes went read, unsheathing the Fairy Sword and pointing at Silver Wing, “That’s impossible!”

Ling Xian added, “Master cannot be dead!”

Li Suyi had no hesitated, “You’re lying. There’s no way Master died at the hands of Moon Fiend!”

Chen Lingyu wasn’t too clear on Chen Ming’s strength, but if head senior sister and her two senior brothers said so, “Head senior sister and the two senior brothers are right!”

Many disciples regarded the four in silence, expressing in their own way their disbelief. Silver Wing said, “You can all see the peril that awaits Yan Mountain. At least a hundred Archfiends are marching towards us. If we don’t leave now, there won’t be a next time!”

Zhuo Qingyao planted the sword into the ground, sitting cross-legged, “I won’t leave. I will live and die with Yan Mountain!”

Seeing their dignified head senior sister’s stance, the other disciples followed her example, “We won’t leave, we live and die with Yan Mountain!”

Silver Wing felt helpless. They were Chen Ming’s dear disciples and weren’t ones to give up Yan Mountain from a couple of his words, “Whether you leave or not, it doesn’t matter. But I am firm in my decision to disband. Of course, we will all take a share when we disband; I will only take two thousand pill bottles. If you want to follow me, I will do my best to carry you out of here. I have already shown all the kindness I have! ”

Silver Wing found everyone’s faces changed, then kneeled together, “Greetings Master!”

Silver Wing stood distracted, then started waving his hands, “Don’t joke with me. Your Master’s grave already has two-inch grass over it, if you want to disband then do it. Scarring me won’t work!”

Yet, a calm voice came from behind Silver Wing, “Everyone, rise.”

Silver Wing’s paled. This was Chen Ming’s voice alright. He turned to see him covered from head to toe in blood, yet his burning eyes stared back at him. He looked as if he climbed out of hell, “Silver Wing, was it you who said just now to disband?”

Silver Wing’s head created winds as he denied it, “I have not, I never had. That was not my intention! I was just testing the loyalty of Mountain Lord’s disciples. They seem to have undying respect for Mountain Lord. Ah, good, very good! I am pleased.”

Chen Ming nodded, “Good, since you’re so pleased, then you must also have undying loyalty to Yan Mountain. With many Archfiends outside Yan Mountain, you should be clear on what to do, no? ”

How could he not? “Subordinate will go attack the enemy!”

Silver Wing flew straight away, all the while thinking, How many do I need to kill before Mountain Lord lets me off the hook?

Moreover, Mountain Lord came back, while there’s no news of Moon Fiend. Does this mean Moon Fiend fell at Mountain Lord’s hands?

The blood-soaked Chen Ming smiled at his disciples, “It’s good that you’re all alright.”

The disciples regarded the bloody Chen Ming, realizing how excruciating the battle must have been, and they understood what a teacher for a day, a Master for life meant.

Chen Ming waved slowly at them, “Don’t be scared. As long as Master is here, no one can hurt you. But you shouldn’t go out. For now, stay on Yan Mountain.”

Chen Ming turned around and walked towards Yan Mountain. Zhuo Qingyao was the first to step forward, hugging his arm, afraid he wasn’t real, “Master, I will help you.”

The other three caught up. Zhuo Qingyao started giving orders, “Ling Xian, bring water.”

“Li Suyi, go find recovery pills.”

“Chen Lingyu, quickly prepare something to eat. “