As the four legacy disciples tended to his well being, Zhuo Qingyao asked, “Master, we want to help you. I know we are very weak, but please let us show you we can be of assistance.”

Chen Ming considered. Around them were only small powers of Archfiends. If Moon King Hall knew Moon Fiend died, then it would become complete chaos, not giving him any worry.

The rest of the fights wouldn’t be too dangerous. It was time to let his disciples along with his legacy disciples gain more experience. He at first needed to find three hundred Archfiends to complete his advancement mission. But he’ll just kill those outside. With their small renown, it would only turn Yan Mountain into a tyrant in the eyes of the world. If he were to go find other three hundred Archfiend from different factions, then he’d stumble upon a Grand Archfiend, since they all had one. And a strong Grand Archfiend wasn’t someone he could offend.

The best, for now, was to just open the gates. The second morning, Black Tiger, Fire Swallow, and Black Python found out of Chen Ming’s return, and hurried up Yan Mountain, to present their report.

Black Python began, “Mountain Lord, the Archfiends declaring war on us are as much as ninety-three, with Moon King Hall on their way!”

Black Tiger looked Chen Ming over, and carefully asked, “Mountain Lord, I was wondering. What has become of Moon Fiend?”

They were eager to know of Moon Fiend’s situation since he and Chen Ming were powers that could affect the course of the battle. If the opposition still had their Moon Fiend, then their morale would reach the heavens!

Chen Ming hesitated, but then, “Relax, Moon Fiend won’t return.”

The mission has yet to end, proof that Moon Fiend was still alive. The mission would have been over by now if he wasn’t.

Chen Ming just said Moon Fiend wouldn’t return, and not that he was dead. But to the ears of the three, it was practically the same. From Silver Wing, they knew Moon Fiend brought along more than a dozen Archfiends to chase after Chen Ming, only to have Chen Ming return in the end. Mountain Lord’s power is too terrifying.

He eyeing his merits, finding them over ten thousand. Most came from Li Suyi’s speedy improvement after breaking through to Dao Initiation realm. He only needed to refine Taotie’s Seed and he’d advance. Ling Xian’s realm couldn’t compare to Li Suyi’s. He once heard from him how Li Suyi’s growth in power would explode once he reached Dao Comprehending realm.

Now that Zhuo Qingyao had the wooden boat, adding to that her cultivation only at Dao Sense realm, along with taking Yan Mountain’s Dao Sense realm pills whenever she wanted, her power improved quickly. She was on the verge of reaching a King rank’s power.

Zhuo Qingyao was now at the 36th stage of Dao Sense realm, on par with Chen Ming’s.

Chen Ming didn’t think much about it. He reckoned his disciples would stand above a Sovereign. He’d better get to Dao Comprehending realm. He was just in Dao Initiation realm, but his power and realm had no correlation, so he didn’t mind it.

Chen Ming didn’t let himself be engrossed with imagining how he was when he transcended, “If I transcend, immortals will be helpless. That’s how it should be.”

Even if he completed the advancement mission now, he didn’t dare to advance to Dao Comprehending realm. This breakthrough involved Heavenly Tribulation. And his, well, damn if a ghost(1) would know how powerful it’d be!

Uh, a ghost definitely doesn’t know.

Chen Ming’s thought went to Bones of the Taotie. He spoke in his mind, “Comprehend Bones of the Taotie!”

Moments later, he thoroughly understood how to cultivate Bones of the Taotie, its Dao, how to use it and its scripture. Chen Ming then began improving it, since he comprehends the Bones of the Taotie for his Archfiends to get stronger. Why didn’t he went subduing other Divine Palaces?

Have you seen Silver Wing’s conduct?

He went missing for a bit and Silver Wing began making a fuss about disbanding. As Black Tiger, Black Python, and Fire Swallow carefully adjusted their defenses, to fight to the death for Yan Mountain.

Chen Ming regarded the three Archfiend in front of him and said in earnest, “What I’m about to say is not to leave this room.”

They all had solemn expressions as they bowed, “We understand!”

Chen Ming drew in a deep breath, but still took out the evil cultivation method, Bones of the Taotie, “I will explain to you this scripture, Bones of the Taotie. My fast rise to power isn’t because of this but I have cultivated this cultivation method to completion. Therefore, I will give to you the first volume of the improved version I wrote. Then I will take the Taotie’s Seed I cultivated and share it among you three. With this seed, you no longer need to commit the crime of devouring mortals.”

They knelt before Chen Ming in respect, “We thank Mountain Lord for his kindness!”

Chen Ming waved for them to get up, “You three are Yan Mountain’s most loyal people. Not like that Silver Wing, so you do not need to act so reservedly. ”

Chen Ming began explaining, “Taotie is the master of devouring, also known as gluttony. And Taotie will find its end from walking the path of gluttony, eating till it bursts. Therefore, you must bear in mind to curb your desires of gluttony. You are to see me each month, checking to see if nothing unexpected occurred. ”

They knew of the danger this method contained and none of them wanted to become a walking corpse bent on indulging its appetite, “We will bear in mind.”

Chen Ming began, “Spirit, as in soul, flesh, as in the body, are all something from which you will be able to extract their essence, to nurture yourselves. The Heaven’s Dao reduces excess and replenishes deficiency(2), while the Taotie’s Dao reduces the deficient and supply the excessive…”

Once his explanation ended, he asked, “Can you remember it?”

The three were Archfiend ranks, so of course they could recall it. And as Archfiends, they needn’t so many explanations, as they comprehended swiftly. With instant comprehension, he got a Taotie’s Seed, one that was much stronger than Azure Lion’s. He took out the seed and divided it in two then in three. The three green Dao Seeds appeared before the three Archfiends, “Take them, and remember of the method that I passed on to you. You will be able to reach the late Divine Palace stage at most. If you covet power and advance recklessly, it will only lead to death.”

The tree ate the Taotie’s Seed, then bowed again, “Many thanks to Mountain Lord for teaching us the Dao!”

Leaving the three to cultivation, Chen Ming began making preparation for war. After this battle, in Myriad Mountains, Yan Mountain’s true power would spread far and wide. Therefore, this war had to be done beautifully!

(1) It’s like the English saying: damn if he know. But in Chinese damn is replaces with ghost.

(2) Daoism philosophy. It means the Heaven’s Way is to look for balance, taking from where its too much and giving to those that have too little. From the founder of Daoism, Lao Zhu. Here is a link regarding this line: