A storm was brewing outside Yan Mountain, as close to a hundred Archfiends and more than ten thousand troops gathered. But they were all cautious since the pillar of this war, Moon Fiend, hasn’t returned. Furthermore, among the Archfiends he took along with him in his chase for Chen Ming, none have returned. This spread some unease among them, but just a hint, since everyone knew of Moon Fiend’s power. That was a Grand Archfiend, the Grand Archfiend that had great influence in Myriad Mountains.

When a Grand Archfiend fell, the whole Myriad Mountains trembled.

Over these days, as nothing was heard from neither Moon Fiend nor Chen Ming, it worked to further increase their unease.

Moon King Hall was showing restraint, not giving the order to attack Yan Mountain. But after such a long wait, their patience was wearing thin. In any case, Moon Fiend couldn’t lose, the only one dead could only be Chen Ming.

On Yan Mountain, Chen Ming just finished his preparations, including disciples among the Regalia Legion, but only in groups. It was utter nonsense for the eight thousand Regalia Legion to watch out for three thousand and six hundred disciples. For now, he only sent three hundred.

The time was ripe to let these disciples see what true terror meant, a true battlefield. According to Chen Ming’s plan, these disciples would be fighting against the rulers of Ghost Immortal’s factions. If they had yet to experience true war, when it came to leading troops, they would all be useless.

As for his personal four, each had five hundred Regalia Legion troops at their beck and call. What, you mean to tell that even Chen Lingyu, a young lady alchemist, was going to fight?

Didn’t you know already? At night, Chen Lingyu got even Li Suyi and Ling Xian shaking in their boots!

Chen Lingyu was the only one who looked forward to going to Zhuo Qingyao and sparing every day.

The Yan Mountain’s army assembled in twenty-four square formations. Black Python reported, “Mountain Lord, all is in place!”

Chen Ming nodded, “En!”

His performance this time would be more and more aggressive, more and more rampant. To let them all know he had returned without a scratch, while Moon Fiend got left behind. Even if the opposition didn’t believe in Moon Fiend’s death, it would still deal a hard blow to their moral.

Black Python listened to a scout’s report, then arrived next to Chen Ming, “Mountain Lord, the enemy began their advance!”

Chen Ming waved, “Since they are impatient, we shouldn’t let them wait!”

In less than two hours, the twenty-four formation stood across from their enemies. The two armies were at a standstill.

Moon King Hall’s King Corps’ captain smiled, “Humph, just this many and a mere Divine Palace. We will swallow them in no time at all, then Yan Mountain will be ours. We have coveted this King raising land for far too long.”

The two armies were at the ready, and despite Yan Mountain’s side having less, it was obvious who’s army was better. Their army had discipline, while the other, although bigger, was just a rabble.

Moon King Hall’s morale was at an all-time high. No matter how they saw it, losing wasn’t among them. They had Moon King Hall’s King Corps on their side!

King Corps was the symbol and power of a Grand Archfiend!

The King Corps was Grand Archfiend’s authority!

But all was quiet on Yan Mountain’s side. Then a flag fluttered above them, and roars came in waves from within the army, “We greet Mountain Lord! The Lord of Yan Mountain’s power knows no limits, spreading throughout all creation. My utmost devotion to you!”

“The Lord of Yan Mountain’s power knows no limits, spreading throughout all creation. My utmost devotion to you! ”

“The Lord of Yan Mountain’s power knows no limits, spreading throughout all creation. My utmost devotion to you! ”

Chen Ming wanted to fly out at first, but when he heard this embarrassing catchphrase, he almost slipped face first. He eyed Black Python at this side, “No way, how did you all come up with this embarrassing catchphrase?”

Black Python’s sight shifted over to Silver Wing, who was now yelling at the top of his lungs, “The Lord of Yan Mountain’s power knows no limits, spreading throughout all creation. My utmost devotion to you!”

Chen Ming: …

Fine, this Immortal Master knows this fool’s style. “In the event of other matters like these, go find Silver Wing. He might have a way out in unforeseeable situations like these.”

Moon King Hall was stunned. Many of the Archfiends under them looked over at Yan Mountain’s side, “Did that kid, Chen Ming, came back?”

“No way, they’re just scaring us. Look, is there any sign of Chen Ming?”

“Ah, but this catchphrase is so awe-inspiring. Should we also shout to raise morale?”

No sooner said than done. The Archfiends sent the order to start yelling, “Lord Moon Fiend’s power knows no limits, spreading throughout all creation. My utmost devotion to you!”

“Lord Moon Fiend’s power knows no limits, spreading throughout all creation. My utmost devotion to you! ”

Chen Ming’s forehead creased into black lines, Even you are yelling this embarrassment. Fine, fine, guess I’ll have this Immortal Master make his appearance.

Chen Ming got up and jumped in the sky while using the banner as a stepping stone. The others, Why are you stepping on the flag if you can f*cking fly?

The figure of Chen Ming, dressed in an azure Daoist robe, revealed itself to the masses, startling Moon King Hall’s Archfiends and other vassal Archfiends, “What’s going on?”

“That’s Chen Ming!”

“Impossible, Lord Moon Fiend has yet to return, but Chen Ming came back safe and sound?”

“You mean to tell me that Lord Moon Fiend died at his hands?”

“Ludicrous! That is Lord Moon Fiend you’re speaking of!”

Chen Ming landed in front of the army, letting dark laughter creep out, and swayed his horsetail whisk, “Do forgive me, I’m truly sorry for letting you all down and return safe and sound. This is my fault, I will come forward and take full responsibility for this!”

Moon King Hall’s Archfiend and its vassals peaked behind, no trace of Moon Fiend there. Chen Ming smiled, “Don’t look, you won’t get to see Moon Fiend again for the rest of your lives. What’s left of it.”

Moon King Hall’s King Corps’ captain regarded Chen Ming, with fear gripping his heart, Arrogant, domineering, and he f*cking says he’s sorry, that he takes f*cking responsibility.

Truly unbearable. Humph, I, your grandpa, will be the one to kill you!

Then retreated in silence three li, quietly giving the order for retreat. Attack, what attack? We know nothing of Lord Moon Fiend’s condition. Yet here we have an unscathed Chen Ming, and Moon Fiend’s whereabouts unknown.

If Lord Moon Fiend is dead, then this Lord of Yan Mountain before us isn’t just a simple Grand Archfiend. He is one who can kill Grand Archfiends. Being a Grand Archfiend and killing one are two entirely different things!

And Lord Moon Fiend also took a dozen Archfiends along with him. None of those Archfiends came back, without even so much as sending a notice.

The more he thought, the terrified he became.

If Moon Fiend was dead, then what needed to be considered, wasn’t fighting a losing battle, but determining who’d be the next lord of Moon King Hall!

He controlled the King Corps, while Archfiend Stag, the Great Venerable, had the fiend army in his hands. He needed to return at once, or if the power landed in that eccentric Archfiend Stag’s hands, the consequences would be dire!

The captain did some hard thinking, then yelled, “Brothers, kill them! Lord Moon Fiend will arrive shortly!”

Let these idiots block Yan Mountain, while I’ll be leaving in dignity!