With Moon King Hall’s captain’s assuring words, the Archfiends were free of worry, and launched their offensive, “Brothers, kill! Yan Mountain will be ours!”

“This nobody, Chen Ming, is unworthy of this King raising land!”

“With captain on our side, Yan Mountain will fall without fail!”

“Charge! If we wait for Lord Moon Fiend’s arrival, we won’t get anything from Yan Mountain!”

Chen Ming was smacked senseless. Are you all that much of fools that you even say he’ll join you? Ah, he’s gone already. Is he trying to slow me down with these wastes?

Outside of the righteous cause of resisting Ghost Immortal, there hardly any perfect chances like this one for completing the advancement missions. Chen Ming valued this opportunity greatly. Since Moon King Hall fell back, leaving noisy trash behind, then he would let them experience first hand what total annihilation meant, and the reappropriation of their items of course. Um, the might of Yan Mountain’s self-defense!

If one were to relate the history of a Myriad Mountains’ Grand Archfiend’s rise to power, well that implied reappropriations and exterminations. Not only would this secure their lives as princes but also cut away at any slander.

This was the main difference between cultivators and mortals. A cultivator, on the whole, would rise to power and could join the battlefield. In other words, one such cultivator would be the same as an entire kingdom’s mortal army. Why one would cultivate? Well, that was to defy the heavens and strive for longer life. And to do that, he needed to fight with other people. Once one stepped on the path of cultivation, he crossed the point of no return.

That was why killing mortals was considered a great sin. The Heavenly Dao would enact a punishment, so the average cultivator wouldn’t slaughter mortals on a whim.

But when it came to killing cultivators, the Heavenly Dao had no qualms against it, since a cultivator fought against it for longer life. He walked in defiance against the Heavens. Why else would you think a Heavenly Tribulation existed?

Chen Ming held on to the horsetail whisk, on the prowl for incoming Archfiends. The strongest among them was only at the Divine Palace, just that most of them were back at Moon King Hall. And the second strongest was already swiftly dealt with by Yan Mountain in the previous battle.

Truth be told, when faced against this group of Archfiends, Chen Ming’s thought, Ah, I don’t know my own strength!

Chen Ming held the horsetail whisk and jumped in the sky, landing in front of an Archfiend. The horsetail whisk dropped lightly, yet ten thousand swords gushed, as they ripped him apart.

Many magical arts came at him, but with a sweep of the horsetail whisk, they returned to origin, into spiritual energy, then scattered into the air. They were far from being Moon Fiend’s equals.

Chen Ming held the Dao Empyrean Bamboo as he walked among Kings, an immortal. All incoming magical arts held no meaning when directed at him. With Dao Empyrean Bamboo in hand, the untold Daos couldn’t harm him!

Some Archfiends joined attacks, as twenty-four charged towards him, “Let’s unite, he won’t resist against all of us!”

“Yes, united we hold more power!”

“As long as we kill Chen Ming, Yan Mountain is as good as ours!”

The group of Archfiends enclosed him, yet they were met with the sigh of a carefree Chen Ming, “Ganging up?”

Don’t these guys know that I’m most confident in fighting against groups?

Chen Ming was sure that these guys didn’t have the power to break his Eight Extremes Array. Since it’s like this, then I will let you get familiar with the Eight Extremes Array!

Dao Empyrean Bamboo swept and eight swords flew out, revolving around Chen Ming as they set up the Eight Extremes Array. In mere moments, next to him appeared lightning and fire, along with gathering starlight and with a fierce storm brewing on the side.

With the descent of the black cloud, the area became Chen Ming home turf!

Chen Ming’s strolled like an immortal among commoners, as each swing of the Dao Empyrean Bamboo ended with the fall of an Archfiend!

The twenty-four Archfiends held no advantage when up against Chen Ming. Yet what they wanted to resist was precisely the Eight Extremes Array!

Among the black cloud, the broadsword, under Chen Ming’s control, flew unabashed. He wielded it before because he could add his body’s power as well as his spiritual power. But with the use of the Dao Empyrean Bamboo, it became irrelevant.

He was controlling the Eight Extremes Annihilation Sword to kill them with his intent alone.

With the broadsword flitting between them, the Archfiends were unable to dodge, to say little of the lightning, flames, gale, and starlight. As they held their left while managing their right, the defending Archfiends still wanted to attack Chen Ming, yet only sank deeper into the quagmire.

With each movement of the Dao Empyrean Bamboo, an Archfiend was torn to shreds. While the broadsword wounded when slashing and killed when smashing!

Such might caused fear to grip these Archfiends’ hearts. They’ve never seen such a terrifying Divine Palace!

“This person is abnormal!”

“The Lord of Yan Mountain, alone, can match a King Corps?”

“This kind of power can only belong to Grand Archfiends!”

“Only a Grand Archfiend can change the course of the war!”

Chen Ming found it funny. What are you calling me a war-changing man for? Even if I didn’t intervene, Yan Mountain’s Regalia Legion can also handle a rabble like you with little effort!

They were all useless. A Great Fiend launched a fire magical art when the Great Fiend next to him put it out with his water pillar!

Looking over at Yan Mountain, we have the perfect combination, with a united blood aura!

But Chen Ming didn’t find anything strange about this. With Yan Mountain like this, the other couldn’t even hold a token of resistance. And they didn’t even have a war formation like Blood Regalia and Warding Sword Art.

Yan Mountain’s trend of burning money was based on the thousands of alchemists supplying it with pills. Even Medicine King Valley couldn’t d declare of having so many.

When those six hundred disciples advanced to Dao Initiation realm, united in refining spiritual weapons, Regalia Legion’s power would reach a whole new level.

And now, the three Archfiend who had the Bones of the Taotie Chen Ming imparted to them were grabbing people. If not now, at such a perfect time, then when? When the battle was over and went devouring Great Fiends without rime or reason?

One should know that, according to Mountain Lord, ever since its inception, Yan Mountain was the paragon of peace and relaxation!

Moreover, it was indeed so. If no one came knocking, why would Yan Mountain strike back in self-defense? Although excessive self-defense at that, but if it wasn’t careful then it would have been robbed of all its possessions already.

En, this isn’t Yan Mountain’s problem. If you’re too weak, how can you blame us for dominating you?

Right, we should agree on sparring, yet you insisted on barging in on us. How can it be my fault for insta-killing you?

Chen Ming’s power wasn’t enough to face a Grand Archfiend, yet, when up against an Archfiend, he looked like one. After all, what he was most confident in were crowd battles. All were equal in the face of an array!

Since there was no coming back for Moon Fiend, he might as well use this battle to validate his power of a Grand Archfiend. At least it would make Yan Mountain into one of the overlords of Myriad Mountains!

Therefore, Chen Ming was increasingly careful when going against these Archfiends. He was to use this fight to cast his, Chen Ming, fame over the whole Myriad Mountains!

The Archfiends weren’t one to wait for death, so the dozen or so remaining put up a united front as they charged at Chen Ming. He was unshakable as a mountain, waiving his Dao Empyrean Bamboo, returning all to their origin. Black wings flashed behind him and appeared at an Archfiend’s back, turning him to dust from a wave of the Dao Empyrean Bamboo!