Many disciples’ hearts burst with respect and awe when they saw Chen Ming’s unrivaled power, killing an Archfiend at the flip of a hand, Our Master is the only one with such awesome power!

An Archfiend has power, each praised as Kings. But before Master, they’re easy pickings, cut down as easy as veggies!

The same applied to his legacy disciples, their hearts unable to calm the storm inside. There was nothing that needed to be said of Li Suyi. As he relived his life, he was a Sovereign before, one who had his own connections, one who was used to this path. He was far from equal to the three Archfiend, Black Tiger and the rest, but the Regalia Legion held Li Suyi in high regard, Mountain Lord’s legacy disciples are all supreme geniuses!

Ling Xian was no expert in commanding troops, but that wasn’t important since he had a grandpa ring! As he witnessed Chen Ming killing left and right, he recalled the resolution he had at the time, to take him as his Master, thinking it couldn’t have been more right, This leg is really thick!

Guided by Ling clan’s ancestor, Ling Xian was even more outstanding than Li Suyi. The Regalia troops under him killed wherever he pointed!

As far as Zhuo Qingyao went, Ling Xian and Li Suyi peaked over and shame crept in their hearts. Zhuo Qingyao surrounded and killed an Archfiend, and not only that, she held the advantage, with the Regalia troops as support!

Chen Lingyu, well, she was biding her time since it was daytime. She was clear that when it came to affairs of battle, Chen Yu faired much better. She just stood behind the Regalia troops, resting.

Chen Lingyu’s troops watched helplessly as their comrades reaped contributions. They couldn’t do anything since Chen Lingyu was a legacy disciple and speaking from an empire point of view, a princess. A princess that grasped alchemy! Since Chen Lingyu said to bide their time, then that’s what they did.

Chen Ling held some worries when looking at these Regalia troops, “You better rest well for now. It’s alright to even sleep because when the night comes, you won’t even be able to keep up with the changes.”

The troops scoffed, “Humph, we are the Regalia Legion, how can we not keep up?”

The next day they got to know what Chen Ling meant, even holding deep regret for before.

With a war of such scale, a day was nowhere near enough to settle it. Time drifted away and night finally came, yet Chen Ming was still excited in his continuous killing of Archfiend, “En, 32, not bad, not bad at all. Ah, but I still need to put more effort into it!”

Chen Ling’s sympathizing gaze landed on the Regalia troops, “Wish you the best of luck!”

The Regalia troops were doubtful, but then they felt the sudden change in Chen Lingyu’s aura. Chen Yu had officially taken over. Her eyes roamed over the troops, “Are you the troops Master gave me?”

They responded in unison, “Yes!”

Chen Yu roared, “Then what are you doing standing around for? Follow me in battle!”

Ling Xian and Li Suyi’s eyes met, each seeing the terror in the other.

Your friend, Chen Ling, withdrew.

Your friend, Chen Yu, arrived.

Then they saw how, when they were about to call it a day and resume the battle tomorrow, a group charged from the retreating Yan Mountain’s army. Chen Yu stood at the front, holding a longsword and leading her troops as she killed her way through the enemy.

Chen Ming looked in silence, “Ai, after a toiling day of killing, I still need to look after this young lass at nigh. Ah, it’s hard being a parent!”

Chen Ming followed Chen Yu, but couldn’t just watch over. He sucked in a long breath then resumed his King killing spree.

Most Archfiends were at their camps, thinking they had some respite since tomorrow the battle would resume. Tonight they also wanted to discuss an attack plan but, in the end, Yan Mountain came killing!

But why still so ferocious and filled with vigor?

With Chen Ming’s Eight Extreme Swords Array covering them, the Archfiends’ camps retreated again and again. Chen Yu followed along Chen Ming, who didn’t care about much except chasing down and killing Archfiends. When Dao Empyrean Bamboo swept, the targeted camp laid in tatters. As they went past it, they soon found the enemy Archfiend. Chen Ming rushed and under the ruthless attack of the Eight Extremes Annihilation Sword, he beheaded the enemy.

When fighting a single Archfiend, like now, Chen Ming was beyond strong. How could they unite against him when the other Archfiends weren’t there?

The night passed, as Chen Ming led Chen Yu in a continuous attack of thirteen camps, killing them until only their equipment remained. The Regalia troops were shivering, yet Chen Yu showed no sight of relenting, “What, aren’t you men? You can’t even kill more than a thousand? What a pile of trash!”

As the horizon brightened, Chen Yu’s aura changed like a switch. She cutely looked over at the Regalia behind her, “It must’ve been hard. Come, let’s retreat!”

Chen Ling retreated as she spoke, “Ah, why is there so much blood? So sticky, I’m unable to bear it…”

In Chen Ming’s heart, This little lass finally pulled back. This Immortal Master can rest at last. Then he saw Zhuo Qingyao charging over, “Master, it’s already late and we already rested. Let’s continue the attack! It felt nice when I killed an Archfiend yesterday. I want to find another and spar with him!”

Chen Ming: …

I know that I’m an array master that can last a long time, but I can’t outlast you two lasses’ ferocious manner. If we go like this for a few days, then my weary old body will end up a dried husk!

Li Suyi and Ling Xian found this moment to rush over, filled with excitement. Yesterday could be said that they showcased their skills to the other disciples, strengthening their image as second senior brother and third senior brother, “Master, my troops’ morale has never been higher. If we don’t attack now, then when?”

Chen Ming said, “I’ve truly met with disaster, taking you four broken toys in!”

Zhuo Qingyao had no qualms as she began attacking. It was far more fun than messing with Li Suyi and Ling Xian, so she wasn’t about to let this chance slip past her. Li Suyi and Ling Xian had their own cheats. But as more and more disciples entered Dao Initiation realm, they could sense a challenge to their status. They resolved themselves to reestablish the dignified positions of second senior brother and third senior brother.

“Master is the best and most hardworking person I know!”

“Master, with great power comes great responsibility!”

Chen Ming felt regret, Ah, why did I at that time invited death by teaching them?

And now look, these little bastards are teaching me.

Ah, such regret!

You know for sure you will die, but there’s always a desert you want to cross. Truly painful and happy at the same time!