Chen Ming took a pill from his storage ring, chewed on it, swallowed, and resumed his advance on the enemy camps.

The Eight Extremes Array enveloped his surroundings, suppressing the world around him. Any and all Great Fiends caught inside couldn’t do anything but wail their misery.

The trailing disciples eyed him, “Master lied to us again, he is also an array master.”

“Despite the rumors of array masters being weak, Master is the total opposite.”

“We must make sure not to let Master deceive us. Anyone can become an array master. And it seems that Yan Mountain even has immortal ranked cultivation methods. Can you guys train in them?”

“En, from Dao Canon’s analysis, Illustrious Casket is a death sentence. Only fourth senior sister can cultivate.”

Chen Ming walked within the array and pointed. It released the Finger From Beyond, and when this blue finger landed, a hill shatters, along with countless perishing Great Fiends.

Many disciples’ eyes shined, “Wa, it’s Finger From Beyond! An immortal art is so awesome!”

“When I return, I will study the lesser Finger From Beyond!”

“Wake up! You won’t succeed if you’re not at Dao Initiation realm.”

No one from Yan Mountain complained when Ling Xian learned an immortal art from Chen Ming. At first, he went to him for clarification, who instead asked him, “The reason why you’re a genius, is because only you can train in immortal arts. Can you call yourself a genius just because you can learn faster and better than others?”

Ling Xian wasn’t a fool, coming to understand shortly. Just based on his learning ability, he knew he only had above average luck, and not that he was a genius. That was why he placed the Finger From Beyond in the Scriptures Pavilion without any worry.

Ling Xian had also come to know that Yan Mountain was not at all like those sects enticing one with beauty. Did you know? As long as you were a disciple of Yan Mountain, you could look at immortal arts and immortal cultivation methods.

Yan Mountain was the opposite of other sects, where only legacy disciples would get to train in the strongest cultivation methods. Other disciples needed to rise to that status, or never in their entire lives would they ever get to touch one.

On Yan Mountain, anyone could learn anything. Just like the demon sect, letting everyone touch its power.

This was why Ling clan’s ancestor felt that Yan Mountain’s stance was terrifying. A sect like Yan Mountain would find its control quickly slipping away since all trained the same and the difference between legacy disciples and normal ones was small.

But the ancestor was more and more convinced of Chen Ming being a reincarnated immortal. Only someone like him could implement such radical changes, with no regard to immortal arts or cultivation methods.

Chen Ming killed his way among the Archfiends. His figure flashed, springing behind one, then a flick from Dao Empyrean Bamboo popped him like a balloon.

Many Archfiends lost themselves to fear at the mere sight of him, “Kings, Lord Moon Fiend has yet to arrive and, last night, Moon King Hall retreated!”

“We can’t continue fighting. If we do, only death comes!”

“The Lord of Yan Mountain came back, while there is still no word of Lord Moon Fiend. We should be clear on the situation!”

“We surrender!”

“We feel no shame in kneeling before a Grand Archfiend that killed Lord Moon Fiend!”

Chen Ming withdrew his attack, regarding the Archfiends before him. They dropped their weapons and kneeled, “We surrender!”

Chen Ming gave the signal for others to stop, then looked at the kneeling crowd of Archfiends and Great Fiends, “To unify the whole Myriad Mountains, as of now, this area will carry the name of Yan Mountain along with it!”

Chen Ming continued, “Furthermore, to settle Yan Mountain’s internal unrest, if any is late or missing at the audience held seven days later, he will die! ”

Chen Ming turned, “Yan Mountain, take inventory of the dead Archfiends. All who died were insurgents, wipe their clan and take everything they have. Not one is to be spared! Any who comes in their defense are all Yan Mountain’s enemies. None shall live!”

With their order, Regalia Legion went to settle the insurgent clans. The Archfiends heard his order, Return? Return my ass! Coming late will get us killed. There’s only one outcome if we are late at the first audience with a new Grand Archfiend.

They went outside Yan Mountain’s borders, waiting on Yan Mountain’s summons.

Chen Ming liked being thorough, yet now, it seemed like there was chaos within chaos. He didn’t want to be one who triggered it.

News traveled fast, and soon the whole Myriad Mountains came to understand something. Moon King Hall was done. That Moon Fiend died in battle, that Grand Archfiend Moon Fiend was officially dead. This was the first Grand Archfiend killed in the last fifty years. Whether it was the other Grand Archfiends or even Fiend Sovereign, they all turned their attention to Yan Mountain, this previously unknown power.

No other reason than besides the fact that the Lord of Yan Mountain, with his outstanding military might, declared being a new Grand Archfiend.

And Yan Mountain has finally captured the eyes of Fiend Sovereign. This was the first he heard of this power, but it was enough to shock him. But not too much, turning into a pleasant surprise. A Grand Archfiend fighting the others couldn’t be a better outcome for him right now.

“Fight, keep on fighting! The more you all lose, the stronger I become!”

When other Grand Archfiends came to know this, it shocked them to no end. Without giving any sign, a colossus emerged? And he already killed his enemy, Moon Fiend.

This unknown Grand Archfiend was without a doubt a Grand Archfiend. Because his first act was to have a Grand Archfiend’s corpse as support.

News regarding Chen Ming spread like wildfire throughout Myriad Mountains. He killed Moon Fiend, and in Yan Mountain’s fight, he also personally killed fifty-three Archfiends, fully showcasing his might as a Grand Archfiend. They were only fifty-three at first, but as it spread:

“Did you hear? The Lord of Yan Mountain, yes, that new Grand Archfiend, killed more than fifty Archfiends in one battle!”

“What fifty, wasn’t it more like sixty?”

“Did you hear? The Lord of Yan Mountain killed more than sixty Archfiends in one battle?”

And spread it did, “The Lord of Yan Mountain is too strong! He killed more than a hundred Archfiends in one battle. He wiped Moon King Hall clean of Archfiends!”

News of him spread like lightning and Chen Ming found himself with a new title, proof of being a Grand Archfiend, the Butcher of Kings.

He was a demon to all Kings. Be it King, Great Fiend or Fiend General, they were all equal beneath his array.

A power to be reckoned with arose within Myriad Mountains. In these times of unrest, it added an air of mystery. Many Grand Archfiends were silent at this news, thinking Moon King Hall’s lord was exchanged with another. They ought to go test him, to see if Chen Ming had a true Grand Archfiend’s might, if he had the right to enter Myriad Mountains’ game of power. But it wasn’t needed. Since Moon Fiend was dead, then it proved the Lord of Yan Mountain, Butcher of Kings, the one who’s array made everyone equal, was indeed a Grand Archfiend.