Yan Mountain’s Regalia Legion swiftly and silently dispatched the clans’ remnants, while havoc reigned in Moon King Hall. The King Corps’ captain, Bai Yue, and the Great Venerable clashed, with the result being the victory of the former and the disappearance of the later.

Faced with the new rising sun, Yan Mountain, Bai Yue was forced to acknowledge it but declared that he shall not join with Yan Mountain in battle.

Chen Ming didn’t care, since he held no hope he could make use of this crowd. A King Corps had no purpose if not used.

Chen Ming, on the other hand, took advantage of his new position as the 9th Grand Archfiend of Myriad Mountains and nearly a tenth of its lands fell in his hands.

Now, Yan Mountain’s great reputation spread all over the whole Myriad Mountains.

With such great expanse of land, Chen Ming felt content and didn’t resume conquering his neighbors, since they were all under another Grand Archfiend’s authority. If he attacked, then he would meet a Grand Archfiend on the battlefield, something not yet included in his plan. After all, he employed some hidden tactics when he fought Moon Fiend, and some even questionable. He wasn’t one to believe the Grand Archfiends around him would be as stupid.

Chen Ming didn’t think of swallowing Moon King Hall since he would get fat if not careful. What he needed to do now was to digest all his spoils and new lands. To transform his domain into an iron bucket, one that had no holes and didn’t let water leak in, or out.

Bai Yue has arrived at Yan Mountain way earlier. Despite still having three days left until Chen Ming’s summon, he wanted to avoid any unforeseen incident. One dirty look from Chen Ming would end up with him as a corpse.

Many Archfiends were apprehensive, not knowing their fates. They didn’t give their allegiances through diplomacy but through defeat.

Chen Ming’s condition might be harsh, but no matter how severe, they had to accept it. When one was under another’s roof, he had to go by his rules.

Chen Ming was taking stock of his spoils, and as all were turned into spirit stones, he now had an extra fifty million in the treasury. And to top it all off, he also got two Spirit Veins, an Earth Spirit Vein and a Fire Spirit Vein.

It was fine he had a double of one type. He wasn’t Ling Xian, who could have his wishes come true.

After forming a spirit pact with the little turtle and little vermilion bird, Chen Ming settled them in, letting them play on the mountain.

Chen Ming’s mission has finally ended. Its rating was more than perfect, receiving a reward of 50,000 spiritual knowledge and 10,000 fame.

But after thorough thinking, it was sorely lacking. He had already subdued Moon King Hall and yet when he fought the four Divine Palaces, he got 80,0000 spiritual knowledge. This time the payout was too low, but since he didn’t kill Moon Fiend himself, he didn’t have too high expectations.

His current spiritual knowledge, added to them the completion of the mission, along with the killed Archfiends, broke through the two hundred thousand mark. he could even say that he might not even have a place to spend them.

It was time to ease the hearts of his chives, and harvest those merits. When he spent all of his spiritual knowledge he might get the chance of becoming a true Grand Archfiend.

Three days fluttered by, and more than a hundred Archfiends entered Yan Mountain. They didn’t proceed to the external palace this time but towards the true Yan Mountain.

They felt the difference just as they entered, “Eh!? This place’s spiritual energy is too thick, it must have a Spirit Vein!”

They were Archfiends at least, even if they haven’t seen one, they at least heard of it. Just as they stepped through the gates,

they sensed that there was a Spirit Vein here.

“No wonder Yan Mountain became so strong, it had a Spirit Vein!”

As the procession of a hundred-plus Archfiends continued, they again felt four other Spirit Veins. Yan Mountain had five Spirit Veins, it can be called a paradise, a place given birth by nature.

And it all belongs to a Grand Archfiend. Even Bai Yue was moved since Moon King Hall only had two Spirit Veins.

“As expected of Yan Mountain! Seeing it today shows how narrow-minded we were.”

“With Yan Mountain’s riches, it was normal to have someone like the Lord of Yan Mountain rise from it.”

The disciples looked at them as if they were country bumpkins who were dazzled by every detail.

There were even some who got to talking, “Have you heard? A dozen or so seniors that went through this battle have broken through to Dao Initiation realm!”

“That doesn’t mean anything, they were accepted earlier than us by half a year. If one takes more than a year to go from mortal to Dao Initiation realm, it speaks for itself what a disgrace he is!”

“If we participated, we could have also understood many things and definitely would have been able to advance to Dao Initiation realm in a year!”

The Archfiends stared shell shocked, “Saying it took more than a year to go from mortal to Dao Initiation realm, speaks what a disgrace he is…”

“Is it truly a disgrace? It took me more than ten years to go from a common fiend to Dao Initiation realm cultivator…”

“Are all Yan Mountain’s disciples freaks?”

It was as if they were hearing fantasies when the disciples talked. One such disciple said, “What can they amount to? They should first know that second senior brother took three months from mortal to Dao Initiation realm cultivator!”

“Is second senior brother great? Head senior sister paid respect to Master when she was at the 1st stage of Dao Sense realm, and a year and a half later she can contest against a King rank.”

“I once overheard Master say that besides head senior sister’s talet, if he spoke of second and third senior brothers’ talents it would bring him shame!”

“Second and third senior brothers are even now fighting to the death in the Tower of Trials!”

Tower of Trials? What is that? This baffled the Archfiends. They then carefully went and ask a disciple, who had a dauntless attitude. How could this disciple be afraid when he chased after them not long ago?

With the disciple as a guide, they arrived in front of the Tower of Trials. They instantly saw how those two broken toys, Li Suyi and Ling Xian, competed on pill capacity!

The chugged bottle after bottle, with more than a dozen empty ones at their feet. No place the Archfiends traveled had such an intimidating sight. They blanked out on the spot, “Ah, how can it be called a living what I’ve been doing so far?”

When Black Python came to report, he saw the sore sight they were, and turned to Silver Wing, “You were the same when you first came to Yan Mountain.”

Silver Wing was pissed, “How couldn’t I? With a freaky place like Yan Mountain, who doesn’t gawk their first time coming here? What, are you displeased with Yan Mountain’s second strongest?”

Black Python’s eyes showed some fire as he smiled, “I just advanced to Divine Palace stage and have no sparring partner. How about we have a go?”

Silver Wing: …