Silver Wing looked to see that his bottle only had a few pills left. He couldn’t go living like this, Ah, what was I thinking when I said to disband at that time?

Moreover, before, he could still say he was the only Divine Palace of Yan Mountain. To him, Chen Ming was a human cultivator who took two of his bottles of pills. While the other three Archfiends actualy cultivated hard and had a rise in power.

I’m finished! If there’s no next battle, then my status won’t change!

Silver Wing glared at Black Python, “This daddy has only three pills a day. Ah, I don’t have the energy to fight!”

He turned, then went to report to Chen Ming.

“But not a moment passed and he came back, saying to Black Python, “Mountain Lord is waiting for you.”

Black Python nodded, straightened his clothes a bit then climbed Yan Mountain.

Upon seeing him, Black Python reported, “Mountain Lord, I can’t fathom why but, cultivating Bones of the Taotie, I have reached the Divine Palace stage. Yet subordinate feels ill at ease. Please check, Mountain Lord! ”

Chen Ming also had some doubts, Eh? Divine Palace stage already?

Chen Ming gave Black Python a once over, as Black Python laid open his Dao Palace and Dao Seed for his inspection.

After a careful check, Chen Ming didn’t find anything out of the ordinary. He then combed through Bones of the Taotie, then it dawned to him, “You are of the snake clan, and when a snake devours, it absorbs all the essence. This Bones of the Taotie seems to hold the same view, thus increasing your speed. But you need to strengthen your foundation and need to enter the Tower of Trials, to grasp control over your power. Don’t advance for now and consolidate your power.”

Black Python smiled. He was under the impression he made a mistake, “Many thanks, Mountain Lord!”

“Right, Mountain Lord, all Archfiends are present. When do you want to receive them?”

Chen Ming thought how there were only a year and a half until the Grand World Opening; the time was increasingly urgent. His disciples need at least a year or so if not two for all of them to reach Dao Initiation realm. Though three thousand Dao Initiation realm cultivators might not be enough to affect the overall war situation. Since he knew the ancient immortal sects failed to be of help, he could only depend on himself.

It was high time to start the plan he had for a long time now.

“Tomorrow, arrange for the audience!”

On the morrow, the Archfiends came earlier in the hall, taking their respective seats. Chen Ming came later, sitting on the main chair. He gazed at them, the Archfiends at him, and they suddenly remembered of the death god roaming the battlefield as they rose, “Greetings, Lord of Yan Mountain!”

Chen Ming gestured for them to sit, then clapped, “Bring the food!”

The bear brothers brought a bottle of pills before each Archfiend, shocking them. They knew since yesterday that what Yan Mountain ate wasn’t food, but pills.

For them, this was like a dream, There are places like this in the world?

One should know that pills have reached a sky-high price on the outside. There are very few sources of pills, yet Yan Mountain takes them as meals.

These Archfiends felt incredulous even as they looked a the pill in front of them. Chen Ming smiled, “I’m sorry Yan Mountain is not that great of a place, even lacking entertainment. Please forgive me, everyone!”

Bai Yue was the first to show no fear in uncorking the bottle and popping a pill, “Ah, there’s medicinal property! Even twice as much as ordinary Qi Pills.”

But why orange-flavored?

Bai Yue bowed, “I can’t thank Mountain Lord enough for his hospitality!”

The rest no longer hesitated, and tried the pills, “Eh? This is chicken-flavored!”

“Mine is strawberry-flavored!”

“What, even strawberry-flavored? Let’s switch pills!”

Seeing the time was ripe, Chen Ming spoke frankly, “Eldest Bear, Second Bear, take everyone on a tour of Yan Mountain’s Fiend Alchemy House.”

With his new status, he would lose respect if he did it himself.

The Archfiends followed the bear brothers to the Fiend Alchemy House, and from the first step, the flavor of pills assaulted their noses. Just that they were clueless as to what these Great Fiends’ words entailed, “Spiritual grass powder has been tested. The average medicinal property, around the 7th or 9th rank. Slice it!”

“Pill mist formed, evaluation: average. Continue to pill forming stage!”

Archfiends: “What are they saying?”

“I don’t understand, but I can sense how amazing it is!”

“Look there, they’re taking out the pills!”

“How can it be so fast? The pills are done already!”

“Not only done but come out constantly!”

They saw how furnace after furnace of pills was refined and felt reluctant to leave. Bear in mind that these pills were worth a fortune outside. They refined more than a hundred, if not two hundred pills a day, and with the sky-high price on the outside, this meant more than ten thousand spirit stones!

It was no less than a year of their territories’ income. This way was even faster than killing for them!

Yet here, Yan Mountain’s Alchemy House held who knew how many hundreds of outside Alchemy Houses in one place. This terrifying power of Yan Mountain made them feel like an ant in the face of a hawk, ashamed to even show their faces.

This is the true Yan Mountain?

This is just too scary. Did they use everything when they fought with us before?

When a monster of this degree reveals all its power, what then? The scene must be unimabinable!

“Ah, just what monster did we fight with?”

“Is this what a person is really capable of?”

Yan Mountain’s power of pill refining would shock even those ancient immortal sects, not to mention a bunch of small Archfiends. They felt their world collapsing, Just what kind of existence is this Yan Mountain?

Bai Yue was so scared, he was sweating a river. The Regalia Legion wasn’t all to Yan Mountain’s power. I’m afraid it was hiding its true power, only letting this little come to the surface. This thought further ascertained the fact that Moon Fiend’s death wasn’t a miracle but a matter of fact.

Luckily, I surrendered, or the consequences would be horrendous!

The Archfiends returned in a daze to their pre-established residence. And after a sleepless night, they were shocked awake from their stupor. Yan Mountain’s methods were something they couldn’t fathom.

They thought that Yan Mountain’s strength was beyond their comprehension, but now their impressions were crushed to pieces. They even came to the idea that what they thought before was but a small fraction of Yan Mountain’s true power.