Three days later, Chen Ming saw many Archfiends bringing their subordinate Great Fiends to hand in their equipment. Meanwhile, White Fox and Black Python’s men were also handing over the Archfiends’ credentials.

Black Python stood near Chen Ming, “Mountain Lord, are we giving away the riddle that is Yan Mountain’s Alchemy House so easily? Will it be alright?”

Black Python was worried that when the Archfiends got stronger, Yan Mountain wouldn’t be able to control them.

Chen Ming smiled, Still green. Ah, a cultivator might be clever, but that’s only when it comes to cultivating further ahead. They would never understand Chen Ming’s methods, nor imagine them.

This was modern knowledge. Nothing could contend against the machine that was a nation. The old way of controlling cultivators was far too inefficient.

“You need to understand something most profound, they will never again have military power. I will all belong to Yan Mountain. Without the military as protection, they are just domesticated pigs waiting for slaughter. Moreover, their thinking is too wishful. When pills come rolling out in waves, the profit won’t be that huge.”

“Even if they gather many spirit stones, Yan Mountain has an even fiercer method to harvest them. Like say, those Great Fiends they sent over. Most of them can only learn to refine a single pill. If they want another, they will need to spend loads of spirit stones so Yan Mountain will teach them. Moreover, after they gathered a certain amount of spirit stones, Yan Mountain’s Alchemy House will sell their pills in the form of auctions. So long as they compete against one another, there will be no chance of cooperating.”

“Wanting to leave Yan Mountain is nothing more than a pipe dream. As long as we control the types of pills they can refine, Yan Mountain can use all its power to refine the same type and make the price plummet, returning it to normal value. ”

“And once they have credentials, Yan Mountain will be in control of every cultivator, and all of their possessions. Everything shall be laid before our eyes.”

“To say nothing of Yan Mountain Bank. It’s protection services don’t come at any cost. For their spirit stones’ safety, for their own safety, they are sure to deposit a large number of spirit stones in Yan Mountain, for rainy days. Can they even take these spirit stones and leave?”

“Also, their thinking is very narrow. Firstly, you should know that every person hands over a tent of their income. In case of any changes, Yan Mountain will still remain the strongest. Even if it were to face this group of fellows deprived of their armies, its position would forever be invincible.”

As Black Python listened, cold sweat poured from his forehead, Mountain Lord, has truly otherworldly abilities. He even has the power to govern!

“Mountain Lord, subordinate understand, and will immediately get to work!”

Chen Ming nodded, “Have Black Tiger make some more preparations. When we deprive all their armies, their Great Fiends will have one path to chose from, leaning on Yan Mountain. Our army will be bolstered in one fell swoop. Also, tighten the guard on the information regarding devouring Great Fiends. Don’t ket them find out, understood?”

Black Python bowed, “Mountain Lord, be at ease! The ones in charge of this matter are all from my department.”

Chen Ming nodded, “Have Black Tiger and Fire Swallow come see me, I have some matters to settle with them.”

Black Tiger and Fire Swallow bowed in respect when they met with Chen Ming in the afternoon, “Mountain Lord, is there something you need of us?”

“Establish the Yan Mountain Escort Agency, taking all those Great Fiends whose talents are inadequate.”

Black Tiger said, “Subordinate understands, I will have my men working on it!”

Chen Ming continued, “Furthermore, since I said that I’ll protect them, raise a city within our borders and send two regiments of one thousand Regalia troops over to patrol it. The rest of the Regalia Legion is for you to handle how you see fit so that the border of Yan Mountain is observed regarding any movements.”

“Any who wishes to leave Yan Mountain needs to pass through a thorough inspection, but no one is allowed to leave for now. Then again, they might not want to leave for the next while, since all their energy is poured in establishing their Alchemy House.”

“All with the right to build Alchemy Houses are to swear the Heart Demon Oath. They are to keep all the information regarding Yan Mountain’s Alchemy House to themselves.”

These measures should prevent anything drastic from occurring.

With the equipment pile growing ever higher, Chen Ming looked it over. He would melt them down then reforge them into armors for Yan Mountain’s field army. Withing days of establishing, Yan Mountain Bank gathered thirty million spirit stones.

The Archfiends and Great Fiends didn’t fear Yan Mountain would embezzle them. Since from their point of view, this was just the tip of the iceberg that was Yan Mountain, holding no interest in such a tiny amount of theirs. And with Chen Ming’s promise as a guarantee, they developed trust for him. From what they saw, Chen Ming never broke his promises. When he said he’d kill someone, kill he did!

In fact, Chen Ming was sorely tempted by these spirit stones, constantly searching for a mean to stuff them in his pockets.

The Bank was such a good idea. Even better than robbing, taking spirit stones as I please!

Yan Mountain’s transformation was unstoppable. Chen Ming finally felt relieved with his territory, that nothing bad would happen. He should now focus on increasing his strength.

Chen Ming had the means to promote many cultivation methods to the peak of Dao Initiation realm. He didn’t start because he wasn’t sure what great array would he stumble across. If the cultivation methods he had were useless in an array, wouldn’t that mean he wasted it?

With the amount of hoarded cultivation methods, many could be advanced to the Dao Seed stage. But those permitting cultivating into the domain of Sovereigns were few and far in between.

Chen Ming had a feeling that he would linger for a lot longer in the Dao Seed stage. If he wanted to transcend, he needed three thousand Dao Seeds.

The best, for now, was to find a cryptic array. Not a picky one, but the more people it required, the better!

Black Python came to report, “Half a month from now, Grand Archfiend Golden Howl will hold an auction on Purple Mountain! Golden Howl has sent an invitation over, asking for Mountain Lord’s participation!”

Chen Ming’s eyes shined, Eh, an auction? Isn’t that the place where a Main Character gets rich?

That’s right, besides jumping cliffs, a Main Character has another way of getting rich: auctions!

It didn’t matter if you didn’t have treasures, an auction would only have immortal tools that only the Main Character could recognize! No cultivation method? No worry, the auction had one at the immortal rank that none other than the Main Character could cultivate! No magical art? No worry, the auction had a cryptic immortal art to others, yet plainly open to Main Character’s eyes! No girl? No worry, the auction would take it upon itself to have a pretty young auctioneer, sweet of voice and tender of beauty!