Chen Ming watched Yan Mountain, thinking those broken toys of his finally found some use.

He called his four legacy disciples over and wondered his eyes over them. Ling Xian had a grandpa ring. En, an immortal’s eyes are sure to know many. Take!

Li Suyi relived his life, he surely saw many treasures, En, not bad, not bad. Take!

Chen Lingyu cultivated an immortal cultivation method, She might have a quirky response to an item, or something. Take!

Ah, Zhuo Qingyao still doesn’t have a worthy weapon. Reckon that what she will want will be none other than a heavy one. And most surely it won’t be cheap either; maybe she’ll run into it. Take!

“Purple Mountain is organizing an auction half a month from now. Grand Archfiend Golden Howl has sent an invitation for your Master, so you need to get ready to follow your Master in experiencing the world!”

Li Suyi’s eyes sparkled at this and bowed, “Yes, Master, disciple will prepare!”

Seeing Li Suyi in a joyful mood, Chen Ming was certain, This auction is bound to have something good!

The other three had no Main Character epiphany, only thinking they would go along for the fun. So they went to prepare too.

Chen Ming inspected Golden Howl’s invitation. It wrote:

‘Killing Moon Fiend built Yan Mountain into a formidable power. This brother’s heart longs to see dear younger brother’s face, thus I ask for dear younger brother to join me at the auction on Purple Mountain. But do be careful, and remember dear younger brother, to take a thousand soldiers for protection!’

Golden Howl’s personal letter.

Truth be told, seeing this handwriting, Chen Ming’s eyelid twitched nonstop, They’re all weirdos!

It’s definitely written by Golden Howl!

Golden Howl’s body was that of a golden lion. Some said he had the blood of the nine-headed lion divine beast in his veins. He was known throughout the Myriad Mountains as one filled with virtue and morality. He was also the oldest among the Grand Archfiends, some even considered him a people pleaser. If it weren’t for this Golden Howl, then his auction wouldn’t have had so many supporters, compared to the auctions of the other Grand Archfiends.

And Golden Howl even stated in his invitation for Chen Ming to bring along a thousand troops. This matter isn’t that simple.

Chen Ming though it over and over again, but still took a Regalia regiment with him. His power fell short of a Grand Archfiend and could only pass as one thanks to his array.

As for the four personal disciples, they had nothing in common with those plain disciples. Just from their auras, it would be more likely for him to die, while they would surely survive.

After spending a day on preparations, Chen Ming led a thousand troops, all the while dragging along that ignoble Silver Wing, and set his destination for Purple Mountain.

This time he would get to hold a discussion with Golden Howl. And since time was in short supply, he’d let that daft Silver Wing look after the four. That fool of a Silver Wing! He might like messing around, but, all in all, he doesn’t have bad intentions. But the crucial matter is that his fleeing skills are first-class!

When things take a turn for the worse, he would take the four and leave at the drop of the hat.

After some time in his journey, while standing in his carriage, Chen Ming heard someone calling his name. He looked left, he looked right, but his four guys were cultivating in the spacious area of the carriage. It can’t be them, did I misheard?

There was a full-blown storm outside, with sand flying all around.

Traveling for hundreds of li in the desert, the Regalia regiment’s clothing turned to rags crossing this endless sandstorm. When they were supposed to be at the edge of the desert, they discovered they went the wrong way, all thanks to the sandstorm. Seeing unending sand, the abyss this Yellow Sea became, they could barely hold on, “Chen Ming! You better hope this King doesn’t come out, or I will show you what it means to wish for death!”

On their journey, be it Archfiend or Great Fiend, any who heard this, they quickened the pace. But the one passing through the air, was the supposedly dead Grand Archfiend, the one the nouveau rich ninth Grand Archfiend, the Lord of Yan Mountain, climbed on top of.

Even when crossing Grand Archfiends lands, they were allowed passage. It looked like these Grand Archfiends sent the news to the troops of their coming.

Chen Ming had yet to bump into a Grand Archfiend. From what he heard, they already left for Purple Mountain long before Yan Mountain did.

Trudging for thirteen days, Chen Ming finally arrived at the foot of Purple Mountain. After the shining rays passed, this place was no mountain at all, but an outstanding city of fiends.

Countless armored fiends patrolled the area, watching. They were much more powerful than Moon Fiend’s men, definitely no pushovers.

The Archfiends on the ground looked up, “Eh, who’s the one who wants to die flying towards Purple Mountain?”

“Don’t know, they must be new, and don’t understand the rules!”

“Someone will handle them!”

“Look, Crown Prince arrived!”

Up ahead, a golden-haired youngster flew closer. he looked to be of twenty years, wearing a purple crown, donning purple armor, and having a graceful and poised air about him. That youngster stood in front of Chen Ming’s carriage and bowed, “My humble self is Jin An(1), greetings Uncle Chen. Lord Father has asked me to personally welcome you!”

Chen Ming’s eyebrows twitched as he looked over at his four legacy disciples, and asked in a small voice, “Do I look like an uncle?”

The four shook their heads in sync. They all knew of Chen Ming’s temper, who could only let out a drawn-out sigh, “Ah, age comes with time. It’s good that you four are sensible.”

He flipped the carriage cover aside and walked out along with his four disciples. He was a Grand Archfiend, so of course he heard of Jin An. How couldn’t he know the heirs of other Grand Archfiends? Jin An was the first son of Golden Howl. Asking him to welcome Chen Ming, it already showed him a lot of respect. He eyed Jin An, En, there’s indeed an aura. Control Aura lvl 1. He does have some skill after all. Chen Ming took the impression of an elder, as he patted Jin An on the shoulder, “Ah, very good. You youngster show promise!”

Jin An’s hand trembled. Alright, Chen Ming and his father were of the same seniority. So him telling him he was promising wasn’t an insult.

Jin An pointed at the four behind him, to which Chen Ming only laughed as he himself pointed at Jin An, “This is Purple Mountain’s, Crown Prince!”

Then Chen Ming regarded Jin An, Uh, could it be he wants me to introduce these four little fellows as my legacy disciples? With an impressive and glorious name as Crown Prince, to act as the intermediary is so shameful. “Um, these are the four Sect Leaders of Yan Mountain.”

Let’s go with demonic sect’s trend. Yan Mountain’s personal disciples are Sect Leaders to outsiders.

The two exchanged greetings, then Jin An smiled, “Uncle, please follow me, I will take you to your peak for rest.”

On the way to their accommodations, many Archfiends sensed something amiss, “Ah, this isn’t right. How can the refined and mannered Crown Prince be a guide?”

“I haven’t seen the one he’s leading, he must be important!”

“He must be the new up and coming Grand Archfiend, the Lord of Yan Mountain. He has the title of Butcher of Kings, known to make everyone equal under his array!”

One of the nine sons of the Dragon King. A mythological creature Hybrid of tiger and dragon. A creature that likes litigation, and its statues are placed over prison gates (in order to keep guard).