Chapter 127: This Daoist Robe is Waterproof

In Purple Mountain, lights came into existence, thousands of them flickering in the gentle wind.

There were two more days until the auction, and Chen Ming was taking his four dearies on a stroll around Purple Mountain. There was no strict guard like on Yan Mountain, to the point that anyone could come and go as they pleased.

Chen Ming reached the guard at the gate who, getting the notice, got out of their way and let them enter. Since Silver Wing was bored out of his mind, he also tagged along.

The auction might start later, but the city was still lively, with many fiends selling their wares.

Chen Ming looked around and found patrols at every corner, so nothing bad should be happening. He tossed his storage ring to Zhuo Qingyao, with four hundred thousand spirit stones inside, “Qingyao, take your juniors for a walk. Just buy anything you find to your liking since there are four hundred thousand spirit stones inside.”

Zhuo Qingyao didn’t refuse. Wasn’t it normal for the four to hold on their Master’s belongings?

With the three in tow, she proceeded to go window shopping.

Chen Ming took advantage of this free time and went with Silver Wing to a tavern. He ordered some dishes and was ready to drink here for a while. With the chance to relax, he had no intention to stroll around and buy things. He wasn’t a Main Character, turning everything he bought into treasures.

He enjoyed the meal with Silver Wing, then glared at him as he was pouring him wine, “What’s so great about wine, give me fruit juice!”

Silver Wing was puzzled, “Mountain Lord, what’s fruit juice?”

It stunned Chen Ming, Ah, they don’t have fruit juice here. “Um, then give me fruit wine.”

Silver Wing poured him fruit wine, which Chen Ming proceeded to taste, Hmm, sweet and sour, not a bad taste. It only lacks alcohol, it’s not strong enough.

He then tried Silver Wing’s cup, Pretty much beer. What’s so great about these drinks?

A black-clothed group entered the tavern, all in human form, and at the lead was a young girl. The black outfit hugged her body, fully emphasizing her curves, while a black veil hid her face, but not those sharp, clear and pure eyes.

The girl sat across from Chen Ming as a black-clothed attendant whispered in her ear. The girl’s two charming pupils landed on Chen Ming, dressed in an azure Daoist robe and holding a green horsetail whisk.

Silver Wing had a wicked smile directed at Chen Ming, “Mountain Lord, Mountain Lord, a girl is looking at me!”

Chen Ming glared at him, It’s just looking, what’s there to fuss about?

Silver Wing continued, “I can sense a deep look in her eyes when she glances at me.”

Chen Ming peaked outside, Ah, spring isn’t here yet.

A fragrant wind came from next to Chen Ming, as the black-clothed girl sat near him. She didn’t look older than eighteen, and gazed at Chen Ming, “Fellow Daoist has also come to participate in the auction?”

Chen Ming eyed this girl, Not a bad figure, same for her eyes. “One who has a big chest has a small brain indeed. Why would I come if not for the auction?”

She was stunned for words, it was the first time someone spoke to her like that. All the other men fawned over her without exceptions. But Chen Ming was very indolent in his attitude and speech. The girl looked at Silver Wing to see him whipping the drool from his mouth, That’s the normal reaction.

The girl smiled in embarrassment, “Fellow Daoist is so funny!”

Chen Ming disinclined to reason with her. He had seen far too many trying what she was tempting. He had his fill.

The girl said, “It must be fate that allowed us to meet. A cup for fellow Daoist.”

When lifting the cup, presumably from carelessness, it spilled on Chen Ming’s robe. The girl panicked, “Forgive me, I was clumsy and dirtied your clothes. Let me wipe it off.”

She lowered her head, showcasing the deep white ravine on her chest to Chen Ming’s eyes. He grabbed her hand and said flatly, “No need, my robe is waterproof.”

The girl saw how the traces of the spill disappeared, leaving nothing behind.

She smiled in embarrassment, “Fellow Daoist’s robe must be of ingenious craftsmanship.”

Chen Ming had no care for small talk, “You should know who I am. Speak, why is your purpose here?”

She smiled, “You’re jesting fellow Daoist. I’ve lived a simple life, how can I know fellow Daoist’s identity? ”

Chen Ming pointed at Silver Wing, “This dunce shows no restraint with his Divine Palace energy, and me, I’m just a Dao Initiation realm cultivator. Despite taking human form, how can I compare with this fool’s might? But then you come along next to me, totally ignoring the fool, and started talking with me. You tell me if nothing is suspicious. ”

The girl bowed, “The Lord of Yan Mountain is wise beyond words. This lady won’t waste your time and say her request. I want to ask the Lord of Yan Mountain to bring me to the auction. There is a family heirloom sold there that I want to buy. But, sadly, I do not have the right to enter. If Lord is willing, this lady will gift you with a million spirit stones.”

Chen Ming roamed his eyes over her veil, “I don’t like talking with strangers. If you will remove the veil and take a walk with me around Purple Mountain, I will consider it.”

The girl was dazed, “Forgive me, but if this veil falls, it will bring endless troubles. Sometimes, beauty is a crime.”

Chen Ming waved his hand, “Then let’s leave it at that.”

The girl: …

Weren’t common men always curious about my appearance?

There was a sudden disturbance outside the tavern, “Did you hear? A fight is about to break out in the gambling house!”

“What? But the gambling house is overseen by Grand Archfiend Long River’s son. Who dares to make a ruckus there?”

“Ah, I don’t know! I heard they are two youngsters and two girls!”

Chen Ming reckoned Zhuo Qingyao and the rest might have stirred up the place. He got up, “Silver Wing, let’s go. We need to check if Zhuo Qingyao is in any danger.”

Chen Ming and Silver Wing left the tavern, with the girl trailing behind them, “Mountain Lord, this lady might be frail, but I offer you my help.”

The girl picked up the pace as she walked next to him. Silver Wing was tactful enough to fall back, leaving the two to walk together.