Chapter 128: I Suddenly Got in the Mood

Chen Ming couldn’t make heads or tails of this girl, It seems she wasn’t taken by my dashing good looks.

Just what is her motive?

I’ll just have to wait and see I guess.

Arriving outside the gambling house, Chen Ming saw Zhuo Qingyao looking detached from a distance with her arms crossed. Chen Lingyu was also cold. Ah, it was night, so it should be Chen Yu.

Inside the gambling house, the place was on the verge of erupting. Many fiends came to see just who had the gal to look for trouble here.

Chen Ming walked behind Zhuo Qingyao, “What’s going on?”

“Ling Xian said this place looked fun so he came to bet spirit stones. We saw how he won quite a sum, while his opponents were steadily losing. After winning a million spirit stones, the head of the gambling house refused to pay him.”

Chen Ming’s thought, Ah, this is the right way to use the Luck Aura!

Chen Ming asked, “And now?”

Zhuo Qingyao coldly rolled her eyes, “Now, Li Suyi and Ling Xian are arguing who should beat up the head of the house, to hand over our winnings.”

Her eyes stopped next to Chen Ming, Eh? It hasn’t been that long and there’s an extra woman next to Master?

Then she remembered what once Chen Ming said to her. Remember, no man is good!

Zhuo Qingyao regarded the black-clothed girl with a cold eye, “Master, who’s the auntie?”

The black-clothed girl: …

Auntie!? Auntie your granddad!

Chen Yu was also fearless, poking where it hurt. She exclaimed when she saw the girl, “This auntie’s figure is really good!”

Was that a compliment? Was it?

Anger grew in the girl’s heart, I will bear it, for Lord Father. And said charmingly, “What a pair of lovely young ladies. But you shouldn’t always be cold as ice, and smile more.”

Zhuo Qingyao and Chen Yu have always been like this, and Chen Ming found nothing wrong with that. But now, Yan Mountain couldn’t afford to fight with another Grand Archfiend. When he heard the gambling house was Grand Archfiend Long River’s son, he didn’t want the trouble to escalate.

Yet he had no interest in getting involved. It was too demeaning of his status.

Inside, Ling Xian and Li Suyi were discussing, “Second senior brother, we need to deal with this guy fast. If head senior sister or fourth junior sister gets involved, there’ll be hell to pay.”

Ling Xian was also thinking along those lines and nodded. But the head of the gambling house, Little Prince, didn’t agree with them and slapped the table, “Where the hell did you bastards come from? Don’t you know who I am?”

Ling Xian, of course, wouldn’t compromise so easily, “This Sect Leader has won the money fair and square. Why aren’t you holding your end?”

The Little Prince laughed evilly, “It seems you don’t want a peaceful understanding and dare show this young master disrespect in Purple Mountain. Fine, I remember that you also brought two girls. The two girls look like divine beauties with amazing grace. After I kill both of you, I will take those two to my bed to liven my mood!”

Ling Xian looked at Li Suyi, “Third junior brother, we gave him the chance to speak, that’s kindness enough. But he isn’t grateful, and leaves us with little choice.”

“If he wants to die, that’s his business. But if he really annoys head senior sister, then how many peaceful days will we have after we return to Yan Mountain?”

Ling Xian faced-palmed, “You make excellent sense!”

Ling Xian rubbed his hands, I’m terribly sorry, this is all for our peaceful days to come!

Ling Xian flew in the air while pointing his finger!

A great noise covered the entire gambling house, as the finger descended and blew Little Prince out of the building!

Little Prince looked through the crowd then fell before an enraged man in a white robe, “Lord Father, Lord Father, you have to seek justice for me! Those guys are threatening your son!”

Long River’s eyes glared fixedly at Ling Xian. He was the one who sent his son flying just now, “Just who dares act unruly in my territory?”

Chen Ming kept silent, but the black-clothed girl stepped forward, “A win is a win, a loss is a loss. Grand Archfiend Long River, are you using your power to push others around?”

Chen Ming quietly observed the ever changing situation, Just who is this girl, daring to speak up to Long River?

Long River inspected the black-clothed girl then let out a dark laugher, “I was wondering who it was. It turns out to be Sovereign’s little princess, Wu Feihua. What, is Sovereign interested in how I handle matters?”

Wu Feihua wanted to wait for the chance next to Chen Ming since he didn’t know her and the other Grand Archfiends were also unaware of who he was. She hoped that when they saw them together, the Grand Archfiends would think something was going on between them.

Even if there wasn’t, the misunderstanding would take root in their hearts.

But Chen Ming was stubborn as a mule. She was left with no other choice than to step in Chen Ming’s stead, giving the impression the Sovereign and Yan Mountain were on good terms.

Chen Ming instantly understood Wu Feihua’s plan, Ugh, this girl is Fiend Sovereign’s daughter, what a bother.

Before Chen Ming had the chance to speak, Long River said, “Wu Feihua, you want to make it hard for me just for a couple of brats?”

Wu Feihua softly laughed, “How easy for you, Long River, to think of them as simple brats. Did you know that these brats are the four Sect Leaders of Yan Mountain?”

Long River was caught by surprise. He looked at Zhuo Qingyao and the rest, These four fellows are from Yan Mountain, that new up and coming, Moon Fiend’s killer, Grand Archfiend Chen Ming’s disciples! And now, Wu Feihua is helping them. Could it be that Yan Mountain was under Fiend Sovereign?

No wonder Yan Mountain killed Moon Fiend, it was because they had Fiend Sovereign’s silent support!

Long River thought he saw through everything in that instant, but then saw how Zhuo Qingyao pulled her sword on Wu Feihua, “Yan Mountain’s matters are not for the Sovereign to but in!”

The fiends around them stood dumbfounded, Long River included. He just didn’t understand, Could it be that Wu Feihua isn’t doing this to help Yan Mountain?

Why would Yan Mountain’s Head Sect Leader pull out her sword all of a sudden?

Wu Feihua’s hand pressed on Zhuo Qingyao’s sword, “Child, it’s not good to always resort to violence. Ah, even if it doesn’t bother me, you shouldn’t pull out your sword!”

Zhuo Qingyao smiled, “You’re right, it’s just that I suddenly got in the mood, so I want to challenge you.”

The crowd went wild. Zhuo Qingyao had no fiend energy on her, she was a human. And a Dao Sense realm one at that. A fifteen years old young lady wanted to challenge Wu Feihua!