Wu Feihua, with her exquisite appearance, could be called an outstanding beauty. But what she was most famous for was her talent, reaching the King rank at eighteen years, and becoming a proud genius to walk this earth. This degree of talent in Myriad Mountains, one that appeared once in the last thousand years, belonged to one person only, hers.

“I didn’t mishear, right? That little miss wants to challenge Princess Wu Feihua!”

“A Dao Sense realm challenging an Archfiend…”

“An atrocious talent of Dao Sense realm at fifteen years dares to challenge Wu Feihua!”

Long River didn’t understand, No way! Does Yan Mountain have to be so fierce in showing their stance with the Sovereign? They are letting a Dao Sense realm little miss challenge a once in a thousand Wu Feihua!

Little Prince wasn’t one to start being nosy now. His thought, Ah, this fight is worth watching!

Ling Xian and Li Suyi came out of the gambling house they just wrecked. Ling Xian was ready to enjoy everyone’s respecting gaze on him, but those looks were all focused on his head senior sister and a black-clothed girl. Seeing Chen Yu on the side, he asked, “Fourth junior sister, what’s the situation?”

Chen Yu laughed, eagerly waiting for Zhuo Qingyao to start. They have never seen head senior sister pull out all the stops in a fight, “Head senior sister is challenging Fiend Sovereign’s daughter.”

Ling Xian pulled Li Suyi over, “Third junior brother, quickly take out the seeds. Head senior sister is about to start!”

Li Suyi brought three wooden seats, “Don’t be hasty, second senior brother, I even packed some wooden chairs for this!”

Ling Xian was cracking seed as he enjoyed the view, “Everyday head senior sister smack us around, and now we get to see others getting the same treatment!”

All the fiends around them threw weird glances at them, No way! Your head senior sister is looking to die challenging Wu Feihua and you three juniors don’t go to stop her, but instead sit on chairs and crack seeds?

Are you all under the same Master

You have such immense hatred that you’re so relaxed while enjoying the show?

Chen Ming and Silver Wing went and sat together with those three seed-cracking kids. Li Suyi fished some seeds from his pocket and gestured towards Chen Ming, “Master, here’s some seeds!”

All eyes were on him, Is this the one rumored to be the recently emerged Lord of Yan Mountain? Just where does he look like a Butcher of Kings?’

Hold on, why is he also cracking seeds?

The Dao Sense realm young miss is really his disciple? With a Dao Sense realm challenging an Archfiend, he, as a Master, isn’t showing any concern and cracks seeds instead.

Long River was baffled, and gave Little Prince a kick in the rear, “Useless thing, why haven’t you already brought a chair next to the Lord of Yan Mountain?”

Long River sat on the chair brought by Little Prince next to Chen Ming and cupped his hands, “My humble name is Long River. I offer my apologies for this mongrel offending fellow Daoist!”

Chen Ming nodded, not in the least beat caring. And so, the two Grand Archfiend sat in the street, face to face, and cracking seeds. Long River looked long at Zhuo Qingyao. She looked to be of fifteen years and still at Dao Sense realm. This talent was as commons as it got in Myriad Mountains. He said, “Your disciple is still soo young. If she were to truly fight, the result would be unappealing.”

Chen Ming did some thinking, It does ring true. To other disciples outside Yan Mountain, Zhuo Qingyao was neither hard no light on them, “It seems the outcome might be a tad undesirable.”

Then Chen Ming resumed cracking seeds.

Long River was dazed by this, Didn’t you just say the outcome will be undesirable? Why dit you went back to cracking seeds?

Shouldn’t you move to stop it?

Then Long River heard Ling Xian and Li Suyi started placing bets. The first said, “I think head senior sister can deal with this woman in thirty moves!”

Li Suyi said, “Thirty? You exaggerate! Won’t it be more like fifty?”

“What? You haven’t been smacked around by head senior sister lately! If I lose the bet, I will eat ten pill bottles!”

Li Suyi wasn’t one to back down, “It’s a deal then, who’s afraid of losing?”

Long River looked at Yan Mountain’s group, The more I look the stupider they seem. You think that Dao Sense realm young miss will win against an Archfiend? He then turned to Chen Ming, “Have your disciples never left Yan Mountain?”

Chen Ming nodded, “Yeah, they were pretty much cooped up!”

Long River let a sound of amazement, I see it now. So their just a bunch of kids who haven’t seen the world. That can be expected since, with the sudden rise of Yan Mountain, its disciples are oblivious to the difference between an Archfiend and a Dao Sense realm cultivator. Um-hum.

Um-hum my ass!

Don’t all cultivators know the difference between a Dao Sense realm and an Archfiend?

Wu Feihua’s voice came out as clear and soft as water when she spoke to Zhuo Qingyao, “Little girl, you should know your limits.”

Zhuo Qingyao took a moment to contemplate, “You’re an Archfiend?”

Wu Feihua gave a smile and a nod, “Yep, most people know I’m an Archfiend.”

Zhuo Qingyao then asked, “You haven’t reached the Divine Palace stage yet, right?”

Wu Feihua was caught off guard, “Um, not yet, why?”

Zhuo Qingyao nodded, “Then it’s fine. Come, let’s trade some blows!”

Wu Feihua was put on the spot. You mean to say she didn’t have any choice but to use her Archfiend might and suppress a Dao Sense realm disciple of Yan Mountain?

A powerful energy wave came from afar, making the eyes of Chen Ming and Long River flash. The man had a white wolf pelt draped over him and a long sword scar on his face, further emphasizing his evil demeanor. Long River whispered, “That is Sovereign’s number one loyal dog, Sinister Moon Wolf. He is also the Sovereign’s only Grand Archfiend.”

Chen Ming nodded.

Sinister Moon Wolf walked beside Wu Feihua and whispered, “Princess, you are still young. A Grand Archfiend walked a path of blood and carnage to earn his rank, how can he fall so easily in another’s trap? Since Yan Mountain refused our kindness, then we don’t need to fret shaming them.”

Wu Feihua nodded, “Yes, Commander!”

Wu Feihua smiled as she gracefully made a full circle around Zhuo Qingyao, “Since little girl insists on fighting a losing battle, then I am willing to indulge you. But please be careful little girl, I will make sure not to go to hard on you, so as not take your life! ”

Zhuo Qingyao put away her sword since the other accepted her challenge and there was no longer any need to point it. That was the same as saying that she followed the path of the sword. It shouldn’t affect the whole battle, but Zhuo Qingyao wanted to defeat the other as soon as possible.

You think you are worthy of standing beside Master?

Zhuo Qingyao asked Chen Ming, “Master, I severed almost all my thoughts, but there is one that I have yet to banish.”

Chen Ming smiled as he asked, in the same way as when he first met her, “Are you certain you can’t severe it?”

Zhuo Qingyao nodded.

Chen Ming smiled, Never would I have thought this little lass would be just a fraction away from reaching the One With the World stage. Chen Ming formed ten Dao Seeds, comprehended Dao ten times, and even became One With the World inside the Eight Extremes Array. He couldn’t be more clear of what this stage entailed. He spoke, “If there are no thoughts left withing you, then are you any different from a walking corpse? You severed all but one. Since you cannot resolve it, that thought represents your sword. Merge it with your sword, pour all your notions within it, and that is the One With the World stage!”

Zhuo Qingyao nodded. She unsheathed her sword and began to move it with a single though in mind.