The temple lord was no fool, The sheer size of this fire will turn night into daylight for a distance of ten li, “Chen Ming is mad! He used fire to wipe out my hundred thousand men army; isn’t he afraid of burning the empire? Did he know I was here and used such a risky move?”

“No, I’m not worth the southern area. But it’s too late now, the fire is already raging. Hall Masters, quickly put out the fire! Clear a path and break out!”

The ten-odd hall masters acted immediately. Only they could do it now, using their spiritual power to defend against the flames.

Send soldiers to bring water from the river? Don’t joke around! First of all, wouldn’t these soldiers burn to death before they could even approach it?

As Chen Ming flew through the flames, he saw a black-clothed man waving his hand as he used all his strength to put out the fire. A single palm created a storm that erased three-zhang-tall flames. Behind him were over forty men doing the same thing, clearing a path for the soldiers.

“Ding! Host has entered the battlefield, started the death toll. Once it passes 1000, host will obtain the Thousand Man-Slayer achievement.”

Chen Ming thought, So this was also possible. Let’s see if killing a thousand men will change my fate as cannon fodder. He would never throw away a chance at earning fame.

Chen Ming waved his hand, “Kill!”

He flew toward a hall master and jumped down. As the Lustrous King Sword landed in his hand, he advanced, with each step leaving deep gouges on the ground. The next moment found Chen Ming in front of the hall master, brandishing his sword. The sword flashed with a cold light splitting the sea of fire!

The hall master wore two golden gloves and worked his explosive spiritual power through his hands, then bellowed, “Wind Palm!”

The sword created sparks as it met his golden gloves, but Chen Ming stood his ground while the hall master retreated several steps. His hands were shaking, with blood dripping from them.

Such a mighty sword strike!

The hall master found something amiss. They had the same cultivation, but he couldn’t even block it, “Not only did you formed the Sword Heart, but you’re also a hardship cultivator, developing the body!”

Chen Ming had no interest in speaking to him. The Lustrous King Sword Heart inside of him trembled and sword energy gathered on his sword. He had no interest in trading blows, like the Main Character in novels. He then struck down with his best strike.

he didn’t have an aura of eternal life, and once dead, he’d stay dead.

This was a battle, and in battle, all it mattered was to kill your opponent.

Didn’t killing in one blow show how superior he was when compared to his enemy?

Chen Ming walked forward, while the Lustrous King Sword exploded with sword energy. When he was ten steps away, he charged, covering the distance in an instant, the shouted in his heart “Overlord’s Rule!”

From inaction, he erupted with his best strike!

To finish it in one move!

Lustrous King Sword felt his killing intent and hummed, spreading its white sword energy everywhere as it struck down on hall master’s gloves.

His chopped of hands flowed with blood. The strike continued by cutting through his gloves, arms and then his body into two parts. The torn corpse was enveloped by flames and become ash in the raging inferno.

“Ding! Death toll: 1. Killed a 2nd stage Dao Initiation realm cultivator. Obtained 20 spiritual knowledge points.

Chen Ming saw that the thirty Relentless Tiger Guards split into fighting two against one. But because the charge through the fire used some of their spiritual power reserves, it wasn’t clear if they could win.

Chen Ming walked through the heat and when he met two Relentless Tiger Guards in a deadlock with a hall master, he waited for the chance when the hall master blocked, then hurled his spinning sword at him. The defenseless hall master was torn apart as the sword went through him.

Chen Ming acted like a death god in this inferno. Each place he passed now had a hall master’s corpse.

The strongest hall masters had the 2nd stage Dao Initiation realm cultivation, while the rest were a stage lower. They posed no obstacle to Chen Ming, not to mention they were confronting two Relentless Tiger Guards.

Of the fourteen hall masters, Chen Ming alone killed twelve, earning him 220 spiritual knowledge points.

Chen Ming silently asked, “How many spiritual knowledge points do I need to reach 3rd stage Dao Initiation realm?”

“1030 spiritual knowledge points.”

He didn’t know what reward Thousand-Men Killer would have, but he believed it to be significant.

Chen Ming saw the soldiers breaking away in fear and clutched his weapon, now dripping with blood, then jumped between them.

The five-foot-long Lustrous King Sword danced in his hands, each swing taking a life. Blood drenched the white sword, while his immaculate clothes sported countless bloody stains.

Chen Ming pressed on; it was like he wasn’t killing people but piling up the death toll.

As it spread, the fire scorched countless Murdering Temple soldiers to death, but it wasn’t going to last forever. And when the enemy troops walked out of the fire, the fierce tiger cavalry laid wait for them to show up. The generals readied their weapons, perhaps in apathy, and shouted, “Kill!”

Chen Ming had an inferno at his back and the enemy in front. The soldier had only escape in their minds, as even if they were to fight back, the only one there were ordinary soldiers and Dao Sense realm cultivators. But when their opponent was Chen Ming, the only option was to flee.

Chen Ming skillfully wielded Lustrous King Sword, as he danced among the enemy, killing without restraint or remorse!

Blood began dripping from his hair, making him feel sticky.

But none of it mattered as he had to keep on slaughtering.

His bloody sword erupted with sword energy as he was standing in front of the fire, killing any that came out.