At that moment, the entire city was turned upside down. All the swords, be it in someone’s hands or at their waist, began to tremble.

As if they were afraid, as if they were venerating.

Wu Feihua regarded the frail Zhuo Qingyao as the Fairy Sword slowly came out from its sheath.

Wu Feihua could feel the chillness from within that sword nipping at her skin. What did that sword sheath hide inside?

To be perfectly honest, she envied Zhuo Qingyao’s talent in the sword Dao. Why did it feel like the sword came alive?

Sinister Moon Wolf looked towards Zhuo Qingyao, not in the least bit credulous she achieved the One With the World stage. The only one to step in this stage, in the entire Myriad Mountains, was the Sovereign.

He believed this was one of Chen Ming’s tricks.

It was the same for everyone else. She was just a fifteen-year-old young miss, a Dao Sense realm young miss to be exact.

This sword of mine disregards the common people, disregards demons or gods, disregards wright or wrong. The only thing it cares about are three words: first under heaven!

Then they saw the clear sword radiance sweeping the surroundings. The sword left the sheath as if it was cutting away at heaven and earth. This didn’t look like a sword a young miss would use, because this sword was overbearing in its might, cold and desolate.

A sword made itself noticed, brimming with boundless power.

Purple Mountain now had a different color as the sword energy surged tens of zhangs higher each time. Zhuo Qingyao held the Fairy Sword in her hand, and when it reached its peak, she dropped the immense blade down.

Wu Feihua’s eyes showed a trace of anxiety. She could sense the power behind that sword, and even became dazed beneath it. She just couldn’t believe a Dao Sense realm could reveal such might.

From her forehead, a strand of hair fell.

Zhuo Qingyao’s sword halted at her shoulder, then quietly withdrew it and walked away, “And to think I thought you were strong. Yet you can’t even take a hit.”

Zhuo Qingyao walked to Chen Ming and stood quietly behind him as if all that happened was of no significance.

Li Suyi and Ling Xian’s gazes met, coming to realize why Zhuo Qingyao was the head senior sister. Mommy! Head senior sister is more and more terrifying.

One sword concluded the battle.

They knew she would win, but never in their wildest dreams would they guess she would win so flawlessly.

Chen Ming carefully sensed Zhuo Qingyao’s sword energy. It was the one left behind by the skeleton on the wooden boat.

The place sank into a deafening silence.

Sinister Moon Wolf’s eyes leaked killing intent when they landed on Zhuo Qingyao. It spread everywhere, lifting even the snow on the ground, as the wind blew stronger. The Great Fiends around him got out of the way, not willing to risk it staying there any longer.

Sinister Moon Wolf’s eyes moved to Chen Ming standing in front of her, and, in the next moment, the violent killing intent vanished without a trace.

He couldn’t see through him. In his eyes, Chen Ming was only at the Dao Initiation realm.

It was true that a Dao Initiation realm was a mere ant before him, but just now, that Dao Sense realm young miss had achieved Unity. She crushed Myriad Mountains’ greatest talent, Wu Feihua. To the point that she couldn’t even gather the courage to face that one sword.

Sinister Moon Wolf held Wu Feihua, “Princess, we should go.”

With his support, the two left.

Once outside Purple Mountain, Sinister Moon Wolf asked, “Princess, what did you saw in that sword?”

Wu Feihua took a deep breath, “I saw that young miss’ Dao Heart, one that had only three words: first under heaven.”

“This person shouldn’t appear here. We need to report this to the Sovereign. The time we need to unify Myriad Mountains is not enough. Next time, I hope you can find the courage to face her.”

Wu Feihua nodded, “Don’t kill her. My Dao Heart isn’t steady and this will become the demon blocking my path of cultivation.”

Zhuo Qingyao was standing near Chen Ming, he sword sheathed, while Long River’s son, Little Prince was shaking in his boots. Did he just come close to offending that demon?

A scary silence pervaded the air.

Be it Great Fiend or Archfiend, fear lingered in the hearts of all around them.

Chen Ming’s laughter broke the stillness, “My poor disciple has no manners. I made you witness a shameful display!”

Long River only now recovered from his stupor. From now on, Myriad Mountains’ number one genius has changed, no doubt about it. Even he was finding it hard to believe a single sword would determine the outcome of this battle.

For Chen Ming to teach such a genius disciple, it went without saying that he killed Moon Fiend.

Long River smiled, “A great disciple has a great Master. Dear little brother, you give us, Grand Archfiends, much honor!”

Chen Ming cupped his hands, “You’re far too kind. But we should now go back to the topic of that million spirit stones my poor disciple won!”

How could they not get the spirit stones they earned fair and square?

Long River laughed, “Dear little brother, we are the same, you and I, fighting the Sovereign side by side. A mere million spirit stones are of no importance.”

Chen Ming said, “If we are brothers then, of course, I wouldn’t mind it. But this is regarding my little disciple. Brother Long River, do you mean to oppress the young? ”

Long River grew furious, “So what if I am?”

Chen Ming eyed him carefully, Are all Grand Archfiends this shameless?

Long River had no remorse, “What are you looking at me for?”

Chen Ming said, “Nothing much, just that your style just now and the yet to be dead Moon Fiend are somewhat similar.”

Little guy’s cheeks trembled, “Fine! You four, follow me…”

Long River just remembered that Chen Ming had a Grand Archfiend kill under his belt.

The four kids went with him to receive their winnings. Chen Ming wasn’t that comfortable since Sovereign’s daughter and his number one dog were in town. The situation was devolving increasingly faster.

After that battle, Yan Mountain’s fame spread to each corner of Myriad Mountains, but the title of the number one genius wasn’t a trivial matter.

Practically the whole Myriad Mountains knew of this event. And what was baffling was that this number one genius of Myriad Mountains was just a Dao Sense realm cultivator.

And since that Yan Mountain was a new power, unknown to everyone, it had all kinds of rumors flying around about it.

Chen Ming led his four little guys on a stroll around town, when Ling Xian saw a gambling house in front, “Third junior brother, head senior sister, fourth junior sister, how about we go in and bet for a round or two?”

Chen Yu was one who didn’t know what fear was, “Uh, it’s not that we can’t, but that we never lose.”

Chen Ming glared at the four, Can’t you four be still for a second? Ling Xian switched topics on the fly, “Ah, the sunrise is so beautiful!”

Li Suyi approved, “The warm sun makes me feel so comfortable.”

Chen Ming said, “Don’t make a scene and look around to see if there’s anything you want to buy.”