Chapter 131: I’m Worried About my Useless Son

As they strolled around Purple Mountain, they stumbled across many things. Ling Xian pointed at a flying sword from a stall, “How much is this?”

The stall owner’s eyes flashed golden when they landed on Ling Xian, “Young hero has great eyes. This flying sword has a great history. It was once an Archfiend’s weapon. It is said that as long as you hold it, you will become a King rank!”

Chen Ming looked it over but found nothing special about it. He only heard the owner trying to dupe him by showing it off.

But Chen Ming had a composed manner, since with Ling Xian’s ring grandpa and all.

Ling Xian and the owner haggled the price, then the later picked up a small wooden cauldron, “How about this, buy the flying sword and you get this little toy for free!”

The stall owner saw he was about to sell the flying sword, so without much thought, he threw the small wooden cauldron into the deal.

The five of them walked a bit further when Chen Ming reached for the cauldron to fiddle with it, “Eh!? This small wooden cauldron has a trace of Grand Dao inside!”

Ling Xian smiled, “Master, this trace is of great benefit to my Dao Canon cultivation. Cultivating the Dao Canon is just too slow!”

The wooden cauldron soon became pieces in Chen Ming’s hand. He had the Limitless Dao Body, and thus sensitive to traces of Grand Daos. He went and extracted the trace from the wooden cauldron and new it was of the purest trace of Grand Dao. He inserted some of his spiritual energy into it, who took it and filtered it into a very pure form.

Chen Ming pulled Ling Xian over and with a slap, he put it into his body, “You are unable to control this Grand Dao trace for now. Let it grow within your Dao Palace, and when you cultivate, you only need to absorb spiritual energy, not refine it.”

Ling Xian bowed, “Many thanks, Master!”

This Grand Dao trace was a treasure, and a precious one at that, especially for Ling Xian. After all, cultivating the Dao Canon was as slow as it got, allowing Li Suyi to surpass him.

With this trace, Ling Xian’s speed should speed up quite a bit.

Resuming their stroll, Li Suyi showed disinterest. It looked like he wanted the things from the auction.

Chen Yu, on the other hand, seemed piqued by a strange willow branch. It was pitch-black at the tail, yet with a vibrant green bud at the top.

After a bout of haggling, they bought it at three hundred spirit stones.

Chen Ming didn’t make out much of it, just that it contained the power of death and the force of life. Truly strange. “When we get back and grow it, maybe it will reveal something of interest.”

As they walked around Purple Mountain, Zhuo Qingyao and Chen Yu bought a ton of stuff. Not all were treasures, you know. No no no, they were all stylish clothes, jewelry and the like.

A woman’s talent couldn’t be taught.

They stayed in the place arranged by Jin An and, two days later, the auction started right on schedule. Chen Ming was rather curious about what item got Li Suyi so eager.

With the invitation in hand, he arrived at one of the ten most lavishing rooms. Chen Ming took a seat as a Great Fiend prepared drinks and fruits.

Chen Ming waited patiently for the official start of the auction. On the stage, a beautiful woman dressed in a red dress, and showing her white legs, made her way on the stage, “Everyone honors Purple Mountain with your attendance. I won’t detain you for long, as I imagine you are tired of waiting. Let the auction begin! ”

A person came within the room and whispered in Chen Ming’s ear, “Lord Golden Howl is inviting Lord of Yan Mountain for a talk. But please be discreet, since there are many spies of the Sovereign lingering about.”

Then he left a black robe in Chen Ming’s hand.

Chen Ming nodded and gave his storage ring to Zhuo Qingyao, “There are forty million spirit stones inside. If you want to buy something, just shout the price.”

Then Chen Ming donned the black robe and followed after the man.

The things a Main Character bought were all baffling oddities to others. Chen Ming was led to the lowest and normal room.

Inside the tiny room, there were three Grand Archfiends. One was Long River, that he already met, the second was a man with a head filled with wild blond hair, Golden Howl, and the third was someone he never met, White Crane.

Rumor had it that one of White Crane’s ancestors was a mount to an immortal. But the bloodline has declined, leaving behind a mere King in Myriad Mountains.

When he heard of this, Chen Ming’s eyelid acted up. He was a Grand Archfiend of Myriad Mountains, then he went to say his bloodline waned. So why did he have to go so far as to say he was an immortal’s mount?

A carpet laid on the floor, with the Grand Archfiends sitting cross-legged on it. The three were calm, knowing that they were here to talk secret matters.

Chen Ming also went with the flow and sat like them. The four were facing each other and, when he saw the anxious Long River, he asked, “Has the situation become so grave that you are this restless, Long River?”

Long River shook his head, “That’s not it. I was just thinking of that worthless son of mine. Now that I left, he will surely spend spirit stones left and right on useless trinkets!”

It looked like the other Grand Archfiends were the same. They left someone to continue participating in the auction, to let others believe they were still up there.

Golden Howl coughed, “Dear younger brothers, I assume everyone can surmise why I invited you here.”

White Crane said, “What about the other five Grand Archfiends?”

Golden Howl replied, “The other five brothers are too near the Sovereign to come.”

The other three nodded. They were all crystal clear on the Sovereign’s ambition, and since the five Grand Archfiends were too close to him, they were unable to extricate themselves.

Golden Howl continued, “These are troubled times. I just heard an unbelievable rumor, that a ghost corrupted Fiend Sovereign. It promised that as long as he attacked Myriad Mountains, it will confer to him the position of Fiend Sovereign, leader of all fiends beneath in the world.”

White Crane asked, “Ghost? Does the elder brother knows what is the meaning of this ghost?”

Golden Howl shook his head, “Eh? What other meaning can it have?”

White Crane said, “All ghosts are dead, something that does match well with a living being. A ghost is no living thing and can’t be trusted!”

Golden Howl said, “But we can’t convince the Sovereign since the ghost already corrupted him. All we can do for now is to find a way to fend off his attacks.”