Chapter 132: Wind Fiend Patriarch

Golden Howl’s idea was for all of them to stand united against a common enemy, to fend off Sovereign’s attacks.

Golden Howl said, “Rumors are rumors, and Fiend Sovereign has yet to act. We don’t know the truth behind them, but we need to prepare nonetheless. If Fiend Sovereign rebels then we need to unite our forces against him!”

Chen Ming nodded since he had no reason not to agree. Not even twenty Grand Archfiends are certain to fight him off, not to mention nine. Once the front line collapsed it wouldn’t be just a Sovereign charging at them.

Chen Ming wasn’t quite clear on a Sovereign’s power, but based on the saying ‘Sovereign, the kingdom crusher’, he could presume a thing or two.

A fiend army would fight a losing battle against a Sovereign.

After Golden Howl signed an agreement, the three Grand Archfiends scattered.

Returning to his room, he came right on time for the selling of an unknown treasure. It was a yellow bead that, from the auctioneer’s words, all that was special about it was its toughness.

Then Li Suyi’s voice reached his ears, “3.2 million!”

Next came the Little Prince’s voice from the room across from them, “3.3 million!”

Li Suyi didn’t hesitate, “3.4 million!”

The two sides upped the price as Chen Ming asked what was the bead’s base price. Ling Xian’s answer: “A hundred thousand.”

Chen Ming saw the situation was peculiar, Shouldn’t a common and cheap item be easily bought by a Main Character? Why keep bickering with another person?

Chen Ming looked toward the opposite room just in time to hear a painful yell escaping Little Prince’s mouth, “Lord Father, I was wrong. I won’t bid again!”

Ah, so it was that Long River’s failure of a son. He then eyed Li Suyi, “What does this bead do?”

“Master, this bead is called Wind Pearl. There lives a clan of wind fiends in the desert, and their core is precisely like this Wind Pearl. This Wind Pearl is actually the core of the wind fiend patriarch. If we return this pearl to the desert, the wind fiend patriarch will surely give us a great reward.”

Eh? This bead has such amazing use!

Chen Ming asked, “What is the cultivation of that patriarch?”

“Disciple doesn’t know, but when that wind fiend receives this Wind Pearl, and recover his cultivation, he might have the power to rival a Sovereign.”

Chen Ming reckoned that the wind fiend patriarch’s power wasn’t just that of a Sovereign. Since if the might of a Sovereign was so terrifying then Fiend Sovereign would have already acted against him, not to mention being unafraid of facing nine Grand Archfiends.

With this Wind Pearl, he could move the entire Yan Mountain to the middle of the desert. As long as Ghost Immortal didn’t arrive, it would become a place that didn’t act no matter what disasters befell outside.

Chen Ming nodded. No wonder Li Suyi said he wanted to grab this bead, “Continue bidding.”

Li Suyi cupped his hands. “Yes, Master!”

With that nuisance, Little Prince, out of the way. Li Suyi was relaxed in his bidding.

When the bead came and Chen Ming handed the spirit stones, he turned to Li Suyi and asked, “What do you want from that desert?”

“Master, there is an ancient sect within. That Tower of Trials was a part of it and that wind fiend patriarch is its guardian. After its destruction, the patriarch lost his core in that battle. If we can enter the desert, then we will obtain that sect’s legacy. This is of great benefit for the other disciples.”

Chen Ming nodded, “Might it be possible for that ancient sect to have an array? ”

Li Suyi shook his head, “Master, this I do not know. We will need to enter for us to find out. What disciple knows is that this is a sword Dao sect.”

It seemed Li Suyi didn’t know much, but to understand the secret buried in the Yellow Sea they would need to dig it up first.

And Li Suyi had no selfish reasons. He didn’t know what was in there, only that it was a sword Dao sect. He reckoned he fought for that bead out of consideration for Zhuo Qingyao and Chen Lingyu.

The following items that were up for bidding had no use for Chen Ming. There were even some arrays among them but proved worthless in his case.

With the Grand Archfiends private meeting settled, and the Wind Pearl in his pocket, Chen Ming was itching to hit the road. He wanted to know what treasures lay buried in that ancient sect. If he had an array, then his power would jump again.

Once back at the Regalia regiment and with him sitting inside the carriage beside his four dearies, they made their way back to Yan Mountain. After seven-eight days, at the border of the Yellow Sea, Chen Ming told the soldiers to wait as he took his disciples nearby the desert, all the while taking out a bead, the Wind Pearl.

Chen Ming could see through the sandstorm raging in the sky, the sand coming ever closer, a line through which the sand never crossed, filled with calmness.

Chen Ming stepped on the line and after waiting for a few minutes, the sand in the sky took the shape of a huge face, similar to that of a mouse, “Human, you have something that doesn’t belong to you!”

The four disciples were shocked by this strange face, but not too much. They were Yan Mountain’s legacy disciples after all.

Chen Ming asked, “Are you the wind fiend Patriarch?”

The Patriarch laughed, sand spewing from his mouth, “Human, hand over that bead and I will spare your life!”

Chen Ming sat in front of this line, “Since I obtained this bead, I knew it is useful to you. Enough nonsense, I’m not scared of you as I came to talk terms! ”

To be perfectly honest, if it weren’t for the sand not coming close to Ling Xian’s position, Chen Ming would have put him in front of the Patriarch instead. To let the Mind-numbing Aura soften his face a bit!

The Patriarch reflected, “Alright, since you know I can’t leave, speak your terms.”

Chen Ming said, “How’s this? I give you the core and you surrender.”

The Patriarch laughed, “Don’t think you can toy with me, human. Even that Flying Sword Sect that captured me couldn’t subdue me and only made me stand guard over their gate. What makes you think you can?”