With every sweep of the sandstorm, bones fell out of the sky, turning into splinters the moment they struck the desert sands.

The furious winds engulfing the sands slowly formed a large face, spreading across the whole sky, and casting its shadow over all that stood bellow. The wind fiend Patriarch emerged from the darkness, “Human, state your terms!”

A ball of fire popped in Chen Ming’s hand, shining over ten-some zhangs with each pulse, “Maybe we can talk this out.”

Swearing allegiance right off the bat was out of the question it seemed. He said, “I don’t want much, just the whole Flying Sword Sect. And that you won’t harm Yan Mountain’s people.”

The Patriarch’s eyes swept over him, “You’re clearly ignorant on many things, but you’re terms are fair. I accept these conditions.”

Chen Ming stretched his hand and let the Wind Pearl drop from it.

As it touched the sand, the Wind Pearl vanished, “Ah, what a nostalgic feeling. I, the lord over winds and sands, Rushing Wind, have returned!”

A human appearing to be made out of sand walked out of the billowing wind, “I promised the Imperial Sword Sect not to step out over the line they set. I have never left since I was born here, and since we have come to terms, I will hold my end of the deal!”

The sands cleared a path for Chen Ming, making it possible to see a large dune of sand in the distance, “As long as you have some of this sand on you, my children won’t attack you. Wherever the sand falls, the wind is bound to cease.”

Chen Ming just reached his hands for that dune and crammed it into his storage ring. He gave some to his four disciples, then took out some for himself, “Let’s go see the Flying Sword Sect.”

The five traveled through the sandstorm without a worry as the gale settled when it came closer to them, while the sands formed a map in front of Chen Ming. It depicted the Flying Sword Sect, placing it right in the middle of this Yellow Sea. Yet this desert was incredibly huge spanning tens of thousands of li. The part belonging to the Myriad Mountains was only a small corner.

Chen Ming flew with his legacy disciples towards the Flying Sword Sect. With it established in the center of the Yellow Sea, it’s disciples, composed of mostly weak children, didn’t have the strength to cross the desert in their entire lives. Thus the sect formed a wind tunnel, to help pass through these lands quickly. With the help of this tunnel, Chen Ming and the rest rode the winds and three days later they were welcomed with the sight of the Flying Sword Sect.

Yet as far as the eyes could see, there was only sand. As if sensing their arrival, the sands shifted, parting before them and unearthing the ancient sect below.

The sand flowed like a torrential river, letting Chen Ming see the main gate, a hundred zhang tall majestic bronze sword. It extended from the earth to the heavens, with a stone plate hanging around it and the words Flying Sword Sect carved on it.

The sands gathered next to Chen Ming, “Can you see that huge sword?”

He nodded.

The Patriarch’s voice came from the sands, “Its name is Obelisk, ranked third on the Divine Weapons Board.”

Chen Ming asked, “The ancient immortal sects or perhaps an even stronger sect would know of Obelisk being here, right? Why has no one taken it away by now?”

The sand shifted as the voice echoed, “Because no one was able to obtain its approval.”

“Is it hard to gain it?”

“Ha-ha-ha, not at all. As long as you can move it, it is yours. As its name implies, Obelisk, its weight is that of a massive mountain. It is a hundred and eight zhang tall, with each zhang being a mountain. When it was refined, they took the tallest hundred and eight most imposing mountains in this world, preventing the world from ever forming any other dignified mountain. If it wasn’t for this sword, I wouldn’t have lost at the hands of that Flying Sword Sect’s old geezer.”

Zhuo Qingyao regarded the Obelisk, her eyes filled with brilliance, You can take it with enough strength?

Chen Ming looked up to see how the tip pierced the clouds and walked before it. He let his finger touch Obelisk, who trembled upon contact.

The Patriarch’s eyes shook, “This can’t be!”

Chen Ming nodded, It doesn’t seem hard at all to get Obelisk’s approval. He flew into the clouds and grasped its hilt. Then he focused all the power in his body, his blood moving like waves, booming with each heartbeat.


Obelisk inched higher, shaking the entire world with it!

With Obelisk lifted off the ground, Chen Ming wanted to swing it around but it was too hard with the hundred zhang sword, And too heavy. It probably accepted me because of my Nine Nines Mysteries Art cultivation.

It was worthy of only being able to cultivate the Dao Sense realm, to only cultivating the body. It trained the body to the utmost, a cultivation method that sought to transform one’s body into that of a divine being!

Obelisk shrank in Chen Ming’s hands until it was a greatsword just a head taller than him. He landed on the ground and let it drop in Zhuo Qingyao’s hands, “Give it a try, see if you can lift it.”

The wind whistled at the Patriarch’s odd laughter, “It’s lucky enough you received Obelisk’s approval, so how can it give it to this young miss?”

Zhuo Qingyao reached for it, the power of her body surging with each booming heartbeat, searing the ears and causing the other three disciples to recoil, “Head senior sister is as terrifying as ever.”

Obelisk acted smoothly in her hands, not showing any discontent. It was plain to see it approved of Zhuo Qingyao much more than Chen Ming.

Zhuo Qingyao held the now smaller Obelisk, no longer the dreadful weight from before, and executed a few slashes. After setting it on her back, she bowed to Chen Ming, “Many thanks, Master!”

The Patriarch was stunned, For so many years no one was able to take Obelisk away yet, today, this craziness happens, letting Master and disciple have the ability to move it. This was the divine weapon Obelisk’s approval, but it didn’t require one to move a hundred and eight mountains. It went according to one’s realm. Zhuo Qingyao’s cultivation which, if converted to a normal person’s cultivation, would be the peak of the Dao Initiation realm. So Obelisk set a standard cultivator’s cultivation as the requirement.

When it came to Zhuo Qingyao, there was no one in this world of the same realm having such a strong body as her. After all, a standard person had ten meridians, while she had eighty-one, making this a smooth affair.

Chen Ming’s realm was entirely unknown, but he still couldn’t wield Obelisk. Probably because his Nine Nines Mysteries Art cultivation was too low when compared to his current power.

With Obelisk in hand, however you looked at it, Zhuo Qingyao turned into a terrifying power.

Chen Ming and Zhuo Qingyao’s cultivation of Nine Nines Mysteries Art had no difference whatsoever. So how come? Chen Ming could train it, true, but his constitution wasn’t in full accordance with the Nine Nines Mysteries Art. This was why he would never be able to fully use all its power.