But Chen Ming was far above Zhuo Qingyao in regard to understanding the Nine Nines Mysteries Art.

The other three stared at Chen Ming, It’s true. As long as you learn a half-assed move from Master, you can move unhinged throughout the land.

Getting a divine weapon just as they arrived, raised Chen Ming’s expectation of this Flying Sword Sect.

He was ready to step through its main gate.

Then he heard the laughter of the Patriarch, “You think it’s that easy to enter the Flying Sword Sect?”

“Why do you say that?”

“Guarding the Flying Sword Sect is me, of course. No matter what you might think, going inside the true Flying Sword Sect is going to be as hard as scaling the heavens. On the brink of destruction, Flying Sword Sect’s Sect Leader imposed a restriction. Outside the main gate, nine stone tablets are holding nine flying sword arts from the sects’ three hundred and thirty-three. You need to display the nine arts in their entirety two hours after you looked at each tablet, then you can enter. Don’t, and you will trigger the guarding array, Endless Sword Execution Array. Only the descendants of the nine peaks of the Flying Sword Sect can remove this restriction.”

Chen Ming smiled at this, “So I only have to display nine sword arts. It doesn’t sound so hard.”

The Patriarch laughed hard as if he heard a joke, “Even the ancient immortal sects sent its people to try opening the restriction but they all turned back with tail between their legs. Only nine are allowed entry and only one time at that. They not only have to be extraordinary geniuses, but they also have to be geniuses that can comprehend a flying sword art in two hours. Even finding one is a difficult affair, not to mention nine such characters.”

“And so, the only one who can remove the restriction is the Flying Sword Sect’s descendants, but none yet lives. Why else did you think I wanted to give this sect to you? Because you can’t enter!”

Chen Ming laughed, “Only eighteen hours to understand nine flying sword arts. This is too easy.”

Chen Ming then walked towards them.

The Patriarch went on, “Fail and you will be put to death with the Endless Sword Execution Array. Do you know what that means? Not only killed but executed! Not even the founders of the ancient immortal sects can defend against this array. I heard that at the end of their long lives, they came to try removing the restriction, to help future generations. Even the founders only came when their death drew near. And you, who returned the Wind Pearl to me, might still have a chance to live if you turn back now!”

Chen Ming regarded him and said in earnest, “I once said that you, wind fiend, are a Sovereign, yet you have such a narrow view of the world.”

Chen Ming walked in front of the first stone tablet on the stone steps. He roamed his eyes over it and found a few words: ‘Of the world’s sword Dao, half is within my grasp!

Of any swords in this world, half is what I wield!’

This tone is grand indeed. But I like it!

Chen Ming then saw the flying sword art’s name: Whirlwind Sword.

The so-called flying sword art was a way to control the sword as you rode it through the air. Chen Ming checked his merits, ten thousand merits. It was enough. With his merits fewer by a thousand, he flicked the Dao Empyrean Bamboo and a longsword flew, the astonishing Whirlwind Sword!

At that exact moment, Chen Ming was at the Unity stage, as the Whirlwind Sword sends out a fierce wind, blowing away the sand in its path.

The Patriarch stared at him in the drifting gale. He didn’t have a human form, but one would wonder what shocked expression would he make right now if he could take human shape.

Chen Ming climbed another step to the second tablet and waved the Dao Empyrean Bamboo again. A thunderous noise echoed when a sword flew from the horsetail whisk and struck the ground. The sound of thunder still lingered in one’s ears as Chen Ming was at the Unity with this sword too!

Chen Ming resumed his trek, like a leisure walk through his home. He only took a look and then showed the Unity stage again by shacking the Dao Empyrean Bamboo and fully exhibiting the flying sword art’s power.

On the path of the sword Dao, one would first form Sword Energy, then he would make his Sword Heart shine brightly. Going further, he would find himself in the Unity stage, and when he left this stage behind, he would attain the Sword Intent, where one swing of the sword overflowed with boundless power.

The Unity stage was arduous to attain. Just a look at Zhuo Qingyao and one would know. And the other three disciples were aware of how many hardships she had to endure.

Zhuo Qingyao herself couldn’t be clearer on this.

And Chen Ming was at the Unity stage in a single step, and not with just a single sword art either!

When the nine steps ended, along with nine examples of Unity, Chen Ming stood within the Flying Sword Sect. There was no Endless Sword Execution Array, proof that he removed the restriction.

The wind blew unrestrained as the Patriarch witnessed how a single person attained Unity nine times, and each taking only an instant, “For the world to have one with such uncanny perception… Could it be that the ones before weren’t even worthy of stepping on the path of the sword Dao? No wonder Obelisk approved the two of them!”

The four legacy disciples saw for themselves this awe-inspiring scene, further engraving their admiration for Chen Ming into their core. This leg is truly strong! So strong that I can barely hold it!

Chen Ming gave a sidelong glance, noticing the fervent and sparkling glint in their eyes, He-he-he, what’s so great about a Main Character? Don’t they all pay respect to me, Immortal Master Chen?

Ling Xian glanced at Li Suyi, “If he wasn’t our Master, I would have paid my respects again.”

Li Suyi had a lot of experience under his belt, Just why haven’t I met Chen Ming in my previous life? Or at least hear his name? Is it possible that he relives his life and only now his abilities improved tremendously, yet never wanted to reveal himself?

At this, he could only say, “I feel the same!”

Chen Ling had a sweet smile while her eyes sparkled, “Master is so cool!”

Zhuo Qingyao glared at the three plain fellows, “You should also have some talent yourselves! Let’s go, let’s see what this Flying Sword Sect, uh, no, our Yan Mountain has anything useful inside.”

Zhuo Qingyao stepped towards the stone inscription in front of the main gate and carved it with Obelisk. Metal screeched as it tore into the stone until it revealed two words: Yan Mountain.

Chen Ming inspected it, En, this writing is proper, much better than Immortal Master Chen’s. Any writing task will be left for Zhuo Qingyao to handle. Yes, that’s the best choice.

It’s not that I, Immortal Master Chen, is lazy, alright? Just that my writing is ugly and unintelligible.

As of today, Flying Sword Sect belonged to Yan Mountain, something Yan Mountain’s Head Sect Leader, Zhuo Qingyao, wrote personally.