The Patriarch watched as Master and disciples entered the sect, “It would have never been destroyed if the Flying Sword Sect had these people. Even the demonic sect might not win against such a rival.”

“Or maybe, them taking over Flying Sword Sect might no be such a good thing. At least I will have a small chance of leaving here, but will I dare leave when that time comes?”

“My ambition has long been eroded by these endless sands…”

The sandstorm slowly drifted away, revealing a large hall to Chen Ming’s eyes. This should be the receiving hall, where affairs were handled. He would find no treasure in a place like this, where people flowed endlessly through its doors.

Chen Ming resumed walking, straight to the far mountain in the back. What greeted him was a medicine field with incredible spiritual herbs, not like the common ones on Prodigious Fruit Mountain. They were strewn about the place, yet everywhere he looked there was a spiritual herb!

These spiritual herbs were akin to Dao Initiation realm pills!

Dao Sense realm pills needed common ingredients, as common as they get. But a Dao Initiation realm pill had to have a spiritual herb as its main component. As for King ranked pills, it needed to be something even more precious.

Endless amounts of Dao Sense realm pills equaled mass-producing Dao Initiation realm cultivators.

Then what would it mean if every Dao Initiation realm disciple would have countless Dao Initiation realm pills? Well, that would mean mass-producing King rank cultivators of course!

This was a terrifying concept. Even an Archfiend’s power, squeezed of all his wealth, still couldn’t raise more than one successor.

While Yan Mountain had three thousand and six hundred disciples.

A Dao Initiation realm cultivator could eat the Insight Pill. This wasn’t just a mere pill, but already considered a treasure.

Chen Ming and co. walked through the medicine field, when Chen Lingyu squatted to inspect a spiritual herb, “Master, with these spiritual herbs, even if all the sect’s Dao Initiation realm disciples receive a Dao Initiation realm pill every ten days, it will still last us for more than a year and a half.”

Dao Initiation realm pills had a spiritual herb as a basis. A spiritual herb’s medicinal property would have it display its effect even more vigorously and complete than that of a Dao Sense realm pill. An average Dao Initiation realm pill required ten days to a month to completely digest it.

Chen Ming regarded them, Despite there being quite a lot of spiritual herbs, Yan Mountain still can’t bear the expense of raising all its disciples as its successors.

Luckily, there aren’t that many Dao Initiation realm disciples as of yet. There’s no rush, let’s first let them try refining Dao Initiation realm pills.

He then caught how Ling Xian took three fruits from a spiritual tree. Must be because he was afraid of them getting damaged. He then gave one to Zhuo Qingyao and another to Li Suyi. And so, the three kids began enjoying the taste of spiritual fruits in full.

The three entered the medicine field like starving tigers. Chen Ming then came to witness these broken toys eating spiritual fruits left and right.

Chen Ming’s hand slightly trembled, to which Chen Lingyu showed her concern, “Master, what’s wrong?”

He grabbed hold of his right hand with his left, “Nothing, I was just thinking of smacking these three broken toys for a bit.”

Chen Lingyu didn’t care as she continued to check these spiritual herbs, “Oh, I also think that is a serious matter!”

Chen Ming eyed the three gorging on spiritual fruits, seeds and all, and gnashed his teeth, “How long will it last, now that these guys ate this much?”

Chen Lingyu, “A year!”

They wasted half a year of stock in an instant.

It finally came to me why those great sects in the novels always bragged of their awesome top genius. Yet there was no one protecting them when a Main Character came killing.

All those geniuses and whatnot are broken toys through and through. Ah, they can hardly be raised. A sect would only raise one, while I took four…

Chen Lingyu lifted her delicate face, “Should I go tell them something?”

Chen Ming waved his hand, “Never mind, let them eat. If you want a horse to run, you have to stuff it full! Anyway, I’m not one whose only focus is profits, alright?”

Chen Lingyu gave a profound nod. She took a spiritual fruit in each hand then started eating while alternating between them, “En, Master’s the best!”

When they finally got to leave the medicine field, Li Suyi and Ling Xian were burping from the feast, “Third junior brother, I really ate my fill today!”

“Yeah, second senior brother, with Yan Mountain’s meager spiritual fruits, I couldn’t only eat on the sly one or two. It doesn’t compare to having a carefree meal!”

“Third junior brother, is that you confessing you pilfered all those missing spiritual fruits?”

“Ha-ha-ha, second senior brother, today’s weather is great! Isn’t it, Master?”

“Third junior brother, what did you say just now?”

“Second senior brother, look how more and more hardworking head senior sister became. We must also do our best!”

Chen Lingyu and Zhuo Qingyao were girls and had enough manners not to disgrace themselves. Chen Ming rolled his eyes, not in the mood to scold Li Suyi and Ling Xian.

As the journey continued, Chen Ming saw a mountain of spiritual swords. The hardest wasn’t having this many spiritual swords, but for all of them to be of high quality.

Chen Ming’s Lustrous King Sword was a spiritual sword of medium quality.

At the top of the sword mountain laid twelve nation weapons, or royal arms. Among these twelve ancient swords, eight stood in the eight cardinal directions, and of another two, one stood in mid-air while the second embedded in the ground. The sword in the sky was completely white, shifting endlessly as if it encompassed all the swords around it. The sword in the ground was of a dark-yellow color, heavy and with an overbearing aura.

Of the last two swords, space shimmered around the first. It had a black blade and looked to be moving in mid-air.

The last one was a wooden sword, and it even had a sprout. It seemed ancient, that it endured the test of time, but otherwise, nothing special about it. Chen Ming inspected it and saw two words engraved on the wooden blade: Autumn Snow.

“Are these the Twelve Obscure Gateways?”

As Chen Ming walked before the sword mountain, he could sense the power of the twelve swords envelop the whole Flying Sword Sect. They were the source of the Endless Sword Execution Array.

He regarded the twelve swords, What a magnificent view that would be when these countless majestic swords would be unsheathed. When I will hold that power in my grasp, there is no place in this world that I, Chen Ming, cannot thread!

Chen Ming circled around the sword mountain and saw in the middle of the array a revolving array disk. It seemed to hold the entire Flying Sword Sect by itself.

He reached to touch it and he knew in an instant, that the mountain of thousands of swords, each had their own sword art!

The swords here weren’t like the ancient sword from the Dao Empyrean Bamboo. The Dao Empyrean Bamboo absorbed the essence of the ancient sword which became just like Moon Fiend said, a broken piece of iron.

But if Dao Empyrean Bamboo’s endless swords would contain the energy of these weapons, then what impressive sight would that unravel?

All living things would be encompassed by the array!

“Twelve Obscure Gateways, the Endless Sword Execution Array? I like it!”