With a thought, thousands of swords would fly, each different than the next.

Of the twelve nation weapons, the eight swords representing the Eight Extremes were named: Boundless Cloud, North Wind, Thunder Clap, Heavenly Brilliance, Unyielding Earth, Soothing Water, Melodious Flame, and Dazzling Gold. The sword hovering in the sky had the name of Heavenly Punishment, the one inserted in the earth Chaotic Ground and the sword trailing in the sky Overflowing Void.

Chen Ming walked by each and every one of these swords, In any case, there’s wind fiend Patriarch watching over Yan Mountain, while he also has an alliance with the other ancient immortal sects. So I’ll just go ahead and refine this sword mountain into the Dao Empyrean Bamboo.

In truth, he couldn’t fully use even one of these twelve swords, since he severely lacked the necessary spiritual power to wield a nation weapon. But it was a whole lot better than those eight spiritual swords he used up till now.

Chen Ming was one of a kind in using nation weapons as spiritual weapons.

But refining these nation weapons into the Dao Empyrean Bamboo was a lengthy process. Chen Ming didn’t have the time, I’ll just leave this array here for now.

And if I just take them without knowing how to control the array, I won’t be able to stop it once it’s set up.

I’ll slowly tackle this problem when Yan Mountain finished moving here.

Chen Ming went in search of Spirit Veins, thinking a powerful sect like the Flying Sword Sect was bound to have many. But he had to face the hard truth. Because no one was there to look after the Spirit Veins, while the wind fiends rained havoc everywhere, the ones left were just two Wind Spirit Veins and their spirits.

Chen Ming soon found two little forms, covered in fine feathers. They panicked at the sight of him and held some unknown stones while running to their Spirit Veins.

Too much time has passed and they forgot their memories regarding humans.

They looked like a couple of small doves. Chen Ming reached into his storage ring and took out a chicken, then set to roasting it in front of the doves to a golden shine. The color, the fragrance, the dripping fat, all were exquisite as he tore a piece from it and taste it, then gave some to the two birds.

The little doves were still much afraid, but the tempting allure of chicken won over in the end. They were deprived of the taste of meat for over eight hundred years and started gorging themselves with the mesmerizing taste of chicken. When they finished, they made doe eyes at Chen Ming, who drew the spirit pact all the while giving them the rest of the roasted meat, until the contract form and he obtained the two Spirit Veins.

With the two little guys perched on his shoulders, he went together with his disciples in search of Flying Sword Sect’s magical arts and cultivation methods. Chen Lingyu saw the doves and snatched one into her deadly clutches, hugging it close to her chest.

Entering the sect’s Scriptures Pavilion, Chen Ming saw the packed bookshelves, covered in a thick layer of dust.

Chen Ming took a book at random and it turned to dust the moment he picked it. The vicissitudes of time took their toll on them. They couldn’t handle such a long voyage in time.

Catching the sight of the four eager to dig into the books, Chen Ming waved for them to stop, “Don’t!”

Then witnessed how thirteen scriptures already turned to dust in the hands of those fellows.

If misfortune would have it and the Endless Sword Execution Array method was among them, I will wring the life out of you all.

Ling Xian said, “Master, these are all common works. They all decayed with time.”

Chen Ming sneered, Nothing’s impossible for Immortal Master Chen. The system lady’s dark skills are more and more diverse. She could even understand Pill Immortal’s handwriting. “Let it go. Each book has its own knowledge of Grand Dao and I can hear their voices.”

Li Suyi was startled, “That also works?”

Chen Ming said, “It is very easy for you to damage these scriptures, wait outside.”

After ushering the four out, then closing the doors behind them, Chen Ming picked a bronze lamp and slowly made his way forward. He already came across more than two hundred flying sword arts, and despite not one of them was at the immortal rank, he did stumble upon nine who allowed one to reach the Sovereign rank.

As for the amount of King ranked cultivation methods, it was over one hundred.

It moved even Chen Ming. A hundred King ranked cultivation methods translated into a hundred Dao Seeds. When he had those Dao Seeds, he could fire immortal arts like fireworks!

If not careful, the enemy would be easily burned by a stray immortal art. That feeling would surely be enjoyable.

As he moved with caution through the books, he asked the system lady when he regarded a scripture, “How many merits do I need to comprehend this scripture?”

While leaning on the system lady for support, Chen Ming was soon privy to the use of these books and soon chanced upon the controlling method of the Endless Sword Execution Array. The name of this method wasn’t the same with that of the array, because the Endless Sword Execution Array was something everyone else came to call it. The true name of this array was Obscure Gates Swordplay.

Speak of this array method, it wasn’t just to handle the array, but also a method for wielding a flying sword. It not only had it integrated into the method but also helped in forming the array’s flying swords.

“Ding! This array method has two stages, Heaven and Earth. To comprehend the Earth stage requires thirty thousand merits, and will result in becoming an earth ranked array master. To comprehend the Heaven stage requires three hundred thousand merits.”

This price was too insane. If he didn’t have so many disciples, this would have turned out to be a serious problem.

For the first stage, he only needed to wait patiently for three months. But as the number of Dao Initiation realm disciples grew, he found how the matters that needed his attention were also rising. Like holding a lecture, for instance, for the new advanced disciples. Or refining pills for them. And even compile books to study.

Flying Sword Sect was a far better place than Yan Mountain. It had an extensive array of tools needed for pill refining and tool refining. And since they were all spiritual weapons, they could endure the vicissitudes of time for hundreds of years, not losing any of their effects.

The Flying Sword Sect was also large enough, or at least a lot more expansive than Yan Mountain. Up to ten times that of Yan Mountain’s lands, according to Chen Ming. But the most important aspect was safety. He would be refining the spiritual weapons in the sword mountain and the twelve nation weapons, something he couldn’t do if he made constant trips to handle Yan Mountain’s affairs.

He took the four legacy disciples back to where the Regalia regiment was stationed, then they all traveled home. Chen Ming summoned Yan Mountain’s key members and convened with the six Archfiends. Black Tiger and Fire Swallow of today were a step away from entering the Divine Palace stage. They forged ahead with great speed, all thanks to the killing tool called Bones of the Taotie.

Chen Ming wanted to first know the extent of the fiend army and its recruiting process. Black Tiger reported, “Mountain Lord, we have finished integrating all the armies of the Archfiends into the Regalia Legion, which has now bolstered its ranks to thirty thousand troops. Yan Mountain Escort Agency also has ten thousand guards. We now have full power over all the armies!”