Chapter 137: Moving House is a Troublesome Matter

Chen Ming smiled, “Very good. We will stop drafting for now, as it will touch upon the other Grand Archfiends’ territory.”

Black Tiger bowed, “Understood!”

Chen Ming turned to Black Python, “How are the men from your Secret Department?”

“They are all the best of the best. With the passing of this drafting, I have exchanged my men with Fiend Generals, one thousand three hundred and twenty-three in all!”

Chen Ming nodded, This amount should be enough. A Secret Department’s missions involve assassinations and spying, not fighting in the war. But they had to have high enough strength to accomplish them, they all had to be elites.

With explosive growth in power, came explosive spending. Only the army for last month needed hundreds of thousand of spirit stones. When Chen Ming first came in contact with this number, he didn’t think it too high. His reasoning went along the line of a Great Fiend’s lifespan. Living for three hundred years, they should be able to continue their service for tens of years, if not even a hundred years.

The spending on disciples was far more vicious, in comparison to the fiend army at least. The times would change when all these disciples could refine Dao Sense realm pills, to the point he would earn a profit each month instead.

He just had to pass through this period, “Call everyone in attendance, as I have an important announcement to make. They should all know of the Yellow Sea, right?”

Black Tiger said, “Mountain Lord is referring to that Archfiend graveyard?”

Chen Ming nodded, “It is called the Archfiend graveyard because a wind fiend Patriarch lives within the Yellow Sea, one whose cultivation is at least that of a Sovereign. But I have an agreement with him, letting me come and go as I please. Moreover, I have discovered an ancient sect within the desert that matches Yan Mountain’s development plan perfectly, safety as it’s number one priority. Therefore, I want to start preparing to move Yan Mountain inside the Yellow Sea, to the ancient sect. What do you all think?”

Black Python asked, “Could Mountain Lord be referring to moving all the cultivators within Yan Mountain’s borders, or just Yan Mountain’s headquarters?”

Chen Ming was confused, “Is there a difference?”

“If everyone will move, it will be a lengthy process….”

“How long?”

“Ten years…”

“Ten years?” Came Chen Ming’s startled response.

“If everyone relocates, then we’ll have to bring all the mortals from those kingdoms. It might take even longer…”

“Too long, take only cultivators. Who is so bored to kill mortals? Moreover, as long as Yan Mountain still stands, who would dare kill the mortal in its lands?”

“That solution will also raise a few issues. Since the strongest in some small kingdoms is only at the Dao Sense realm, they will need more than half a year to cross the desert and return to their home. And that if nothing happens to them along the way… ”

Chen Ming kneaded his chin while frowning, “You mean to say that, when it comes to us, only Dao Initiation realm cultivators can go to our domain in the Yellow Sea.”

“Correct. A Dao Sense realm cultivator has no spiritual power and can’t wield a flying sword. They will have to cross through mountains and forests, a troublesome matter. And there are also many kingdoms left in Southern Border that are not aware of the leadership changed to Yan Mountain. They still raise Moon King Hall’s banners…”

Chen Ming sighed, This is the problem with developing too fast. Getting rich is all based on robbing others, not slowly gathering wealth.

I got it! Chen Ming was struck with the image of a seemingly useless mountain within Flying Sword Sect. Yet this mountain had a lighthouse on top, It felt s as if it was showing the way!

It was precisely for those flying within the sect to not lose their way.

Chen Ming said, “All Dao Initiation realm cultivators from the sects and faction, with the exception of those watching over the Dao Sense realm disciples and the mortal world, are to relocate to the Yellow Sea. The entire Yan Mountain headquarters will move!”

Black Python said, “Moving Yan Mountain’s headquarters won’t require much time. It will be a lot faster than taking the other sects too, three months at most. But I believe the surrendered Archfiends will need half a year.”

Chen Ming could only nod at this since this was Yan Mountain’s internal matter. He could feel that, in half a year, the Dao Initiation realm cultivators on flying swords migration would begin.

Yan Mountain’s disciples needn’t worry. They had different treatment and would be escorted by Regalia Legion.

Three months flashed by and the number of Dao Initiation realm disciples reached three hundred, bringing joy to Chen Ming. He reckoned this first wave of disciples that came out in about a year, would shock the outside world to death. But it was a proud achievement even when it came to an ancient immortal sect.

After all, all of Chen Ming’s plunder was thrown into those Dao Sense realm cultivators. Not even an ancient immortal sect disciple would have such luxury.

But this was to be expected since Chen Ming, seizing the spirit stones of those Grand Archfiends who had a stable living for hundreds of years, was planning to squander the entire amount in two years. This kind of spending was beyond excessive.

All this time Chen Ming kept himself busy. With his level of mastery in alchemy, and with Chen Lingyu’s help, he wrote the Comprehensive Pill Refining Steps.

After all, the pills needed for the Dao Initiation realm cultivators didn’t come out as easy as Dao Sense realm pills.

But Chen Ming wasn’t about to let these fresh Dao Initiation realm disciples make pills. He wanted the first six hundred to be focused on tool refining.

Yan Mountain’s thirty thousand Regalia Legion would one day become a hundred thousand, but they lacked King killing weapons and spiritual armor. A fatal weakness,

These three months, Chen Ming also finished writing the Comprehensive Steps to Refining King Slaying Swords. It consisted of four hundred inscriptions, and each of them mentioned with precise detail. Like the Sharpness, Toughness, Spiritual Power Links, or the Fetters inscriptions.

Sharpness was to give a flying sword a keener edge, Toughness was to give it durability, and there was no need to even mention the Fetters and Spiritual Power Links. A spiritual weapon needed all of these. Fetters wasn’t hard to understand as it limited the movement of an Archfiend. Through the Spiritual Power Surge inscription, one could seal an Archfiend’s control over his spiritual power. Its effect wasn’t pronounced, but when stacked, quantity would become quality.

These disciples began studying all these inscriptions, each with different requirements.