Chen Ming moved through the inferno as his sword slashed left and right, taking a life at each turn.

Some sensed that something was amiss and more than a hundred men drew back their bows into a full moon.

The released arrows flew passed through the wind and towards Chen Ming. The fire shining off of the arrow tips gave them a cold glint, akin to a rain of swords.

Chen Ming launched a wave of sword energy at the rain of arrows, proving once again how ordinary men were powerless before a cultivator.

Chen Ming didn’t plan on wait for the second volley. With his speed, the enemy had no way to lock on to him.

He jumped between them and his sword picked them apart.

A sword light three-zhang-wide flew and over ten people were cut in half!

Chen Ming moved through the fire, leaving a red trail behind him, all the while continuing his slaughter over a distance of li. At the end of his trek, we found him beheading a man as the body fell limply to the ground.

The fire burned everything in its path, leaving only ash behind, as the tiger cavalry moved unhindered through the burned victims, sparing no one.

Flying Tiger Army had also suffered casualties but negligible when compared to the other side.

Flying Tiger Army went through the blaze and cut their way through to Jing Wang Tomb, and standing in front of it was their commander.

Cheng Ming gazed at the stone Jing Wang Tomb, untouched by flames. Three hundred enemies waited for him on the stone stairs leading to its entrance.

With a quick look, Chen Ming found that his death toll was 732.

Flying Tiger Army gathered behind him and a general was preparing to charge but Chen Ming stopped him, “I killed 732. Leave these three hundred to complete my one thousand death toll!”

He already killed 723, how could he let the rest to others? Wouldn’t all this killing be for nothing if he didn’t complete the achievement?

The Flying Tiger Army around him shuddered, Prince already killed 723…

And now he wanted to reach the one thousand death toll!

The army retreated, leaving room for Chen Ming.

Chen Ming waked towards the stone stairs, holding the bloody Lustrous King Sword, and as he touched the first step, a spear came at him. His sword moved, and the spear fell along with the enemy, dyeing the white stair in blood.

Chen Ming pressed on, meeting the charging enemies. It was like he was taking a stroll, taking a life every three steps.

As Chen Ming climbed, the corpses fell, some rolled down, others collapsed on the stairs.

As his killing spree went on, the men felt afraid. They knew winning was out of the question and opted to flee.

Chen Ming cracked his mouth open and smiled, “Where do you think you’re going?”

The Lustrous King Sword left his hand, and under his control, it passed through the chests of the soldiers rushing down the steps.

When it returned to his hand, he no longer had any spiritual power left, but he found himself a hundred men short to complete the achievement. Chen Ming gripped his bloody sword but found it slippery, so he tore a cloth then bound the Lustrous King Sword to his hand and resumed his march.

The remaining enemies at the top of the stairs knew that Chen Ming wouldn’t spare them and chose to fight to the last man.

Chen Ming brandished his sword. I have no spiritual power left, but the power I got from the Nine Nines Mysteries Art is enough to deal with the likes of you!

Chen Ming struck left and right, but it showed no effect from the lack of spiritual power as it still went through the chests of his enemies.

He was tired for fighting the entire night. The only reason he lasted this long was because of the Nine Nines Mysteries Art.

Chen Ming clenched his teeth and continued his killing spree.

No one was spared from the deadly sword Chen Ming wielded. Arriving at the top of the stairs, he looked at the last one, a 5th stage Dao Sense realm cultivator. Before he could even react, Chen Ming planted his sword in the cultivator’s heart.

Chen Ming turned and sat on the top step, resting his hands on the Lustrous King Sword.

Dawn arrived, revealing the blood-covered Chen Ming. His white clothes have now taken on a darker color from all the blood.

Flying Tiger Army watched the bloody Chen Ming and fear gripped their hearts.

“Ding! The death toll passed one thousand. Host completed the achievement Thousand Man-Slayer. Obtained 500 spiritual knowledge points, 100 fame, and the Killer aura. The next rank is Ten Thousand Slaughterer.”

From all the spilled blood on his clothes, a red mist began to rise and penetrated his body. It invaded his every pore, giving him a sense of dread comparable to death.

Chen Ming opened his status.

Name: Chen Ming.

Fame: 105.

Rank: mid-level Cannon Fodder.

Realm: 2nd stage Dao Initiation realm. 1st stage Dao Initiation hardship cultivator.

Constitution: Limitless Dao Body.

Cultivation Methods: Dragon Form Art stage 6/9. (At the 9th stage a Dao Seed is formed). Nine Nines Mysteries Art stage 24/81. (At the 72nd stage a Dao Seed is formed)

Magical Arts: Lustrous King Sword Art, Benevolent Sword Heart.

Dao Seed: None.

Disciples: Zhuo Qingyao.

Merits: 50.

Spiritual knowledge: 1108.

Aura: Killer.

Fate: A year after the Grand World Opening, at the Demon Subjugation Gathering, cut off the hand of demonic Dao Head Disciple Ya Mo.

Killer: Can intimidate people with weak willpower, lowering their morale.

Is this a mistake? I am still a cannon fodder!

But he soon knew it was correct. Most of my kills were common soldiers. If not, I wouldn’t have been able to kill so many.

“Activate Killer aura?”

“Activate!” responded Chen Ming.

The Flying Tiger Army looked at their commander in the light of dawn. In this battle of thirty thousand against a hundred thousand, they won a decisive victory. It was all thanks to Chen Ming’s ingenious plan and valor in battle.

The generals realized they have underestimated Chen Ming. He wasn’t an arrogant trouble making young master, but a divine strategist and a death god on the battlefield.

The generals faced Chen Ming with their hand on their chest and kneeled, “Where Prince’s sword points, blood will be spilled!”

The soldiers followed their generals and showed their loyalty, “Where Prince’s sword points, blood will be spilled!”

But Chen Ming wasn’t intent on accepting their devotion, What the hell am I supposed to do with you lot?, “The temple lord is still alive, and you have time to kneel? Make yourselves useful and find out where he is! Do you people still have time to kneel?”