Sand Scorpion Hall.

Grand Archfiend Sand Scorpion stood in front of the yellow sands, embracing a beauty not only with his left but also his right. This wasn’t within the Yellow Sea at all, but a desert extending outside of it. And Sand Scorpion was its ruler.

Sinister Moon Wolf floated to the ground behind him, “Sand Scorpion, there’s work.”

Sand Scorpion nodded while ignoring him, and sent the two beauties away, “Withdraw.”

Sand Scorpion turned, “Commander Wolf, how many his time?”

“Somewhat more, around a million pills. You must go all-out this time, to avoid others snatching them.”

“That many?”

Even a Grand Archfiend such as he, hearing such a staggering amount of pill, would leave even him speechless.

“Yes, and per the usual rule, from what you steal, half will be Sovereign’s and half yours.”

“I know, and I guarantee success. I will personally lead the attack!”

“Then I’m relieved.”

Sinister Moon Wolf smiled while watching Sand Scorpion assembling his army, “I just don’t know where does Yan Mountain come up with so many pills. Do they grow them? But it changes nothing no matter how many since they’ll all land in Sovereign’s hand. This Yan Mountain has no escape from this!”

Bai Yue glimpsed at the moon hanging high in the sky as he sat in a caravan and sipped wine. Kinda boring. I wonder when they’ll attack? He peaked behind at the merchant party trailing through the desert. The Yan Mountain Escort Agency’s guards were all walking, to hide their cultivation. This gave him some comfort. In any case, with these guards, safety should be guaranteed.

The sands trembled in front, bursting into a full-blown sandstorm, ready to swallow them all. Bai Yue had one thought, They’re here!

But there seemed to be a familiar face leading the charge. It was Sand Scorpion!

It never crossed Bai Yue’s mind that a Grand Archfiend would show up. So the one who snatched their merchant parties was Sand Scorpion!

The confident Bai Yue was now devoid of any will to fight. It wasn’t just Sand Scorpion here, but also ten thousand soldiers behind him. The difference wasn’t large but they had a Grand Archfiend. Having witnessed a Grand Archfiends’ battle, only one thought remained: total annihilation.

Bai Yue turned to the captain of the guards, Silver Wing. Yan Mountain Escort Agency would never usually move in such a large fashion, so Silver Wing was in charge. Since there was no one in the Yan Mountain Escort Agency, he decided to tag along for the trip, “Sir Silver Wing, let’s retreat.”

Silver Wing was about to give his full support on this. In truth, it wasn’t that he couldn’t fight, just that he lacked in the will department. But then recalled Chen Ming order for when he came in charge of Yan Mountain Escort Agency since last time.

Silver Wing could only shake his head. To which Bai Yue said, “Sir Silver Wing, we revoke employing you. Let them take the pills, we can just refine more!”

Over the past year, the Escort Agency helped them a great deal and didn’t want to see it disband because of today.

Silver Wing shook his head, “It’s not that I didn’t thought of that, but the next time they’ll come, they’ll come even harder. I know a saying from Yan Mountain Escort Agency: Yan Mountain Escort Agency is esteemed and prestigious in its work. Where the guards are, people are. If the escorting fails, people die!”

Silver Wing said, “Despite Mountain Lord put on an act when he said it, it’s really imposing! No need to convince me, I want to fight.

He got up and waved, “Everyone, don the armor, take up swords, and get in formation!”

From the common carriages, the guards burst out one after the other, strapped in old Regalia Legion armor, and wielding the first series of King Slaying Swords.

This equipment was left behind by the Regalia Legion once they got the new ones, so it became Yan Mountain Escort Agency’s gear. They might not be as strong as the Regalia Legion, but they were far above the one from a year ago.

Silver Wing shouted at Sand Scorpion, “Sand Scorpion, do you want to be an enemy of Yan Mountain?”

Sand Scorpion guffawed, “Don’t waste your breath, bastard. If I ain’t coming to rob Yan Mountain, why would I bring so many men? For nothing? With so many pills, I would come robing even if it were from two or even three Grand Archfiends, not to mention just one Grand Archfiend!”

Silver Wing raised his silver longsword while jumping on the roof of the biggest carriage, and faced the sandstorm, “What is the Escort Agency’s motto?”

“Yan Mountain Escort Agency is esteemed and prestigious in its work. Where the guards are, people are. If the escorting fails, people die!”

Silver Wing laughed, “Yes, we are Yan Mountain’s number one Escort Agency and we mustn’t lose! Form battalions of five hundred men. All soldiers, charge!”

After Silver Wing’s order fell, they all stood in a daze. A commander? There was no such thing. Besides his last phrase, nothing else was understood. Anyway, he once saw Black Tiger on the battlefield with the three hundred soldiers formation. Since Yan Mountain Escort Agency was lacking, he made them take a five hundred men formation, which should settle all problems.

In an instant, twenty-eight battalions assembled, their scarlet blood aura filling the sky. It blocked the sandstorm in the sky, as they were now both carrying their own battle for supremacy.

Sand Scorpion took everything in with a careful look, feeling a bit of a shock, “What are these guys playing at?”

But Sand Scorpion wasn’t concerned. They might have over ten thousand men, but no King Corps. This meant no Grand Archfiend. Chen Ming was also not there, so when it came to his evaluation of the battle, Why the f*ck are you commanding for?

Didn’t peace end already?

As long as he blocked the enemy’s Archfiends, his own Archfiends would swoop in for the kill. How can Archfiends flying on swords lose?

Sand Scorpion’s cape fluttered in the wind as he waved an order, “Men, kill them!”

With the two armies achieving contact, the sandstorm and the blood aura surged above the battlefield. Every moment booms and claps of thunder shook their ears. Silver Wing watched the clash of the armies as uncertainty crept in his heart. He was aware of Yan Mountain Escort Agency’s power since they were all handpicked by Black Tiger and Black Python. The latest drills with the Regalia Legion showed that three hundred guards matched a Regalia company.

But now he was unsure of the outcome. Silver Wing then heard a commotion behind. It had to be Bai Yue and the thirty-plus Archfiends charging over. They were all wielding King Slaying Swords, along with spiritual armor, the maximum their wealth could buy. With the whole battle situation undecided, as Archfiends, they couldn’t just sit and stare while the Yan Mountain Escort Agency put their lives on the line for their pills, “Sir Silver Wing, lead us to victory!”

Silver Wing mulled it over. If he didn’t find a way to block Sand Scorpion, winning would be unlikely. A Grand Archfiend in this kind of battle was akin to an absolute ruler, “My training regarding Mountain Lord’s King Slaying Sword formation is lacking, but I can still remember Mountain Lord’s order. When surrounding a powerful figure, don’t face it head-on, take distance and use the King Slaying Swords all around him. Since all of you bought a King Slaying Sword, then come with me and let’s try our hand at killing with it!”