Sand flew, the wind whistled, and yet the blood aura was unshakable as a mountain. The twenty-eight battalions caused havoc in their path. An Archfiend noticing the unfavorable turn the battle was taking, flew among the guards, “Just what is blocking a magical art attack? Is it a defensive treasure?”

The moment he stepped among the guards, they all retreated, eliciting laughter from the Archfiend, “What a useless bunch!”

Then, from a certain distance away, the guards threw over a hundred King Slaying Swords at the dogging Archfiend. They might not harm him, but the tens of chains worked to act as confinement. The Archfiend sent his spiritual power through the chains, straight into tens of Great Fiends, sapping them of their strength. He gripped the King Slaying Sword’s chains coming from all around him wanting to brake them. He spread his arms and legs, then pulled.


With a shout, hundreds of flying swords came at him. The Archfiend’s eyes flashed and wanted to tear at these chains, yet soon realized that a strange power lingered within them. It sapped his control of spiritual power!

Then a King Slaying Sword landed on his protective shield of spiritual power, chipping its strength away. Yet there were tens of them following close behind, something his shield was unable to take. With the shield broken and a sluggish control of spiritual power, tens of King Slaying Sword struck his body, “No!”

With a mournful howl, an Archfiend left this world.

Up in the sky, the thirty-plus Archfiends followed Silver Wing in surrounding Sand Scorpion. They unsheathed the King Slaying Swords and let the chains cover the sky. Sand Scorpion sneered and dodged a dozen of them with each movement. But with so many chains, it left him with no way out and it was hard to cope with them all. As he knocked against seven-eight chains, five of them wrapped around him and held him tight. Where these chains needed the full power of his Archfiends to pull away, for Sand Scorpion the chains didn’t seem to affect him much, Eh? Why is my spiritual power slower?

“With such a small effect you home to trap me, Sand Scorpion? Are you looking down on a Grand Archfiend?”

With his left, he grabbed two Archfiends’ chains, and with his right three. Sand Scorpion then waved them like hammers and slammed them into the ground, with cracks spreading from the point of impact.

Silver Wing shouted, “Come on!”

Silver Wing met head-on with Sand Scorpion whose hands were tied. Yet his opponent only kicked and Silver Wing spat blood, but its intended purpose was achieved, that in holding Sand Scorpion in place, as a dozen more chains bound his limbs.

Sand Scorpion’s spiritual power shield erupted, “Since you want to die, then let me help you!”

Sand Scorpion tensed his arms and waved them in the sky as if he was lifting a kite. Yet when they came in contact with the sand, holes littered the desert.

This was a Grand Archfiend’s might, no doubt about it. It was also the reason for becoming a supreme ruler over his region. But Sand Scorpion felt something was off. He hurt them, yes, but he couldn’t manage to get even one kill because of these King Slaying Swords hindering his attacks!

“This trick is quite interesting!”

The fight for control continued. Sand Scorpion ignored the battlefield, thinking that all the opponent’s Archfiends were before him. He also sent his own to help the troops below. How could Archfiends on flying swords lose?

Why would they even lose?

Since these Archfiends wanna play, then let’s play.

On the ground, every place that met with the guards would find themselves settled. With the blood aura covering them, extending into their surroundings, and a King Slaying Sword in hand, they were practically invincible.

Any common Great Fiend didn’t care about incoming magical arts, as the blood aura did its job as a shield. They just had to attack and attack.

It was fine even if an occasional strike slipped through. With spiritual armors, they didn’t fear an attack breaking its defense, and even if they got hurt they would just grab a recovery pill and resume fighting!

Waving their King Slaying Swords at the Archfiends scared them silly!

The next day.

Sand Scorpion started to get pissed at all these unrelenting Archfiends. It was all because these guys were too damn rich, that and a whole bunch of other reasons. They chugged pills by the bottle, while barely leaving Sand Scorpion any chance to take one. He even witnessed them taking pills without batting an eyelid, and ten bottles were soon empty. Have you come to fight, or show off your wealth?

“It’s been a day already, and it’s high time for all of you to die. Now that your time is night, tell me, what’s so great about following Yan Mountain? Wouldn’t it be better to come with me?”

Bai Yue raged, “You know jack sh*t! You simply can’t fathom Yan Mountain’s advantage!”

Sand Scorpion saw the flying sand below, believing his army dealt with Yan Mountain’s men. They would come to his help; any second now.

When the sand settled, his eyes froze. What laid bellow him was a sea of blood.

“What just happened?”

Before he could react, a sword rain fell from the sky on his tangled body, turning each chain into a thousand. His limbs, head and all other part were pulled on by the Great Fiends.

Silver Wing was over the moon with joy, watching this scene in a daze, Hot damn!

A Grand Archfiend was strong, sure, but he’s still just a Grand Archfiend. With a thousand Yan Mountain Escort Agency’s guards pulling together, it looks too easy!

Even if Sand Scorpion was stronger, just let him have his full with thousands of Great Fiends all over him.

Sand Scorpion was wrapped tighter than mummy, not leaving him any room to wiggle. And now, he felt as if he was ripped to pieces…

Bai Yue shook Silver Wing from his stupor, “Sir Silver Wing, what do we do now?”

Silver Wing still couldn’t accept they won. He charged at Sand Scorpion and struck with his sword. Yet before it even touched him, Sand Scorpion was dismembered.

But of course, this wasn’t something Silver Wing was about to point out.

The Archfiends threw him a glance filled with admiration, “Under the command of Sir Silver Wing, we killed a Grand Archfiend!”

“As expected of Sir Silver Wing, second to Mountain Lord in power!”

Silver Wing guarded Yan Mountain and notified Chen Ming with anything he thought it would be of importance to him.

“Sir Silver Wing already has an air of a Grand Archfiend!”

“No one can see through Sir Silver Wing’s command!”

Silver Wing listened to all these praises, Now hold on, am I a commander? Huh, it seems I am. A single word from me and the others will drop dead…