Jin An brought a thousand soldiers on this trip. A journey made in secret since they were going to rob Yan Mountain of their pills. When this act of killing and looting occurred, a third party wasn’t that far behind. They all had someone backing them, just that they weren’t so clear on who it was.

Just when Jin An gave the order to rest, a scout came to give a report, “Crown Prince, we can’t go.”

Jin An asked, “Did someone beat us to it?”

“Yes, subordinate witnessed how Grand Archfiend Sand Scorpion led his troops. They were around ten thousand soldiers!”

Jin An frowned, “Aren’t they just pills? Did poverty get to his head? Let’s go and see, maybe we can grab something they left behind.”

After a day of walking, the scout came again, this time with a soaked brow. Jin An asked, “Now what?”

“Crown Prince, we can’t go. Yan Mountain Escort Agency has already killed Grand Archfiend Sand Scorpion and his army. From the reports, they are now marching to wipe out his lair, to recover their losses.”

Even Jin An was stunned at his, Just who was Sand Scorpion? A Grand Archfiend. Yet he died just like that? “Is Yan Mountain’s temper that quick to anger that even the Lord of Yan Mountain laid an ambush for Sand Scorpion?”

“There was no sight of the Lord of Yan Mountain. The one commanding this battle was Silver Wing. Subordinate arrived amid battle, just to witness how Silver Wing’s sword hacked Sand Scorpion to pieces.”

Jin An grew angry, “Who’s Silver Wing? I never heard of him. Oh, right, I just remembered seeing him before in Purple Mountain.”

In other words, the Lord of Yan Mountain didn’t feel like coming out and just sent Silver Wing to wipe the floor with Sand Scorpion. With the Lord of Yan Mountain sending Silver Wing, it was plain to see the conviction he had that Silver Wing would win against Sand Scorpion.

That meant Yan Mountain had at least two Grand Archfiends.

This was earth-shattering news for Myriad Mountains. When they heard Chen Ming killed Moon Fiend, they were under the impression that a Grand Archfiend replaced another, and everyone resumed their business.

But since Yan Mountain had two Grand Archfiends, it changed the whole power scheme in Myriad Mountains.

Just what was that baffling Lord of Yan Mountain cultivating?

Jin An whipped his head back, “Return at once! We need to report to Lord Father!”

In Purple Mountain, Golden Howl was holding a white chess piece, “This hand will require some thinking from this old man!”

Long River smiled as if victory was within grasp. Two fingers held a black piece, patiently waiting for Golden Howl’s decision, while sipping wine, “Old Golden, it’s so relaxing to drink wine while playing chess!”

Golden Howl’s eyes flashed then let the piece drop, “Ha-ha-ha, what do you say to that?”

Long River inspected the chessboard and saw how the tables have turned, “Never expected that you can turn around a hopeless situation with a single ingenious move!”

Jin An walked in large strides before the two, peaked at the board and said, “Lord Father, dear uncle Long River, is this the time to play around?”

Golden Howl waved his hand, “No need to rush, I’m just about to win against this crude fellow’s skill!”

Jin An blurted, “Sand Scorpion is dead.”

The piece in Golden Howl’s hand slipped from it and dropped on the chessboard, “What did you say?”

Jin An explained, “Sand Scorpion led ten thousand troops to raid Yan Mountain’s transport of pills. Yan Mountain set up an ambush and Silver Wing with his soldiers fought him, ending with Sand Scorpion ripped to shreds by Silver Wing’s blow.”

Golden Howl palm sent board flying in pieces, “You’re telling me that Chen Ming didn’t show, and only sent Silver Wing instead?”

Jin An nodded, “Yes, Lord Father!”

Golden Howl and Long River’s eyes met, “This isn’t the time to sit back with a game of chess. We made an alliance in hopes of fighting back the Sovereign, but now, Yan Mountain’s power rose too quickly. It might even be above all us. We need to change tactics a bit when we fight the Sovereign. Moreover, Yan Mountain’s pills have spread too wildly as of late. Do they grow in the ground?”

Long River recovered from his shock and turned the table that had the chessboard to bits, “Damn it!”

Golden Howl was puzzled, “What’s wrong?”

Long River calmed a bit, “Seeing so many pills coming out of Yan Mountain, I sent that useless son of mine to steal some. But now that even Sand Scorpion ended up dead, that brat will surely die if he doesn’t get this information soon!”

Golden Howl asked, “Sand Scorpion is dead, and from Yan Mountain’s move, fierce and ruthless like a thunderstorm, do you think only your son will end up dying? I’m afraid since he dared to kill Sand Scorpion, he might have no qualms moving against you!”

There was a pain in Long River’s eyes as he cupped his hands to Golden Howl, “Help me, elder brother!”

Golden Howl said, “Jin An, chase after Long River’s son and tell him to withdraw. If he has no intention to follow, then there’s only one option you can take, Long River.”

Golden Howl continued, “Join Purple Mountain. I will make you the commander of my troops. Yan Mountain has two Grand Archfiends, and we also have two. Not something they can fight so easily!”

Long River felt helpless, “There’s nothing else I can do.”

Once Long River left, Golden Howl rushed to find Jin An who was preparing to set out and pulled him aside while whispering, “If Yan Mountain doesn’t kill Long River’s son, you are to do it yourself and frame them with the murder.”

Jin An expressed his understanding, “Yes, Lord Father, son knows what to do.”

After all, one with the Control Aura lvl 2 wasn’t a simple character.

Yan Mountain’s headquarters.

Chen Ming hasn’t seen Silver Wing for several days, Where has this fool run off to? When Black Python came to report, he asked, “Where did Silver Wing go?”

Black Python finished the latest report then said, “And here I thought Mountain Lord wanted to ask something of grave importance. Silver Wing and the others gave it to Sand Scorpion( A/N: i.e. kill him)!”

Chen Ming frowned and asked, “You said what?”

Black Python repeated, “Silver Wing took Yan Mountain Escort Agency’s men and gave it to Sand Scorpion!”

Chen Ming was pissed, “You all just gave it to a Grand Archfiend!? Yan Mountain needs peace to develop, we are peace-lovers. We don’t just go around giving it to others! We need to hide our strength!”

Black Python’s thought, We three devoured so many Great Fiends that we are close to becoming Grand Archfiends. How is it killing a Grand Archfiend over the top? “But Mountain Lord, we can’t remain hidden forever. If an elephant hides, the mouse will come from behind!”

After listening to reason, Chen Ming’s rage cooled, “Fine, what’s done is done. The one asking for it are all those who robbed Yan Mountain of its pills. I had a feeling an incident might happen soon, and happen it did. Withdraw, I need to think.”