Chen Ming has spent the last year on Flying Sword Sect’s cultivation methods, treasures, and array. The time was nigh to check his status:

Name: Chen Ming.

Fame: 28800.

Rank: high-level cannon fodder. (Due to your endless struggle, you finally shed your mid-level cannon fodder fate, becoming a glorious high-level cannon fodder)

Realm: Dao Initiation realm. (There is no longer any relation between your strength and your realm)

Constitution: Limitless Dao Body.

Cultivation Methods: Fire Crow Art, complete. Dragon Form Art, complete. Nines Mysteries Art, stage 36/81. Dao Canon, volume 13/18. Golden Annihilation Star, complete. Ten Values Dao, complete. Heavenly Thunder Nine Changes Art, complete. Jade Water Core Sutra, stage complete. Nirvana Astral Wind, complete. Heavenly Flaming Star, complete. Illustrious Casket, chapter 1/9 … (for the other 73 complete cultivation methods, press more).

Magical Arts: Demonic Blood Saber, Demonic Saber Heart. Eight Extremes Array, first stage. Ten Values Dao. Finger From Beyond, entry-level. Obscure Gates Swordplay, Earth stage… (for the other 21 sword arts at the Unity stage, press more).

Dao Seeds: Fire Crow, Flaming Star (from the Heavenly Flaming Star Art), Dazzling Gold, Ten Values Dao… (for the other 78 Dao Seeds, press more).

Disciples: Zhuo Qingyao, Ling Xian, Li Suyi, Chen Lingyu.

Merits: 82152.

Spiritual knowledge: 13000.

Professions: Alchemist Grandmaster, Diviner, earth stage Array Master, tool refining Grandmaster.

Auras: Killing Intent Aura, King Slayer Aura, Control Aura, Warmonger Aura.

Danger value: 1232 (Not calculated when it’s controlled)

Danger rating: deadly (You are no longer a danger, but instead bring death and blood to other cultivators).

Fate: A year after the Grand World Opening, at the Demon Subjugation Gathering, cut off the hand of demonic Dao Head Disciple Ya Mo.

There were 153 days left till the Grand World Opening.

Chen Ming could be called powerful among Grand Archfiends, yet far below a Sovereign.

The most crucial problem he had to tackle with, was how to use the Obscure Gates Swordplay Array to its full power. He needed to control far too many swords all by his lonesome. In normal cases, many people came into play when an array had to be set up, but it had its downsides. For instance, the people participating were unable to connect, thus the speed of the array slowed, preventing it from reaching a perfect state. It did have some merit though, with more and more people, the swords’ power increased.

With the settling of the last year, Chen Ming could only exhibit the sword arts of eight swords, and unable to use the Obscure Gates Swordplay Array.

He needed a strong consciousness to control ten thousand flying swords in the midst of battle. If it would come to pass that Chen Ming wielded more than a hundred flying swords, then he could use the Obscure Gates Swordplay Array at the entry-level.

This would give his power another huge jump. But Chen Ming has never heard of a method that could strengthen one’s consciousness. Not even the person who designed the array would ever come tho think that one person would use it. Who had time to kill and improve his consciousness?

Chen Ming’s power reached its peak, and if he didn’t resolve the issue with controlling many flying swords, it wouldn’t go any higher. Even if he finished the advancement mission, the increase in his danger value would be two hundred points at most. Only with full control over the Obscure Gates Swordplay Array would let him stand among Sovereigns.

The Grand World Opening was 153 days away. Who knew what terrible things could happen in that chaotic situation. Without a Sovereign’s power, he would most likely wouldn’t be able to get out in one piece.

Staying cooped up in Yan Mountain any longer was pointless. Chen Ming had to go in search of a method that separated his consciousness into many threads.

He called for his four legacy disciples and the three Archfiends in charge of the military.

Seeing them assembled, Chen Ming began, “For too long have I been trapped in the Grand Archfiend rank. I need to go scour the land for an ancient method, allowing me to break through to the Sovereign rank. Therefore, I will be leaving for a while, to seek enlightenment and to understand the world. With me gone, you will listen to Zhuo Qingyao. The Regalia Legion will not mobilize without her consent.”

Zhuo Qingyao rushed to say, “I want to go with Master.”

Chen Ming was puzzled, “Whatever for?”

“Someone needs to look after Master. And I am no longer as I used to be. Ordinary Archfiends are not my match!”

Chen Ming’s eyes drifted to her danger value, ‘Good heavens, it’s at 860 already!

It seemed that taking Zhuo Qingyao wouldn’t be an issue. She had enough strength to defend herself.

Chen Ming mulled it over, “That’s fine. In that case, you will all need to consult with Li Suyi and Ling Xian concerning Yan Mountain’s affairs. The Regalia Legion won’t mobilize without their word.”

After Zhuo Qingyao finished packing and just as the two left the Yellow Sea, Chen Ming facepalmed, “Just where should we go to?”

Zhuo Qingyao stood in a daze, Sure enough, if I didn’t come, something bat might happen to Master! I can’t let him out of my sight.

Zhuo Qingyao fetched two smiley masks from her storage ring and gave one to Chen Ming while putting hers on, “Master, I heard there is a Dao Comprehension Board in the Astral Immortal Sect with a hundred and eight names on it. They are the strongest beneath the Sovereign rank, the ones most promising of becoming Sovereigns themselves. We can stop by Astral Immortal Sect first, see if we have any luck there.”

Chen Ming mumbled to himself, “Ah, Astral Immortal Sect, it’s not that we can’t go take a look, but since it’s close we might as well pay a visit.”

They easily arrived at Jade Void Temple, entered the secret domain, and looked for Xing Ming. Chen Ming handed over this month’s pills to the happy Xing Ming, “Ha-ha-ha, you’re really early this time. With your supply of pills, our situation is now stable.”

Xing Ming’s eyes then drifted over to Zhuo Qingyao. They were both wearing smiley faces and it was obvious she was a girl, but the large sword on her back jolted him, “Um, miss, are you perhaps the number one on the Dao Sense Board, Zhuo Qingyao?”

Chen Ming was puzzled, “How do you know who she is?”

“Astral Immortal Sect has an immortal equipment refined from a fraction of the world’s origin and linked with the entire world. On it, there are the Dao Sense Board, Dao Initiation Board, Dao Comprehension Board, Transcendence Board, and Divine Weapons Board. Everything in this world will give a reaction. And on the Dao Sense Board, there was always a person we never came to know of her identity. She is the number one on the Dao Sense Board, Zhuo Qingyao. Now that I’ve seen Obelisk, I finally know!”

Chen Ming’s thought, What’s the point of hiding anymore when you have that thing?

Xing Ming continued, “And there are others just like her we do not know. Like the number one on the Dao Initiation realm, Chen Ming. We are unclear what lands host him. There’s a Grand Archfiend Chen Ming in Myriad Mountains but that Chen Ming is clearly in the Dao Comprehending realm, so he doesn’t count. It’s clearly not him. And there’s also the number two on the Dao Initiation Board, Li Suyi, the number three, Chen Lingyu, and the last name, Ling Xian. We are in the dark as to where they are. How peculiar!”