Chen Ming could feel Zhuo Qingyao’s eyes on him, You’re still in the Dao Initiation realm?

What happened in Myriad Mountains didn’t spread quite as fast to the rest of the world. He was a mere Grand Archfiend after all, so of course they wouldn’t know his legacy disciples’ names.

Xing Ming continued, “I wonder what is the relation between you two?”

Chen Ming didn’t want to waste words and pointed at Zhuo Qingyao, “Uh, my disciple.”

Xing Ming was dumbstruck, “From what Astral Immortal Sect could guess, these unknown people are thought to be from powerful and hidden factions. I never imagined Zhuo Qingyao, with such innate talent, to be fellow Daoist’s disciple!”

Chen Ming’s thought, I wonder what reaction you’ll have when I tell you my other disciples are on the boards.

Xing Ming went on, “It’s fortunate Zhuo Qingyao’s identity is now cleared up. But this Chen Ming is unfathomable. From what our Elders surmised, he must be a Sovereign’s disciple, because of the prototype immortal equipment Dao Empyrean Bamboo in his description. This man is worthy of being called unrivaled in the Dao Initiation realm.”

Chen Ming fluttered the horsetail whisk, yet Xing Ming didn’t bat an eyelid. It seemed Astral Immortal Sect only knew the names of the Dao Empyrean Bamboo, Chen Ming, Zhuo Qingyao and Obelisk. These ancient immortal sects knew of Obelisk and through it, Zhuo Qingyao. But Dao Empyrean Bamboo was a new prototype immortal equipment, something they haven’t yet seen.

Chen Ming eyed the knowledgable Xing Ming and asked, “Elder brother Xing Ming, do you know of a method that can strengthen one’s consciousness?”

“Consciousness? Why is Fellow Daoist so keen on doing with it? But there is a rumor I stumbled upon. There are forbidden areas across the whole world, and Northern Underworld’s Nine Frozen Springs is one such place. Inside this area exists a treasure called Soul Returning Water that can strengthen one’s consciousness. It just so happens that the Sovereign of Snow Mountain decided to open the Nine Frozen Springs a month from now. Almighty figures stuck in the Dao Comprehending realm will have the chance of finding treasures and might even breakthrough to Sovereign rank, bolstering our side’s power. But the Nine Frozen Springs is a dangerous place, with all kinds of savage beasts. I urge fellow Daoist to think carefully before going.”

Chen Ming nodded, “Since there’s a place like this, then I might as well check it out.”

“Fellow Daoist, I am urging you not to. Some of the ones going there are even from the Dao Comprehension Board, and all of them have the title of Kings Ruler. If fellow Daoist still wants to go, then you should take a Dao Comprehending realm Elder with you.”

Chen Ming waved his hand, “Many thanks for elder brother’s reminder, but I know what needs to be done. I’ll be the troubling elder brother to ask Sovereign Snow Mountain for two more places for us.”

Xing Ming was confused, “Two?”

Zhuo Qingyao puffed out her chest, shacking Chen Ming’s heart, This lass is more of a woman by the day. Zhuo Qingyao said, “I will also go!”

Xing Ming was shaken out of his stupor, “Can’t be! Fellow Daoist, your disciple is on the Dao Sense Board and quite old, with average talent. But a genius that always remains at the top of the board is someone who is wildly known. And finally, a powerful figure. If given time, Zhuo Qingyao will surely become a King one day. Since she also wields Obelisk, there is even a high chance of reaching the Sovereign rank. But she is only at the Dao Sense realm. Are you planning on letting her join in a struggle of Kings?

Zhuo Qingyao asked, “You can’t tell my power?”

Xing Ming smiled in embarrassment, “You’re potential might be great, but you’re still just a Dao Sense realm cultivator.”

Zhuo Qingyao nodded, “I see.”

Zhuo Qingyao drew Obelisk, slashed the mountain behind Xing Ming, then sheathed it.

At Xing Ming’s back, the mountain was a fraction smaller in an instant.

Xing Ming was scared out of his wits as he turned. Even I can’t take that!

Yet I’m a powerful King!

Is this even the Dao Sense realm?

Forget about the number one in the Dao Sense realm, even the first on the Dao Initiation Board can’t take it!

What is this monster? Hold on, the Paper Face Man said she is her Master, yet he’s only in the Dao Initiation realm. But by the look of things, he should be the leader, and that must mean he is even stronger!

Might this guy be the first on the Dao Initiation Board?

But his true power… Forget it, it’s too unfathomable.

Witnessing Zhuo Qingyao’s simple sword strike, Xing Ming lost the will to stop them, “Since Master and disciple, both, have power beyond your realms, and with the relation between your sect and the ancient immortal sects, it won’t be hard to obtain two positions. Please follow me and stay inside the Astral Immortal Sect for now, then leave together with our people for the Nine Frozen Springs.”

Chen Ming nodded satisfied, “Many thanks fellow Daoist.”

This was the difference in status. They were from an alchemy sect and was a cinch to get just two positions.

Following Xing Ming, they soon arrived in the Astral Immortal Sect. This was the first time Zhuo Qingyao stepped inside an ancient immortal sect, yet it didn’t capture her interest. But there were many people there who recognized her identity. “I saw it clearly. The girl with the mask was caring Obelisk!”

“You mean to say that she is the number one on the Dao Sense Board?”

“Didn’t head senior brother say he wanted to challenge Zhuo Qingyao, but he never found her?”

“Go and fetch head senior brother. Tell him Zhuo Qingyao came to Astral Immortal Sect!”

In an immortal cave, a young man with purple pupils flashed open his eyes, “What!? The number one on the Dao Sense Board, Zhuo Qingyao, came to Astral Immortal Sect?”

The disciple reported, “That’s right, that girl had Obelisk on her back!”

The youngster laughed, “I, Gu Bufan, have delayed my breakthrough to the Dao Initiation realm just so I can challenge Zhuo Qingyao. Yet Zhuo Qingyao finally appeared, for the satisfaction of my Dao Heart!”

Gu Bufan moved in large strides out of his cave, then jumped on treetops as he followed the crowd. Moments later, he saw Zhuo Qingyao carrying Obelisk.

Zhuo Qingyao turned to Chen Ming, “Master, many are staring at me.”

Chen Ming was dismissive of them, “They want to admire the number one on the Dao Sense Board!”

Zhuo Qingyao nodded, “Oh, I see.”

Then Gu Bufan stood across from Zhuo Qingyao and yelled, “Are you Zhuo Qingyao?”

Zhuo Qingyao watched Gu Bufan with a bewildered look, “I don’t know you.”

And Zhuo Qingyao resumed following after Chen Ming. Since he was in another sect’s domain, he wasn’t too brazen, “Young friend, can you step aside?”

Gu Bufan pointed at Zhuo Qingyao while booming, “I, Gu Bufan, the second on Dao Sense Board, want to challenge Zhuo Qingyao for the first place!”

Chen Ming looked on with sympathy at the purple pupils youth, “Just who gave you the courage to challenge my head disciple?”